How to set up the Internet on Smart TV LG

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SMART TV setting on LG TV on Wi-Fi

Today we will try to answer this question intelligibly and in detail about how to configure Smart TV on the LG TV with Wi-Fi.

Tvs with built-in Wi-Fi receivers that do not require any wires and cables for connecting to the Internet have become relevant and very popular today. There is an opportunity to connect through Wi-Fi to the router, if you have it. If there is no built-in system on the LG TV, you can buy a special company receiver, which is connected to the connector on the rear panel of the TV (but only if your TV supports this wireless technology, there should be a line that reads Wi- in the instructions for the TV. Fi Ready).

It is very important to buy a company receiver (since the usual case is not suitable for this), suitable for your TV model. The adapter Wi-Fi model can be learned from the instructions for TV or on the manufacturer’s website, you should not buy a cheap receiver in a technique store, as it may simply not be suitable for you. It is better to spend more once and be satisfied with the purchased goods and its functionality.

If you are just planning a purchase, then check out in advance on the official website of the LG company with offers and characteristics of the technique, since only there is reliable information for each TV.

How the method of connecting quality affects

If the user has a high and stable data transfer speed, then the connection quality of him will have the same. In the event that the speed of the Internet connection is low or the TV and the router are on a substantial distance from each other through several walls, when you go to the Internet via Wi-Fi and, especially, when watching streaming videos or television online, the user can detect freezing or brakes. That is why, with a low data transfer rate, it is recommended to conduct a wire from the router to the TV and connect the equipment to the Internet via the LAN connector.

You can configure the Internet on LG TV in two ways: through a cable or via Wi-Fi. Next, you will need to register and log in to the LG system, after which it will be possible to use all the capabilities that LG SMART TV function provides.

How to go to the Internet on LG Smart TV TV?

As in the case of any other TV, it must first be connected to the Internet. These articles may come in handy here:

We connect the LG TV to the Internet, we are convinced that it works and perform the following actions:

  • Button “Home” or “Smart” Open the Smart TV menu. Or open the program list with the “My Apps” button.
  • Among the installed applications on LG Smart TV, we find and start the web browser application (www).
  • In the browser on the LG TV there is also an targeted line that combined with a search line. This means that you can prescribe a site in it, or a search query. Everything as in other browsers. The browser even immediately gives tips.
  • Open tabs are displayed from below. You can create new tabs, or close them.
  • The icon with a screen on the icon panel (right) opens a small window on top of the browser window, in which you can watch TV channels. There is also a button for changing the page scale in the browser, the icon that opens the menu, turns on the viewing “in full screen” and closes the browser. It is especially convenient to sow on the Internet on LG TVs using the Magic Remote remote control. Even a mouse is not needed.

In general, the LG browser works very quickly and supports all the necessary technologies. You can even watch online videos on the sites without any problems. True, on these TVs there is sometimes a mistake “not enough memory”. It seems like connecting an empty flash drive to a USB port of TV helps.

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Connection procedure

For connection, it is important that the built-in Wi-Fi is provided on the TV. In this case, neither a router nor a wired modem will be required, since only a TV and the availability of a communication channel will have enough for the organization of connection.

Note! If such a node is not provided, a Wi-Fi adapter will be needed, which can be connected via USB connector. It must be remembered that for the LG TV you need to use only a branded wireless adapter.

Connection via cable

Using a provider cable is one of the ways to connect LG TV to the Internet. However, in this case, other devices will be deprived of access to the World Wide Web.

In addition, various providers can use such methods of connecting to a modem that are not compatible with this TV model.

Usually when connecting, a dynamic or static address is used. To enter the parameters, you need to select one of these two options. When using a static IP, to connect, you will need to enter the addresses received from the provider.

Connecting through a router using an adapter Wi-Fi

Connection through the router is made through TV settings menu. In this case, you need to choose a wireless communication, indicate the home network and enter the security key.

Internet connection error

Sometimes, if you connect to the Internet, problems may arise. If the TV cannot see the Internet, then the most likely reasons are the following:

  • Almost always modern LG TVs are equipped with hardware units providing Internet access. However, sometimes it happens that a particular TV does not have the possibility for wireless access. Some models have a port that makes it possible to enable access to a local network using a network cable. In this case, you need to take this opportunity. Then you need to configure the DLNA server.
  • Some old models have a Smart TV, but there is no Wi-Fi adapter. They have the possibility of cable connection.
  • This company produces wireless adapters that can be connected via USB connector. In this case, you can install wireless access through these nodes. It must be remembered that adapters should be produced by the same company that produced the TV.

It is important to determine that the manufacturer was able to integrate into the purchased model of the TV. The easiest way to do this is to contact the manufacturer’s corporate website. There you should find the right model and carefully study its characteristics.

If there is no way to enter the network, then there may be two different situations:

Note! If at home there are several devices connected to the router, but only the TV cannot connect to it, then in this case it is recommended to restart the router.

Another method is to change the channel width or its frequency in a wireless router.

If the router operates at a frequency of 5 GHz, and the TV does not see it, then first of all it is necessary to establish whether the router’s equipment supports this communication standard. This can be found out on the LG website. If appropriate hardware support is provided, then the source of the problem must be sought in the router settings.

In such a situation, it is necessary to manually enable one of the following channels for communication: 36, 40, 44, 48. After entering new settings, you need to confirm them, and then reload the router.

Sometimes the problem occurs in the process of installing communication. When the user wants to see a list of available networks, he is told that Wi-Fi connection is impossible.

In this case, it can sometimes help reset and reboot. However, in most cases, this indicates hardware breakdown and the need to contact the service for repair.

Когда подключение происходит обычным образом, после ввода ключа безопасности может быть выдано сообщение о том, что пароль неверный. In this case, the following steps must be performed:

  • Reload the router and TV.
  • Enter a password for connection. It can be additionally checked in the router settings.
  • It is necessary to check other devices connected to an apartment wireless router.
  • You can distribute the network not from the router, but from the smartphone and try to connect the TV to it.
  • You need to check the safety settings on the router. WPA2-PSK (Personal)-this should be the type of security in the settings.
  • In the settings, you can turn off the WPS function.

Note! You can bring the TV to the router to strengthen the wireless signal.

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Inclusion of the Internet on LG TVs

To connect LG, you need to click on the “settings” button on the TV control panel (settings). On the screen you can see the menu with which it will be necessary to configure access.

On the left there will be a column where the characters are depicted. You need to choose the second from the bottom that shows the globe. There will be a list on which you can see options with which you can connect the Internet.

In this list it will be necessary to select the upper line related to the network connection. By clicking on this menu item, the user switches to a screen divided into two parts: one of them refers to a wireless connection, the other. To wired access on the Internet.

You need to select the first option and make a crossing the link “Configure the connection”. Then the user will see a list of available wireless networks. After the desired option is selected, you need to enter the security key.

Important! It must be remembered that the length of the password is at least 8 characters. It is necessary to introduce it carefully, avoiding errors.

There will be a keyboard for entering on the screen. After completion, you need to confirm the password. With a successful connection, an inscription will appear confirming the Internet connection. After clicking the “Ready” button, you can start using a worldwide network.

We connect the LG TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi

Turn on the TV, and immediately go into the settings by clicking on the Settings button.

In the settings, open the network tab, then select the network connection item.

We see a screen on which we are informed that Smart TV often uses the Internet connection and suggest connecting via cable, or via a wireless network. Press the button configure the connection.

Further in the list we are looking for our Wi-Fi network (if there are many). And choose it.

Using a screen keyboard, we write a password from our Wi-Fi network and click OK. The password should be at least 8 characters. Enter the password slowly, carefully.

Press OK again, and wait until our TV will connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi Network.

You should see a message that the network is successfully connected.

Press the button ready, and you can start using the Internet. You can, for example, through the browser read Help-Wi-Fi.Com 🙂

Connecting LG TV to the Internet via a cable router

To get started, we need to connect the TV with a router, or a modem. To do this, take the network cable, we connect one end to the router in the LAN connector:

The second end of the cable must be connected to the TV in the LNA connector:

Further, we go to Smart TV on the TV, and select the “Network” Internet connection icon. On TVs with the new Smart TV built on Webos, the network is tuned in the settings. There should be a “network” tab. If you have the opportunity to send me a photo of the Internet settings on Webos, I will be very grateful.

Select “Configure the connection”.

In the next window, select the “Wending Network”.

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TV will connect to the Internet. Close the window by pressing “ready”.

If the TV does not connect to the network, then first of all make sure that the router is turned on and distributes the Internet. The router must be configured. Also, check the connection of the cable, and if possible try to replace the cable.

Connection of the Internet by Wi-Fi

The application has the ability to connect to the network via Wi-Fi or using a wire. After the connection is established, IPTV sets up. First you need to register for the opportunity to download the application.

Immediately after creating an account, an email address will come a letter where you will be asked to confirm registration. Your data is included in the parameters for connecting. After authorization, access will be opened to the sections of the application.

How To Install VPN On Samsung TV/ Smart TV/ LG Sony TV �� [Step-By-Step Setup]

First of all, it will be possible to go to the LG Store store and download SS IPTV. After the load is completed, the automatic installation will begin. Then it remains only to activate the application.

During the first launch, the playlist will not appear, it must be made independently on the basis of personal preferences. To create a list, you will have to either enter information manually, working with a menu, or use a computer or laptop for these purposes. This is much more convenient to do from the keyboard.

internet, smart

Addresses for entry into the playlist are taken from IPTV or SS IPTV providers sites. The code for any contacting the site is issued a new. The number of external catalogs can be endless. But there is only one internal in all cases.

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To download external catalogs, use the following plan:

  • You need to find the section of the “Content” menu.
  • Choose in it the category of “external”.
  • In this subsection there is a “add” button.
  • The name of the formed catalog and link are indicated.
  • To synthesize the internal list, it is enough to click on the “General” tab, which is in the settings of the application itself.
  • Then the inscription “Get” is pressed.

LG Smart TV: How to Change DNS Server

The validity period of the resulting list is limited. After a day, you will have to repeat all the actions again. The new code is copied and entered in the player editing section. Then the “Add” button is pressed.

View public channels

With Smart TV Samsung, setting up a multi.Channel television is possible with a universal method that works for all TVs. On the remote control, press the settings button to open the settings. Depending on the model, the button may have a different name. Then you need:

  • Find the item “Channels”.
  • Click on an automatic search.
  • Indicate the source of “cable TV” or “antenna”.
  • In the field “Supplier” select “others”.
  • Set the desired frequency range.
  • Select the search for channels with an analog or digital signal.
  • Click “Perform” and wait for the search to complete.

Thus, the owners of TV with Smart can watch favorite television programs without a monthly fee. The source of information will allow you to watch HD free channels via the Internet on Smart TV at any time.

Podgornov Ilya Vladimirovich all articles of our site are auditing a technical consultant. If you still have questions, you can always ask them on his page.

Wireless connection (Wi-Fi)

Look in the user guide if there is a built-in Wi-Fi module in your TV model. If it is absent in your model, you can connect a TV via a Wi-Fi-adapter for the LG AN-WF100 USB port (purchased separately). Connect Wi-Fi adapter to a free-free TV.

Before connecting, you need to configure the access point. It is recommended to be located no closer than one meter from the TV to avoid interference and conflicts with the control panel. If a wireless connection to the network is available for your TV, a item will appear on the settings screen: Network Setting: Wireless;.

Select it by pressing the OK button on the remote control.

In the window that appears, select the desired connection method:

  • Setting from the list of access points (AP);. If you know the name of your home Wi-Fi network and additional parameters.
  • Simple installation (WPS cap mode);. If your router supports the automatic connection mode of Wi-Fi Protected Setup. This is the easiest way to install. Just click the WPS butter, go to the TV menu, click and select automatic or manual IP setting, as with the wired connection.
  • Network setting [Ad-Hoc];. If you want to connect the TV to a home wireless network, but without access to the Internet. On the computer in the network connection settings, you must enter the IP address (, subnet mask ( and the default gateway (192.168.0.Ten). When choosing this connection method, you will need to enter the network identifier and the protective key of the device (the settings can be changed if desired can be changed using the red button), then enter the computer address in the quality of the IP address of the TV and vice versa and vice versa. Computer IP address as a TV gateway.

In the list of Wi-Fi networks found, select the name of your access point or Wi-Fi router.

When using a secure connection (if you have a hidden network configured. Hidden SSID) Select a new SSID;, specify the name of the network manually and enter your key.

If your Wi-Fi network is protected by a password, enter it using the remote control by pressing the PIN red button;.

TV will check the network settings and display the screen result on the screen.

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