How to set up the Internet on a computer via a router

We are building a home network. Router

The conference often has questions about setting up network drives and connecting several devices for working together. However, information for beginners is rarely given in articles. With this series of materials, we decided to make up for the gap and help users effectively and conveniently set up their equipment. He does not claim to be exceptional fullness and depth, but, we hope, will be useful to a wide circle of users.

So, you already have a computer or laptop, but you decided that this is not enough and it would be time to get a few more interesting devices-a wireless router, a network drive, media player, IP camera. The idea is certainly not bad, but if you have worked with only one PC before, reading numerous instructions will take a lot of time. And it may require a certain preparation. But in fact, not everything is so scary. Many devices have built.In “assistants” for quick settings, and network parameters are often installed automatically.

How to connect to the ADSL channel

In this case, the user can connect to the global network using a telephone line without paying for the entry of the channel into the house (if it is connected to the city network). To work with the ADSL channel, a special device is needed-a modem, and to organize round-the-clock access to the network you need a router with a built-in ADSL modem.

Router (router, sweatshirt, hub, concentrator). A network device that provides continuous exchange of data packages inside the network. The router allows you to connect several users (or devices) to the provider’s channel, and it “distributes” the Internet, so the user can turn on his computer and go to the network using a browser, without manipulations with shortcuts and bookmarks.

Setting up the Internet connection using the Adsl Rooter requires the following actions:

    Put a special device on a telephone fishing line for a trimmer-a splitter that provides a connection to such a channel and the ADSL Rooter and the telephone machine.

We connect the port of the “Modem” of the split to the “DSL” connector using a two-wire cable with RJ-11 sockets

After the actions made for communication with the Internet, a router will be responsible, which can operate in 24/7 mode, providing access to the network at the first request of the user. Over, in addition to the ADSL room, there is an Ethernet device on sale that will work when connecting to a dedicated line.

However, the setting algorithm described above involves the organization of only a wired connection. To launch a wireless network you need a router with support for Wi-Fi technology.

To start tuning, turn on the machine. We insert the cable into the LAN laptop or PC.

As a rule, other actions are not required, the connection is automatically. But if, under an agreement with the supplier of Internet services, an individual IP address and a separate DNS server are assigned, then several additional actions will be needed.

Setting algorithms for existing operational systems are on the Internet. Let’s give links for the most popular OS:

For example, we will analyze how to connect a computer to the network with the most common OS in Russia. Windows 10.

  • In the lower part of the screen on the right, click on the network connection icon.
  • Click the left mouse key on the line “Network and Internet parameters”.
  • The menu will open.
  • We enter the section “Technical Control Center”.
  • In the parameters of the adapter parameters, select Ethernet, and open it with the right mouse key, then go down in the same section on the “Properties” button.
  • We adjust the data transfer protocol. Click on the TCP/IPV 4 line and click on the “Properties” key in the same window.
  • Select either automatic settings of IP and DNS, or enter the parameters yourself (if this is provided by the service provider).
  • The global network is connected.

When it is possible to connect to the network through the PPPOE connection (high.Speed), the contract with the Internet supplier indicates access parameters. Name and password. Then the connection is performed according to the following algorithm:

  • In the section where networks are controlled, select the line “Creation, setting up a new connection or network”.
  • We activate the line “Internet connection”, click on the continuation key.
  • We include the cursor to the high.Speed key (pppoE) and click.
  • We make a login, password issued by the Internet supplier. We complete the process by clicking “connect”.
  • Everything, high.Speed network is configured.
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Subsequently, to change the parameters, forced shutdown or connection of the network, other manipulations may need to go into the settings again. So as not to look for them again, set the shortcut on the desktop. When it starts it, the “Statchernet” stamp will open, which allows you to start and disconnect the Internet, to receive information about the functioning of the network.

How to correctly configure Wi-Fi router?

First of all, you should enter the virtual integration integration integration of Wi-Fi network.

  • If the above data is absent, open any browser and try to enter into the address line or 192.168.One.1 (after the input, press Enter);
  • In most cases, the login of the parland of access to the web-intese-Admin and Admin;
  • The design and location of the menu with functions depends on the firmware, manufacturer and model of the router, despite this, look for a tab called “network”, “network configurations” or something like that;
  • We look at the Wan section.

Consider the settings points in more detail:

  • Type of connection. PPPOE, dynamic, static or other, is previously stipulated with the Internet provider, as well as several other sections.
  • Username. By default, it corresponds to the name SSID on the back of the Wi-Fi-marchrutizer.
  • PPP or PSK password. Standard PIN can also be viewed on the label. If desired, you can set another.
  • IP Address and Mask subnet. Data of both points are automatically driven. If nothing is displayed, we recommend clicking the “update” button and the information will change.
  • Connection mode. Choose “always actively”.
  • The maximum downtime. You can not touch or write down what you want.
  • Authentication type. Indicate “Auto”.
  • After entering new parameters, click “connect”, and then “save”.

By the way, there is a “fast setting” function. Working with it is easier and more convenient. It is a step-by-step master that will help step by step when setting up a router and organizing an Internet connection.

Direct opening of access

The easiest way to connect several devices to the Internet is to connect one PC with a worldwide web, and allow access to another computer from it. Distribute the Internet along the dedicated line in the following ways.

Use a router, for example, from TP-Link, Eltex

After a technical connection, you need to configure the network card of the device? On the example of Windows 8:

  • Click on the start sign on the lower panel of the desktop PC. Go to the control panel.
  • Click the network and the Internet, go into viewing conditions.
  • Find the parameter change point. Open the Local Network Properties with the right mouse button.
  • Find in the list of components the Internet protocol version 4. Click on get IP address and DNS address of the north automatically. OK.

The owner has the right to set the flag at the point to allow users to manage a total access to connection-then other users will be able to regulate the features of the Internet connection at their discretion.

Turn on the proxy server

The user must download a special utility, for example, ANALOGX Proxy, which is installed in a couple of clicks. This method works even with a wired Internet, taking into account that it is the technique connected via the cord that the owner makes the signal source. Connecting any network switches is not required.

Important! When connecting via a cable on a Wi-Fi PC source, 2 cards for network communication are necessarily installed. You can do with one card, but only if the owner has a USB modem. 3-4G device Beeline, ADSL or device from MTS is suitable.

Both personal and corporate equipment operate on a local network with the possibility of distribution of connection

Necessary tools for connecting the Internet to a computer via a cable from a router

Nowadays, every family has more than one computer and phone. In order not to pay for the Internet too much using a cable to the Internet connect a router. This Wi-Fi adapter allows you to abandon many wires extended around the house.

Connecting through the cable is always stable and has a higher signal transmission speed. To connect it, you must have a network wire and router. As a rule, a special cable is complete with a router.

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If its length is not enough to contact a workshop or a store for the sale of computers. It is difficult to make it yourself without special equipment, as you need special tools for the clamping of the terminal.

Connecting Wi-Fi receiver through a cable allows you to increase the speed of signal receipt and constantly take updates.

However, it must be borne in mind that many tablets and laptops do not have a RJ-45 nest and a signal reception function for a contact wire is not available to them.

On a network cable through a household router, you can connect up to four devices. This will not affect the speed of signal receiving.

internet, computer, router

There are 4 LAN connectors in a regular router in a regular router. But in general, their number can vary from 1 to 8, depending on the model and manufacturer.

How to Connect to a Wired Network // Learn Windows //

Connection is possible with any version of Windows. The procedure will be identical, the difference is only in the settings.

internet, computer, router

Instructions for connecting to a router with illustrations

Thus, before connecting the computer to the Internet via a router via cable, you must prepare:

Modern computers and laptops are equipped with such cards. But if the technique is old, then you will have to purchase it additionally and install it in the workshop.

When choosing a cord, it is better to give preference to CAT5E wire. It should already have connecting terminals on both sides. The one that is sold with the router is not too long (up to 1.5 meters). If you need a large length, before ordering it, you need to pre.Calculate the footage.

The instruction is attached to the router, it needs to be used when connecting.

Direct connection

Direct connection is suitable if you want to use only one PC, and you do not need the Internet on other gadgets, such as a tablet, a mobile phone or other laptops. Then you do not need to buy a router, just connect via a special cable and configure the Internet.

The note! A noticeable of the advantages of this method is a direct connection with the Internet of television or a stationary telephone network. The Internet is supplied through a fiber cable, which are also used to transmit other signals, so they are easy to combine.

First, connect a special network cable to the computer. The nest for the Internet cable looks as follows.

If you need Internet setting after installing a new operating system, you may have to re.Install the network card driver. It is better to download it to an electronic medium before changing the operating system.

After installing the driver, provided that the network card functions normally, a red cross that signals the absence of connection will disappear on the Internet icon, and a special yellow icon will appear. This indicates that you have connected to the Rostelecom server. The Internet is connected, it remains only to configure it.

First of all, you need to figure out what kind of connection you have. There are only two of them:

In two cases, the Internet is tuned a little differently and it is worth considering indirectly.

Static IP

If you have a static IP, this means that Rostelecom has allocated an individual address for you, which you can use on an ongoing basis. You are the owner of the address, and no one else can connect to the network through it.

On a note! The main advantage of this option is that it becomes easier for you to use online services that provide for the need to memorize the user and the last changes in the settings. Since you always come from the same address, the service remembers you and at the new entrance automatically identifies the user.

With static connection, you need to take a few simple steps.

    Find the Windows icon on the Windows workplace with a highlighted yellow warning about the absence of a network by a sign. Using the right mouse button, open the context menu.

Click the right button on the Internet icon with a highlighted yellow warning about the absence of a network with a sign

By click with the left mouse button, we highlight the “Inter-INPV4 TCP-IPV4) intercot”, click on the “Properties” button

Put a checkmark on the item “Use the following IP address automatically”, we prescribe the parameters received from Rostelecom

We put a checkmark on the item “Use the following addresses of the DNS servers”, fill out the data received from Rostelecom, click “OK”

Immediately after that wait until the yellow exclamation mark disappears from the Internet icon, and you can calmly go into the network.

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If you use such a connection as PPPOE, then tuning, on the one hand, will be easier. On the other hand, small problems may arise due to an unstable address.

The connection process itself will also vary slightly.

    Go to the special system section “Control Center” in the same way.

Where to install a router for an optimal signal

To understand where it is better to install a router for the optimal signal, you need to decide on the type of connection. If the type of connection is selected through the cable, then there is no need to look for a certain place for the location of the device, since the signal will be stable anywhere in the apartment.

Obstacles will arise if the user wants to establish a connection between the laptop and the router (for example, Mercusys models) via Wi-Fi connection. The optimal place for installing a router is near the desktop, on which the laptop itself is located directly. There are several reasons for this:

  • The power outlet for connecting power is always near, and therefore the user has free access to turn on or off the router;
  • The fewer obstacles to the Wi-Fi signal, the more stable the connection with the Internet will be.

The situation is complicated if the device is located at a distance from the computer. With the improper placement of the Wi-Fi router, the connection speed to the network will deteriorate significantly, the user will encounter the connection breaks, and also receive an unstable or extremely weak signal in neighboring rooms.

The most stable signal can only be provided if the wireless network does not overcome various obstacles in the form of partitions (walls). Ideally, it is necessary to choose such a place so that the signal from the router freely passes through the doorways.

Important! The strongest signal will be in the room where the router itself is actually located. The optimal installation point of the device is the middle of the apartment (if you want to connect several PC to the router).

It is advisable to install a router in the corridor, because if you open all the doors, you will have a direct visibility from any room. In this case, the router will be surrounded by all the necessary devices that are connected to a common home network. Therefore, the signal will go more confidently.

The router is fixed high on the wall

Experts also advise installing a router as high as possible, it is advisable to put it on the cabinet, or fix it on the wall with a distance of 2 meters from the floor. In this case, Wi-Fi signal coverage will be as effective as possible.

It should be borne in mind that the router must be correctly deployed to the laptop (ASUS models or similar ones), since even the minimum turn or shift can reduce or improve the quality of the received signal (this is especially true with old models).

To set the most high-quality Wi-Fi transmission signal, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with places where it is not recommended to install a router:

  • Various recesses (niches) of the walls;
  • Areas behind the sofa, cabinet or aquarium (any limited spaces);
  • Under the table or on the floor;
  • Electric devices can interrupt the Wi-Fi signal, and therefore the installation near them is undesirable;
  • Heating radiators and those places where there is no ventilation (sometimes the router is heated when working, therefore it is not recommended to install it in those places where the air temperature rises to 40 degrees).

How to set up a wired network

Using these tips, it will be possible to optimally choose a place for a router.

internet, computer, router

Important! Modern Wi-Fi signal distribution devices, in the presence of two antennas or more, easily cover the space of a standard apartment up to 100 kV. M., When location in the hallway.

Possible errors when setting up and connecting a router

In order to set up a router on your own, you do not need to have over.Secret knowledge and skills. Anyone can do this even on a regular smartphone. However, for convenience and simplicity, we recommend that you always use a laptop or computer for configuration.

internet, computer, router
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