How to set up the Internet on a laptop via wi-fi

Connection Windows 11 to Wi-Fi-how to configure the Internet on a laptop or computer?

Recently talked about updating computers and laptops on Windows 11. Everything happened to me in an automatic redmark with the full transfer of all files and programs. However, not everyone has the transition as painlessly. And one of the frequent problems after installing Windows 11 is a mistake when connecting to Wi-Fi and the Internet. Today we’ll talk about how to correctly connect a laptop or stationary PC to a wireless Wi-Fi router, configure the Internet and avoid the most common problems when using them.

In order to connect a computer or laptop with the Windows 11 operating system installed on it, you can use two ways:

We connect a laptop to the Internet through a quick access panel Windows 11

  • The fast access panel to the main Internet settings and wireless networks in Windows 11 is called a click of a mouse in a group of icons in the form of a globe, gramophone and batteries in the lower right corner of the screen. Of all the icons, we are interested in “Wi-Fi”-we click on it to enable his work

How to connect a laptop or PC on Windows 11 to Wi-Fi through the “Parameters” menu?

  • The second way to turn on Wi-Fi on Windows 11 and connect a laptop or computer to the Internet is to use the Start menu in which you need to find the parameters item

How to connect Wi-Fi on a laptop hardware

Before a long search for answers to the question of how to connect a laptop to Wi-Fi, you need to make sure that the physical shutdown of Network Adapter has occurred. The check is carried out in stages:

  • From the “Start” menu, go to the “control panel”.
  • Looking for “equipment dispatcher” and open the “network adapters” subsection.
  • The inscription “Wireless” is found in the list displayed on the screen.

Important! If the name exists, then there is a built-in Wi-Fi node in the laptop, but it is in the off state. Connection is made according to the standard algorithm.

Using a button / slider on the laptop body

Manufacturers of some laptopes have provided a separate lever to turn on the access point. The switch is located at the front end of the equipment, looks different:

Important! To activate the mesh, it is enough to move the lever to the “inclusive” position and make sure that the functionality of the functionality.

Symbol of activation

Using a combination of keys

In the absence of auxiliary physical buttons on the equipment, you need to carefully examine the keyboard. On one of the functional keys, the desired icon can be located. From F1 to F12. Sometimes it is present in other places. The final localization depends on the imagination of the manufacturer.

To join, it is enough to press on the selected symbol or use the combination of “Wi-Fi shortcut” plus “fn”. The final combination depends on the equipment manufacturer:

internet, laptop, wi-fi
Name The combination of buttons
Acer FNF3
Lenovo FNF5
Asus FNF2
Dell FNF12 or FNF2
Samsung FNF12 and FNF9
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A common combination

Inclusion by the badge in the notification panel

How can you connect Wi-Fi on a laptop ? For attachment, you need to click LKM along the grid symbol located in the lower side of the right screen (notifications panel). A menu will appear on the display on which they press the shortcut and expect a transition to online.

In the absence of a reaction from the side of the device or if the “menu” block does not need the desired shortcut, there is a chance that it was disconnected during the installation of Windows. The following steps are performed for activation:

  • The desired shortcut is found on the control panel and pkm click on it. They choose the block “Control Center for General Access”.
  • In the window display, “Changing the parameters of the device” is selected.
  • Go to “network inclusions” and click on the shortcut “access point”. The active monitor icon is painted in blue, non.Working. In gray.

Important! The on or off state of the network system is controlled by the corresponding shortcut on the notifications panel.

Through network inclusions

Through the network control center

Checking the “network connection” is carried out in the settings of the operating system. To do this, perform:

  • Entrance to the “Total Access Management Center”. Through a label located in the lower corner on the right.
  • They press the “Change Parameters” block or use hot keys: “Win ​​R” and enter the “NCPA.CPL “. The action is confirmed by clicking on “Enter”.

Regardless of the activation method, the results will be similar. The “Network inclusions” window will appear on the display. Further, the user must find the current connection, click on it PKM and select the inscription “Turn on”. If this option is not available, then the access point is functioning.

Via Windows Device Manager

Sometimes attempts to use teams do not give the expected result. In this case, joining the Internet is carried out by the functionality of the “equipment dispatcher” using a simple algorithm:

  • Click on “start” located at the bottom of the monitor.
  • Highlight the link “computer” (PKM) and select the control function.
  • Go to the dispatch menu and move to the section “Network converters”.
  • In the window that has arisen, select a link for activation.

Important! If the device refuses to connect to the global web, then the problem may consist in obsolete software.

Using the dispatch menu of equipment

Connection of a laptop to another Wi-Fi access point

How can you turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop? The method depends on the operating system. Settings and individual key points in different versions sometimes differ.

Make Windows 7

For proper adjustment, it is necessary to switch to the “Control Center” tab and click on the subsection “changes in the converter parameters”. In the “Properties”, certain parameters of the protocols of TCP and IPV4 are set. If the exact information is unknown, you need to contact the provider for the data.

Then they return to the “control center” and press on the label “connect”. Having chosen the current option, they enter the safety key and enter the Internet.

Configure Windows 8, 10

The connection of the laptop with the specified OS requires:

  • Find the section “Network” and find the relevant in the falling list.
  • After the request for the password appears, it must be entered.
  • Confirmation of actions is carried out by a click on the inscription “Next”.

Important! With proper debugging, regardless of the installed operating system, a network connection should be activated. In his absence, you need to look for a different reason for the problems.

Turn on Wi-Fi on your laptop

In order to find out how to configure Wi-Fi on a laptop, it first needs to be launched. You can turn on in several ways, manufacturers have come differently to this moment. Consider all these options.

Switch to the side of the case

Some gadgets have a switch, from the side or from above on the case. How convenient it is? It is difficult to say, each user will determine this for himself. Typically, there are an icon on such buttons, in the form of an antenna with waves. How it looks, you can look at the photo located below.

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Include Wi-Fi in BIOS

Reboot PC as soon as it starts to boot, constantly click the “Delete” or F1, F2, F8, ESC key key. When you get on BIOS, you need to find the section “Wireless Device Control”. Select “Always on” in it, this means that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will always turn on when you start a computer.

We launch with keys

We activate the module by pressing several keys. We look at the lower row on the keyboard, you will see the FN key, using this key you can run different additional functions. Click on it and holding it on another “F2, F3, F12” depending on your laptop model. These actions activate the wi-fi module on the computer. A Wi-Fi sign will appear on the bottom of the monitor on the right side.

Installation of the driver

To install a wireless driver, connect a laptop to the Internet using cable access or a USB modem, go to the manufacturer’s website and download the Wireless drive for your operating system.

Run the uploaded file, wait for the installation to end and restart the machine.

To automatically launch the WLAN auto.Building service (if it does not work), open the command line with the administrator’s rights and execute two commands in it:

SC Config Wlansvc Start = Auto Net Start Wlansvc

After that, the Wi-Fi Adapter will “see” the access points located in the signal reception zone.

Setting and connecting Wi-Fi on Windows 7 and 8

To connect the laptop to the existing Wi-Fi, click on the network “Network” in the system tray and select the desired access point from the list.

internet, laptop, wi-fi

Enter the safety key (password) and click OK. The connection will be established.

In addition, the method can be connected to the selected wireless point by pressing the Wi-Fi button on the modem (router).

Important! Networks marked with an exclamation mark icon do not require a password. They are not protected by anything, and the data is transmitted to them in open form.

Connection to a hidden network and changing communication profile

To connect to an invisible grid, the name of which is hidden, as well as to create a new wireless access profile, click on the mouse with the “Network” icon in the TEA and enter the “Network Management Center”

In the list “Changing network parameters” in Windows 7, click “Setting up a new connection or network”, and in Windows 8 (8.1). “Creating and setting up a new connection or network”.

Select “Connection to a wireless network manually”. This window, like the next, looks in Windows 8 and 7 the same, so we will analyze the setting with the example of Windows 8.

Enter the name of the access point (SSID), type of security, encryption and password. If you are going to use this network constantly, install the flag “run the connection automatically”.

The parameter “Connect if the network does not lead a broadcast gear” should be noted when the access point is not visible in the list.

In the next window, you can change the connection parameters by pressing the same name.

The main parameters are the name (SSID), the type and availability of the grid, you cannot change. Safety settings can be changed, but they should be the same as the access point is assigned.

Setting up a computer connection to a router via LAN

Now we will set parameters for our Wi-Fi network at home-IP and router mask. For the trend, this same item (see. Figure 1, highlighted in green), for the asus. The Wan Lan section. At the very bottom of the settings page. In the first case, I asked IP 192.168.Ten.1, in the second. 192.168.One.One. This address inside the local network, through which we can go through the browser into the admin panel. And through which computers will contact the Internet. Mask. By default,

These were all flowers, now the most interesting is to set up an external connection of the router to the Internet. There are several types depending on the settings of the provider. This happens in the WAN menu.

  • In the online, which I used in due time, the IP was issued automatically. That is, it was not necessary to set up on purpose. Just stick a cord, set up a locker and that’s it, Wi-Fi has gone. Accordingly, for this type in the Wan Connection Type field, we put Automatic IP.
  • In Rostelecom and similar ones to another type. Called pppoe. Here you are given a login and password, and in order to connect to the Internet, you need to introduce them every time. In order to configure select PPPOE and make installations: user name, Server Name (Service Name), Password, Primary DNS, Secondary DNS. All values ​​for these parameters are issued by the provider when signing the contract. Look at it, everything should be there-perhaps you do not need to fill out some parameters. It looked like this: in the trend (WAN menu item)
internet, laptop, wi-fi

There are several more options for the Connect for the equipment of the provider, but they did not come across to me. Therefore, I will not talk about them yet.

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Step two: connect the Internet to PC using Wi-Fi

And so, after activating a wireless adapter, you can start connecting a laptop to a router. For this you need:

  • Press the right mouse key on the Network icon. It is located in the corner near the time and date.
  • After pressing you will see all the wireless networks, which you can connect, knowing the password.
  • Climat PKM on the network to which you want to connect. If you use this network often, then put the checkplace “connect automatically”. So that in the future, your PC is automatically connected when repeatedly detecting this network. Click “Connect”.

After entering the password and authentication check, there will be a connection to the Wi-Fi router. Which will give you an exit to the World Wide Web.

It’s done, you now know how to connect the Internet to a laptop via Wi-Fi Windows 10.7.

How to connect laptop to router with ethernet cable

Connection problems

Reasons why the laptop does not catch the signal and does not connect to Wi-Fi, is enough. The most common include:

  • The presence of a weak router signal inhibiting data transfer, so you should properly have a router.
  • Incorrect setting up the router, to resolve the issue with which you should contact the Client Support Center or the provider company.
  • The failure of the Wi-Fi module on the laptop, to resolve the problem with which, is required to contact the service center.

Also, the problems of connection can be related:

If the laptop does not see only one Wi-Fi network, then the reason may lie at the excessive distance of the laptop and router, setting up the laptop to the range of another wifai and connecting several wireless networks to one channel.

Often the problem is to save electricity to the Internet. To turn it on, click on the button with the radioant. The adapter may also be disconnected as a result of random mechanical actions. Internet access can be interrupted due to the router, failure in the work of the provider or short circuit. Often there are times when the router limits the connection to avoid overloading the work.

In addition to standard solutions listed above, you can try:

  • Turn on and restart the router.
  • Names of the width of the router channel.
  • Activate the VLAN auto.Building (subsections in order: “Start”, “Management”, “Services and applications”, “Auto.Service”, “properties”, “common”, “launch type” and “automatic connection”).
  • You can also reset the settings.

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