How to Set Up the Internet on a Samsung TV

Greetings to all on the pages of the blog. Finally, I got to my blog and decided to write about how to set up and connect Samsung TV to the Internet? I think many will be interested.

And immediately get down to business.

Connecting Samsung TV to the Internet is very simple. Televisions are “smart” and practically take on all the setup moments, we just need to help him a little and direct him in the right direction. Here are a few nuances:

  • firstly, depending on what kind of Internet you have, the connection method will vary,
  • secondly, how to connect via Wi-Fi (wireless) or via cable.

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If the TV has a built-in Wi Fi module, then it is possible through it, if not, then it can be purchased separately, but it costs not cheap, somewhere around 100-150 dollars. So if it is not there, then it is easier, or rather cheaper, to connect via cable. Here, of course, see for yourself which option you like best.

If you have Internet access through an ADSL modem, then everything is simple. We connect the network cable to one of the free LAN ports on the modem (most often there are 4 of them):

How to Set Up the Internet on a Samsung TV

If you have dedicated Internet, you can simply insert the network cable into the TV, and the Internet should make money on it. If you have dedicated Internet, but you want to use it both on a computer and on a TV, then here you will need to buy an additional router or router still say. But you need to know what to take, there are also nuances here. Which router is best to check with those. support of the Internet provider.

How to set up the Internet on a Samsung TV

With the connection, I think, sorted out more or less. Now let’s move on to setting up the TV. The technique is smart, not without reason called SmartTV (in translation means smart TV # 128578; ), so most likely you won’t have to tune the TV itself, everything should automatically tune in and there will be Internet. This is the case if we connect via cable. After connecting the cable. go to the Smart Hub menu:

and run some kind of application, YouTube for example, to check:

If everything works, that’s fine. You can install the necessary Samsung Apps applications and enjoy watching.

If it does not work, read on.

If during the check you see the inscription “Network error” or something similar and browsing the Internet does not go, then go to the settings. Press “Menu”. “Network”. “Network Settings”:

In the network settings menu you will see a window like this:

Click “Start”. let the TV try to set up the Internet on its own. In case of success, you will see an inscription something like. “Setup completed successfully.”.

If something does not work out, then you need to go to the “Network Status” section:

and select “IP Setting. Receive Automatically” first:

to try. If it does not work, you will need to manually register the IP address, mask, gateway and DNS. To do this, select “Manual” in the “IP Settings” field:

And enter all the data manually. Naturally, you need to know what data to enter, here either the provider’s support service or a friend who is well versed in computer networks can help you.

If you connect via a WIFI wireless network, you will need to configure (“Menu”. “Network”. “Network Settings”). select a network, connect to it with a password. If the TV “does not see” your wireless network, you will need to add it manually. the “Add Network” menu and manually fill in all the necessary fields.

Well, in short, that’s all. If you missed something or what is not clear, ask in the comments.