How to Set Up Subtitles On Sony Bravia TV

How to set up a Sony TV

Our company produces Sony TV setup any releases and modifications. Tuning and sorting of analog and digital television channels, connection of a Sony TV to the global Internet, and connection of various external recording and playback devices are performed.
We know how to set up a Sony TV.
For your convenience, a Consultation on setting up TVs is organized.

Sony TV manual

Sony TV manual contains all the necessary information for connecting external signal sources. The Sony TV has the following plug-in connections for connecting devices:
1) DC IN 19.5V
Connect the supplied power adapter that converts the AC voltage to DC.
To get the best sound quality, you should connect your home theater to the TV via fiber optic cable through this output.

This input, according to the instructions for the Sony TV, can be used as a composite or component input. When using a monaural device, connect it to the L (MONO) audio jack. For composite connection, use AV2 for signals, and connect audio cords to the (L / R) input / COMPONENT IN for audio signals. To use as component input, use the Y, PB, PR connection to transmit signals. To transmit audio, connect the cable to the channels (L / R). The TV will automatically detect the type of connection.
4) AV1
Connection with a SCART cable.
5) LAN
Connect to an Ethernet LAN.
6) Cam
Connection of the module of limited access to pay TV services.

Remote for TV Sony

Remote for TV Sony Designed to configure and adjust all functions. The purpose of the remote control buttons:

In button. selection of the connected source.
I button. turning on and off the TV.
Button.. turn subtitles on and off.
AUDIO Button. enable stereo sound mode.
SYNC MENU Button remote control for TV Sony. Displays the Bravia Sync menu.

RELATED SEARCH Button. Watching the Internet while the TV is working.
TITLE LIST Button. playing a list of titles.
REC button. recording the current program.
SOCIAL VIEW Button. watching TV with friends from social networks.
FOOTBALL Button. soccer live mode.

DISCOVER Button. content search.
SEN / APPS Button. Home menu application categories.
GUIDE Button. digital TV guide display.
RETURN Button. return to the previous menu.
OPTIONS Button. A list of convenient features and shortcuts.

HOME Button. Displays the main menu of the TV.
DIGITAL / ANALOG Button TV remote control. Switch between digital and analog mode.
EXIT Button. exit the menu.
Button?– display of information.
I-MANUAL Button. display of the user manual.

Button 1. 9. channel selection.
TV / RADIO Button. Switch between TV and radio.
3D button. 3D display mode selection.
Colored buttons
On our site you can download the TV remote
location and designation of the remote control buttons, as well as instructions and user manual

How to set up a Sony TV

How to set up a Sony TV can be found in his instructions. Any settings are made in the HOME menu, which requires a remote control for Sony TV. Here the image parameters change: brightness, contrast, color; there is a choice between the internal speakers and the external speaker system; Sound quality is adjusted, TV programs are configured and sorted in a convenient order, Internet connection is set up, and necessary programs and updates are downloaded.

Sony Bravia TV set to image

Sony Bravia TV setup to select the image mode in accordance with preferences, press the [Settings] / [Image] / [Image mode] button on the remote control. The choice is made from the available options: Bright. increase in contrast and sharpness of the image;
Standard. setting the Sony Bravia TV to a standard image for normal use at home;
Individual. saving pre-configured preferred values;
Cinema 1. playing movies in a cinema-like setting;
Cinema 2. playing movies at home;
Sport. improved image quality for watching sports;
The game is standard. standard image suitable for games;
The original game. changing the image in the game in accordance with preferences;
Graphics. improved image quality for viewing graphics;
Photo Bright. increase the contrast, clarity and color quality of photographs;
Photo Standard. image quality optimization for viewing photos;
Original photo. increase the color temperature of photographs; Photo-Individual. changing detailed settings for viewing photos and storing your preferred settings;
Animation. Sony Bravia TV setup for optimal viewing of animated films.

Setting up your Sony TV for high-quality sound

Sony TV setup to select a sound mode in accordance with preferences, by successively pressing [Home] / [Settings] / [Sound]. The following options are available for selection:
Select entrances. applying custom sound settings for the current input;
Sound mode. standard, cinema, sports, music, game, Compressed Audio (improving the quality of low-speed compressed audio).

Answers to questions on Sony TVs

Connection failed

Modern Smart TVs easily connect to the network in automatic mode, without any additional settings, you just need to select the type of connection Wired / Wireless, the name of your home network from the proposed list and enter the password.
Lack of connection may be due to:
– With a low Wi-Fi signal at the installation location of the TV.
-It is also recommended to update the TV software to the latest version from the official website of the manufacturer.
Indeed, blocking the IP addresses of Sony, like many other sites, by order of Roskomnadzor, has been carried out in recent months. If official manufacturer support claims this, then it is.
The sellers told you correctly. The TV is good, the problem is Roskomnadzor locks. A proxy server is an intermediate element of the network that acts as an intermediary for which the blocking does not apply. With it, you can normally connect to the Sony server.

How to Set Up Subtitles On Sony Bravia TV

Setting up a free digital TV in Moscow

Please help with setting up a free digital TV in Moscow, make and model of TV: SONY KDL40WD653
The TV has a built-in digital tuner with the standards DVB-C, DVB-T, DVB-T2. A cable is connected to the TV from the common-house antenna of a multi-storey apartment building. I do not have a separate individual antenna (UHF antenna). Is it possible in this situation to install packages of free digital TV distributed by the Ostankino television tower? Do I need to purchase an additional UHF antenna, which I would not want to?
The DVB-C cable tuned digital channels. The TV found them in an amount of more than 200 pieces, among which there are free channels of the 1st and second multiplexes (RTRS-1 and RTRS-2). On the TV screen, only the name of the channel is displayed, and in the lower right corner of the screen the inscription: “The channel is encrypted or cannot be decoded”. What can be done in this situation?

Packages of on-air television transmitted free of charge from the TV tower can only be received on your own antenna. In the digital package of cable television operators sometimes there are free channels, try to automatically configure DVB-C channels. If these channels are all encrypted, you should contact your cable provider to enter into an agreement.

Sony TV does not show in the country

Sony’s new flat-panel TV stopped showing in the country, it is written that there is no signal. An old TV on the same antenna shows well. I decided to return to the factory settings, but it doesn’t work, because I need to enter the parental control PIN code, after which the TV stopped responding altogether, no command passes, it requires the parental control PIN code again

You must reconfigure your TV. How to unlock it is described here.

Sony KDL 32wd603 strip on the sides of the screen

“How to adjust images to remove black bars on the sides of the screen ” Vova from Murmansk region City of Island.

To adjust the image size, use the bottom right button on the remote control of your TV. By successively clicking on it, you can select the optimal viewing mode.

Sony 21cfr not turning on

Hello, my TV does not turn on not from the remote control and not from the buttons. I turn it off from the network, then turn on the indicator lights up in blue, it immediately turns off and lights up in red. The remotes do not respond to it, I can not even turn it on from the universal remote control. Yana, Krasnoyarsk.

Hello, Yana. Your TV is defective and needs repair. A serviceable device can be turned on from buttons on the case; a remote control is not required for this.