How To Set Up Storage On Samsung Galaxy

The second way to free up storage on Samsung Galaxy is to uninstall unused apps

In new Samsung smartphones, proprietary applications can also free memory from unnecessary files.

The elements that take up the most space on a smartphone are, of course, applications, in particular big games.

To recover some of the memory, the SIMplest solution would be to delete those programs that are not currently needed.

However, this is not a very convenient solution, but you can use half measures and achieve interesting results.

First of all, you may want to consider uninstalling selected components of larger applications.

Watch faces are a great example here if we’re a user of Android Wear smartwatches.

The application itself weighs a little, but additionally downloadable watch faces range from several to hundreds of megabytes.

Also check the settings of the navigation application. Maybe you do not need a map of all of Europe, which was needed on a previous vacation and can always be installed if necessary?

The second way is to use the Lite app. Lightweight alternatives have been created primarily to improve the user experience on less efficient devices, but in practice there are more benefits: lower memory requirements as well as power gains come with lower requirements.

By installing the lite version. You should expect more meager graphics and UI animations than the full version

You should also consider the possibility of transferring the application (or at least part of their files) to an external memory card.

Although this process can take a long time, further use of the program is likely to be somewhat less effective, but it is an effective method when we want to free up space on the built-in internal memory of the smartphone.

5 proven ways to free up internal storage space on your samsung smartphone

If you are the owner of a Samsung Galaxy j1, j2 (prime) or j3 phone, sooner or later you will face a lack of sufficient space in the smartphone’s memory.

The situation with Samsung j5 is a little better, although even if you have a3 (2016) or Samsung a5, you may also need to free up the internal memory on this smartphone.

However, even with 128 GB of internal memory for data, at the least expected moment. When shooting on vacation or when trying to install another application, you can fail.

Therefore, I decided to collect in one place 5 tips that will help you quickly free up extra space on your Samsung Galaxy duos smartphone or another.

This will allow you to continue using your phone as usual soon.

One more important thing. Besides freeing up the internal storage of your phone, you can SIMply increase it. It’s free and not long, but in order not to repeat yourself, just go here. There you will find the instructions that I wrote earlier.

5th Way to Free Up Storage Space on Samsung Galaxy. Extreme Solution

Another way to free up memory and speed up your Samsung phone is to return to factory settings.

Before doing this, make a backup, because you will lose all files. This I strongly advise you.

Then in the settings, find the item “Backup.”. “Factory settings.”. “Reset”. You can do it in another way, for example, using the buttons.

To do this, you need to use a certain combination, but not for every Samsung phone model. Therefore, I will omit this now, but resetting will most effectively free up memory. Success.

The first way to free up internal storage space on Samsung Galaxy is to clear cache and junk files

The first thing you should do in a rush to free up space on your internal storage is to clear the app cache and delete unneeded files. Even the contents of the Download folder, which often contains documents, photos or APK files that you no longer need.

You can get into this folder from any file manager, if there is no built-in one (in Samsung phones, this is an icon in the form of a folder labeled “My files”).

Clearing the application cache is, for example, a task for the CCleaner program, but it can also be cleared manually.

To do this, applications must be found in the settings, they select the most space-consuming programs and delete their cache memory (or all data, which, however, will also delete user data).

Fourth Way to Free Up Memory on Samsung Galaxy. Backup

To protect yourself from running out of space for new data on your Samsung smartphone, it is also recommended that you back up your data regularly, and delete those stored on your device.

Applications offered by our device manufacturers may be primarily used to transfer information to a computer.

For Samsung smartphones, this is Samsung Kies. There are also universal solutions such as Apowersoft Phone Manager or SHAREit that will allow you to transfer files wirelessly if your computer and phone are on the same Wi-Fi network.

You can easily back up your files when you are away from home and away from your computer thanks to the USB-OTG function.

All you need is the right USB stick, which is equipped with an additional micro-USB or USB Type C connector, thanks to which you connect your device to your smartphone and then to your computer.

The portable memory connected in this way will be visible on the Android Samsung phone as an additional external storage, and you can transfer data using any file manager.

When purchasing this type of memory, you must proceed in exactly the same way as when buying a classic flash drive, and consider both the capacity and the transfer rate.

You should only pay attention to the connector type: if you have a modern Samsung smartphone and computer, you may find that you need a classic USB Type C, for example, SanDisk Ultra USB-C 32 GB.

When searching, pay attention to whether you need a micro-USB model such as Samsung OTG 32 GB or USB-C offers, as is the case with the Kingston MicroDuo 3C 32 GB.

When deciding on such a purchase, it should be borne in mind that not all phones can work with external portable drives.

Although the theoretical USB-OTG support can be verified by the app, there are times when the information displayed is not true, so I recommend that you look up the manufacturer’s website for details regarding your specific device model.

Third way to free up internal storage on Samsung Galaxy. Sync photos in the cloud

If cleaning junk files does not bring a satisfactory result, it is worth considering what other data takes up the same amount of space on your smartphone.

Very often these are photographs taken. To free up space (and, by the way, to get more convenient access and independence from any malfunctions of the phone), in many popular applications for working with Internet drives, you can use automatic backup of photos in the cloud.

Using Google Drive can even count on unlimited space for this type of backup, if you give up the original image quality and be content with good.

Competitive OneDrive does not offer this option. Regardless of the selected tool, after such a copy of the photos, you can delete them from the device, getting additional memory.

In any case, you can get comfortable with previous photos, often also directly from the phone gallery, if you synchronize them with network drives in the settings.


Dial # on the phone and select item 2 “Delete dumpstate / logcat”. The memory will be cleared without reset. Root rights are not needed, otherwise I also got tired of searching the Internet. Delete log files. I have 1 GB cleared

I did so, nothing happened at all. Nothing left.

So it is possible that the daddy is full of applications, photos and videos. These things are only removed manually.

Lord, is there really no such professional. Which will show ordinary people on their fingers how to free up space on the phone. Everywhere one 5 tips that we already know, and which do not help at all. The files are hidden in the phone, not these moronic ways, but rather tell me how to find and delete them.

To delete hidden files, you need to get root rights. There is no other way. With root pram you will delete everything you want.

Porting applications in the standard way

Since Android 4.0, it is possible to transfer some applications from the internal memory to the SD card without using third-party tools.

To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Applications” section.
  • Tap (touch with your finger) on the desired program.
  • Click the “Move to SD Card” button.
  • The disadvantage of this method is that it does not work for all applications.

    In these ways, you can use the SD card memory for games and applications.

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    This is one of the best options among SIMilar programs. Link2sd allows you to do the same thing that can be done manually, but a little faster. In addition, you can forcibly move games and applications that do not move in a standard way.

    The instructions for working with Link2SD are as follows:

    • The main window will list all applications. Select the one you want.
    • Scroll down the app info and click “Transfer to SD Card”.

    Please note that those applications that are not transferred in the standard way may reduce their functionality. For example, widgets will stop working.

    Replacing internal memory with external

    And this method allows you to trick Android into treating the memory card as system memory. From the toolkit you will need any file manager. In our example, we will use Root Explorer, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

    The procedure is as follows:

      Open the “etc” folder at the root of the system. To do this, open your file manager.

    Find the file “vold.Fstab” and open it with a text editor.

  • Among all the text, look for 2 lines starting with “dev_mount” without a leading pound. They should be followed by the following values:
  • “Sdcard / mnt / sdcard”;
  • “Extsd / mnt / extsd”.
  • You need to swap the words after “mnt /” to become like this (no quotes):
  • “Sdcard / mnt / extsd”;
  • “Extsd / mnt / sdcard”.
  • Different devices may have different designations after “mnt /”: “sdcard”, “sdcard0”, “sdcard1”, “sdcard2”. The main thing is to swap them.
  • Save changes and restart your smartphone.
  • As for the file manager, it should be said that not all such programs allow you to see the above files. We recommend using ES File Explorer.

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    Memory setting

    Let’s go back to system tools again. On Android, you can specify the SD card as the default install location for apps. Again, this does not always work.

    Try the following anyway:

      While in the settings, open the “Memory” section.

    Click on “Preferred Installation Location” and select “SD Card”.

    The arrangement of elements on your device may differ from the examples shown. Therefore, if you have any questions or fail to do all the steps described in this article, write about it in the comments below. We will definitely help you to solve the problem.

    Instructions for switching smartphone memory to memory card

    I downloaded music through the VK application, it all ended up in the smartphone’s memory, and although the memory of the sd card is included in the memory

    How to make a SD card the main memory for downloading files from the Internet:
    1.Open the “Internet” application.
    2. Click the button.
    3.Select the “Settings”.
    4.Select “Advanced”.
    5.Select “Content Options”.
    6.Select “Default storage” or “Save content”.
    7.Select “Memory Card”.

    And what to do if Lenovo TAB 7?
    Does not pump

    And if I want to download from chrome, and not the Internet?

    I can not put the phone memory on the SD card on the flag

    I have an Irbis TZ55 tablet. There is no vold.Fstab file in the etc folder. Where can I find it or is there a different aLGorithm in this tablet?

    Download total commander there is an ect folder

    Since Android 4.2 there is no vold.Fstab file

    Hello! I have a FLY 5S. My Android constantly shows not enough space. I switch to SD card, there is free 1.28 gigabytes. The same picture. The phone is only 4 months old and I already hate it. How to make the default memory sd card in the “settings”, I do not know. I climbed the whole phone. I removed everything that is possible, the situation does not change. Due to lack of memory, I have been unable to update my applications for a very long time. This is already starting to get on your nerves. If you can, help me to solve this problem please.

    Easy) I can help if needed. I had the same problem. Customized.

    So where to click after
    pushing the carrying onto the SD card
    In link2sd?

    Hello.Please help me, I can’t download from the play market directly to sd.Honor 7 a pro.Thanks in advance

    Hello. I have 5 s fly. I can not configure the transition to the memory card)

    Please help me.

    Please help me. I constantly do not have enough space on my phone, I tried and not in any way, and I can’t do it on the memory card by default to save it. I constantly have a memory on my phone, but for what memory it is whole, nothing is saved on it. And the downloaded application does not work for me does not want to open in any.
    Help me please. Thanks in advance.

    What to do? I only have: dev_mount sdcard / storage / sdcard1 auto /devices/msm_sdcc.2/mmc_host
    asus zc554kl

    The same picture all the information goes past the memory card I have Fly 407 what to do? Hello

    I have a smart race2 4G phone, I can not free the internal memory from downloaded applications. I would like to transfer from the internal memory to the SD card. Help how to do this.

    I don’t have this file on my phone at all ult tuj dpznm

    And what if there, only the sd card and the system card is not displayed. I SIMply do not have “Phone memory”, I only have “System memory”. And I can’t change (

    I do not have a file vold.Fstab in ect. What to do.

    Please tell me, the galaxy s5 phone installed a 32GB card, moved all multimedia files from the phone’s memory to the card, now the phone does not see them in the gallery, only what is left on the phone is the same and the music in the player does not have those files on the card. And so if you go through my files to the memory of the card, everything is there just scattered chaotically.

    You may have moved files to the wrong folder

    Hello, and if this file is not “vold.Fstab”
    what to do?

    And if there is no function to transfer to

    The same parsley.

    Prestigio Grace 3157 3G. Tried different apps to move to SDcard but none move. Can you help?

    Hello! Your device is based on MediaTek MTK8321 processor and runs Android 6.0. Almost all such devices do not require tools from third-party developers to transfer applications to a memory card, everything is done using standard tools provided by the developers. The transfer of programs to the card is made from the item “Application Information”, in approximately the same way as described in “Method 4” from the article. If this method does not work, it is recommended to perform the following steps, but first copy the information from the card somewhere, in the process the data on the drive will be destroyed!
    1. Remove the card from the tablet and format it using a PC or laptop. To help the material: “All ways to format memory cards.” After completing the cleaning procedure, put the card back in the slot; it is not necessary to turn off the device. The tablet will detect the drive and offer two modes of use. Set the switch next to the item “Internal memory”, click “Next”.
    Or in the tablet, go to the path: “Settings”. “Storage and USB-drives”, then tap the item “SD-card”. Next, open the options menu (usually. Clicking on the three dots or dashes in the upper right corner of the “SD card” screen), select “Configure”. In the list of functions, tap the item “Internal memory”.
    2. Next is the procedure for preparing the drive for use. Click “Clear and Format”, confirm the request, wait for the process to complete. After the end of the operation, Android will offer to transfer data. Select “Transfer Now”, then “Next”.
    3. Reboot your device.
    In the attachment, just in case, screenshots of the main screens you will have to deal with. And one more important note. Use a memory card of at least grade 10.

    Precise Volume

    The program allows you to manage all sounds in the phone system. Improves the sound characteristics of both external speakers and headphones. The application does not require root rights and is absolutely free.

    Stages of work with the “Precise Volume” program:

    • During the first launch, the Important Information window will open. When you are familiar with it, click the “Sounds Good!”.
    • Next, an edit window will open using the slider.
    • There is a menu on the top panel of the screen where you will find additional paid services and an equalizer for detailed settings.
    • At the bottom of the screen there is a button for accessing advanced sound settings.

    How to set up sound on a Samsung Galaxy Android phone

    A huge advantage of all devices running on the Android operating system is the ability to customize them. The user can change literally everything, from the appearance of the shell to the addition of some new functions and capabilities to the OS, such as blocking ads in absolutely all applications and browsers. Google at one time added many hidden settings to its proprietary software, one of which allows you to significantly increase the volume above the maximum.

    How To Set Up Storage On Samsung Galaxy

    In absolutely all Android smartphones there is a hidden setting, thanks to which you can increase the volume by 20-30%, making the phone much louder. This can be useful in a variety of situations, such as when listening to music at home or elsewhere, as it will provide enough volume for a mini disco. In addition, it will not be superfluous to increase the sound during incoming calls, since in this case the likelihood of accidentally missing them when the phone is in the next room decreases.

    You can increase the volume through the engineering menu available in the Android operating system. Immediately, we note that this procedure does not require root superuser rights, so the volume can be increased without any difficulty. It is also worth noting that some manufacturers deliberately block access to the engineering menu in order to protect users from unauthorized interference with the OS.

    To increase the volume of an Android smartphone, you need to dial the command ### (in some individual phone models it may be different. Use Google). In the engineering menu that opens, you need to scroll through the top menu, then go to the Hardware Testing section, and then to Audio. If everything is done correctly, then the screen will display two sections Normal Mode and Headset Mode. The former is responsible for the speaker volume, and the latter for that in the headphones.

    Having opened the first section, in the upper menu, click on Type and select Media. Leave Level 0 as the Level value. To increase the volume, set the Value is 0

    255 and Max Vol. 0

    160 to set new indicators higher than the original ones. If the default was 32 and 128, then you can safely change them to 45 and 160, however, after each new action, press the Set button.

    Similar manipulations must be done with all other Level values, proportionally changing their value upward. The editorial staff of has prepared a list of optimal indicators to increase the volume above the maximum on most smartphones running on the Android operating system

    • Level 0. 45/160
    • Level 1. 60/160
    • Level 2. 75/160
    • Level 3. 90/160
    • Level 4. 105/160
    • Level 5. 120/160
    • Level 6. 135/160
    • Level 7. 150/160
    • Level 8. 165/160
    • Level 9. 180/160
    • Level 10. 195/160
    • Level 11. 210/160
    • Level 12. 225/160
    • Level 13. 240/160
    • Level 14. 255/160

    As you can easily see, the first item from level to level is proportionally increased by 15, while the last option is always 160. After all the values ​​are set, you should exit the engineering menu and restart the smartphone. If everything was done correctly, then the speaker volume will increase by 20-30%. At first glance, it may seem that all this is extremely difficult, but in reality it is far from the case. The whole process takes no more than 5-10 minutes.

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    One of the main parameters of a modern smartphone is good sound. There are several ways to improve volume and quality, from using Android built-in settings to passcodes and specialized apps. Detailed instructions below.

    Third Party Applications

    If the engineering menu seemed too complicated for you, you can use special applications from Google Play. The maximum volume level of the speakers cannot be “surpassed” with their help, but it is quite possible to remove some restrictions.

    Vibrating alert

    In Samsung phones, you can also customize the type of vibration. A total of 5 vibration options are available: long, intermittent, etc. You can change the vibration type as follows: Settings. Sounds and vibration. Vibrating alert. And choose the option you want.


    You can always choose the music you like and put it on the call. By default, your phone uses the standard built-in songs. Additionally, you can select your own music from your mp3 files as a ringtone. How to put music on a call? Go to Settings. Sounds and vibration. Ringtone.

    You can also set up music for incoming notification here in the settings. Selection is available only from standard melodies. You won’t be able to put your music on.

    Software modification

    Using the settings using patches is possible with the observance of root rights.

    A patch is a specially designed program that is installed by a specialist to improve the functions of the device bypassing the factory settings.

    Stages of installing patches:

    • Root a device.
    • Install the application to expand the menu on Android (TeamWin Recovery or CWM Recovery).
    • Download the patch to your smartphone.
    • For safety reasons, make a backup copy of the smartphone system.
    • Start patch installation.
    • To do this, go to the downloaded earlier application and click the “Install” button.
    • After the installation is complete, the corresponding program or item will appear in the regulation of the operating system.

    All smartphones have standard settings for sound control. But if the volume does not suit you, then use third-party programs. It is important to remember that loud sounds are harmful to your hearing.

    What is it? Breaking? Marriage? Not at all. The phone manufacturer took care of your ears. To avoid getting deafened by the loud sound, he limited the ability to turn on the speakers at full power. However, this can be fixed.

    Consider standard and non-standard ways to increase the volume on a smartphone, with which you can bypass the manufacturer’s restrictions.

    Using patches

    This option is suitable exclusively for experienced smartphone and PC users, since it implies working with system files using root rights. An inexperienced user who does not understand what he is doing runs the risk of breaking the smartphone.

    The patches were developed by enthusiastic craftsmen, that is, they have nothing to do with the device manufacturer. They are built into the system catalogs, which leads to changes in the functions of the gadget, in particular, to the removal of the speaker volume limit. But there is one “but”: these patches are not so easy to find, and the risk of downloading a non-working or viral package is far from zero.

    Let’s briefly consider the sequence of actions:

    • Root your smartphone.
    • Find and install the third-party recovery menu. A special application for Android that allows you to make advanced system settings. The most common utilities of this kind are TeamWin Recovery or CWM Recovery. Installing recovery is a complex process and can vary greatly for different smartphone models.
    • Find and download the patch itself. They are often posted on specialized forums dedicated to mobile devices. Place the patch on the memory card. If the phone does not have a slot for it, copy the downloaded file to the main memory of the device.
    • Back up your smartphone’s system in case something goes wrong. To do this, you can use both special applications and standard Android capabilities.
    • Insert your SD card into your smartphone and start installing the patch. As an example, consider the process of installing it via TeamWin Recovery. In the menu that is shown below, click the “Install” button.
    • Next, open the memory card and select the downloaded archive with the patch.
    • Click on the “Install IMG” button and wait for the configuration to complete.
    • When the installation of the patch is completed, the corresponding application or item should appear in the operating system settings.

    Unfortunately, the volume on the phone (or tablet) is not always sufficient: it is not so rare that you have to listen. It’s even worse that many people miss calls (sometimes important ones) when they are on the street or in some noisy place (just a quiet call practically Can not hear ).

    Also, weak sound when playing music, watching videos, etc. Can be attributed to this category of problems.

    In general, the reason for this “behavior” of the phone can be as those. Malfunction and software (on some devices, developers deliberately underestimate the maximum possible sound for the sake of user safety. After all, too loud sound can cause hearing problems!). Well, since it was programmatically limited, it means, if you wish, this restriction can be removed!

    Actually, in this article I want to show several options for how you can solve the problem of too quiet sound on devices running Android.

    Sound amplifier

    As the name suggests, the Sound Booster app is also responsible for adjusting and boosting the volume on your phone. It is also SIMple and, unlike the previous program, has a translation into Russian. However, the “Sound Booster” does not always give a result comparable to the Volume Booster GOODEV. Its efficiency is slightly lower.

    How to use the app:

    • Read the warning that excessive volume amplification can damage your hearing and accelerate speaker wear. Click “OK” to continue.
    • Use the sliders under the respective headings to make adjustments. The first slider adjusts the overall volume level, while the second boosts it. The maximum gain is possible up to 60% of the default speaker settings.

    Phone settings

    The phone settings are the most convenient to use. And even in the event of a breakdown of the sound level control buttons. The instruction looks like this:

    • Open “Settings” and go to the “Sound” section. Please note that in some versions of Android, the appearance of the menu may differ from what is shown in the screenshots.
    • In the section that opens, set the sounds of melodies, alarms, calls, etc. To the desired level using the sliders. Here, if necessary, you can turn on the silent mode, change the ringtone of notifications, incoming SMS, call melodies and other audio parameters.

    Tele 2

    With Tele2, everything is the same, only specify tele2 in the name, and intenet.Tele2.Ru in the address of the point. Remember to save your choice.

    After the process of selecting parameters, check the connection in the parameters under the item “data transfer” on the desktop by swiping the menu curtain down (quick access menu).

    After the performed manipulations, restart the device.

    The third method is to ask the operator to automatically adapt to your network or contact an employee at the post office.

    Setting up the Internet in a dual-SIM smartphone

    Mobile traffic can also be used from two SIM cards from different providers (however, only one is active, the second will be 2G). All settings are the same, only you need to make them twice. The main thing is not to confuse the names when entering the name and address of the access point.

    Ways to set up Internet on Android

    There are two ways to connect:

    • Automatic. Preset in 95% of cases. It is easy to execute and here the user does not have to connect additional functions.,
    • Manual method. They rarely have to be used when the automation does not work correctly.

    Consider both ways you can turn on mobile internet.


    • Name: beeline.
    • APN: SIMilar.
    • Username / Users: also any or empty string,
    • Password / Password: same as previous.
    • Period: intenet. Beeline.Ru.

    3G or 4G connectivity

    To always get access to the World Wide Web at high speeds, switch to a more modern communication standard. 4G. To enable the standard, go to the menu called “network type”. After the manipulations described above, 4G will connect automatically, under the conditions:

    • The device supports 4G standard,
    • The region has access to fourth generation networks and the coverage reaches the village or home.

    If 4G is not working well, try switching to 3G. This network covers more areas of Russia.

    Automatic internet configuration

    The fastest way to go first is to automatically activate traffic through the smartphone’s customizable settings menu. For this:

    • Go to the menu with smartphone settings,
    • Choosing “wireless networks”,
    • Click on the sub-item “mobile network”,
    • We click on the subsection “operators” and check the correctness of inclusion.

    If a SIM card is installed in the gadget and it is identified, then the operator’s connection will be determined automatically. If there is no connection, then click on the operator’s name (for example, Megafon). Most often, this instruction helps, but what to do if it was not possible to automatically access the connection. You will have to choose the necessary parameters yourself.

    Manual internet configuration

    How to set up Internet on Samsung Galaxy phone manually. Step-by-step instruction:

    • First of all, you need to know the list of configurable parameters of the operator used. In this case, the support service will help you when you contact us or send a special request so that the operator sends the list by SMS or look at the information on the website if there is Internet on another device,
    • In the submenu of configurable parameters, select the “connections” tab,
    • Tap the word “mobile networks”,
    • Expand the “access points” panel,
    • Click on the “add” inscription at the top of the screen.

    Next, we fill in the proposed parameters, depending on the operator. It should look like this:

    Let’s consider this process using the example of the most famous companies providing mobile services.

    • Name: not important, but it is better to call it by the name of the operator. MTS.
    • APN: internet.
    • Users: select any or leave the input field as it was,
    • Password / Password: come up with any or input field as it was.
    • Access point: intenet.Mts.Ru.

    Save the configured parameters of the MTS network.

    How to set up mobile internet on Samsung

    How to set up mobile Internet on Samsung using the smartphone menu? Let’s deal with this issue using the example of the popular Samsung Galaxy android from a reputable South Korean company. To do this, turn to the configurable items of the phone in the menu.

    Nowadays, almost everyone cannot do without a smartphone, and even more so without the World Wide Web. And in recent years, mobile traffic has become widespread and developed. The speed of the mobile connection is SIMilar to the speed of the wired one from many top providers. Any operator is trying to improve their technologies in terms of speed and quality of data transfer in order to gain customer confidence.

    Therefore, after purchasing, reconfiguring or installing a new system after flashing, the first thing to do is turn on the Internet connection. Let’s look at several ways to easily set up a mobile Internet connection on Samsung.


    To get the settings, send a special request (SMS with the text “internet” to number 5049).

    Choosing names and parameters:

    • Network name: SIMilar, for example megafon.
    • APN: SIMilar.
    • Username / Users: also,
    • Password / Password: also.
    • Point: intenet.Megafon.Ru.

    Save customized data. Remember that you must use the parameters that were sent to you by SMS or that you looked at on the official website.

    How to customize Samsung Galaxy screen instruction

    Hello! Today I will show you how to customize the screen on your Samsung Galaxy phone. You can change the display parameters very SIMply and quickly. Brightness, colors, icons, modes, screensaver, etc. Everything is very SIMple and fast. See the instructions below and write comments if you don’t understand something. Go!

    Look, you can get into the settings in two ways. First, tap and hold on an empty area of ​​the home screen. At the bottom you will have a panel. Click there on the Settings button.

    Second, on the desktop, find the Settings icon and click on it.

    In Settings, click on the Display tab.

    Here you can configure:

    • Screen brightness;
    • Enable or disable automatic brightness;
    • Turn on the blue filter. Reducing eye strain by limiting the amount of blue light emitted from the screen;
    • Change the size and style of the font, as well as the scale of the screen;
    • Screen mode. There are 4 options: Adaptive display., AMOLED movie., AMOLED photo., Main. Here you can also set the color balance of the entire screen;
    • Home screen settings (see below);
    • Enable SIMple display mode;
    • Add icon frames;
    • Status bar. Show only three recent notification icons on the notification bar. Show charging percentage;
    • Screen timeout. You can choose after how long the screen will turn off in idle mode;
    • Blocking accidental touches if the device is in a dark place, in a or bag;
    • Screen saver. Display a splash screen after the screen turns off automatically when the phone is charging or docked.

    Samsung Galaxy Home Screen Settings

    Here you can:

    • Choose a home screen layout;
    • Change the size of the main screen grid;
    • Application screen grid;
    • Add a button to the screen that allows you to open the application menu;
    • Enable or disable indicators on icons;
    • Apps downloaded from the Play Store will be automatically added to the home screen;
    • Enable quick notification panel;
    • Hide certain applications from the screen;
    • Find out information or update the home screen.

    Explanation of parameters. You can enable display of the home screen only, without applications.

    You can change the grid and the number of displayed app icons.

    You can add a Menu button to the home screen, which opens a list of all applications.

    Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

    Clean up memory, delete games and applications

    Memory settings can be found here: Settings. Optimization. Memory.

    As you can see, I have 15.1 GB of 16 GB available, and only 896 MB are free. How can I clear my memory? This is where the user data stats come to the rescue below.

    • The documents take only 521 KB. There is no point in cleaning, it is very small. If you have a lot of documents on your phone, delete unnecessary ones. Just select the items and click the “remove” button.
    • Pictures take only 66.5 MB. Also a little. To delete unnecessary pictures, select the items and click “delete”.
    • Audio. 11.4 MB. Also select unnecessary entries to delete.
    • Video. 191 MB. You can delete some videos here to clean up some places.
    • Application data takes up 1.5 GB. Here you can definitely find what to remove unnecessary. Rarely used programs and how much space their data (updates, saves, and other user files) take up are shown. As you can see, you can delete multiple toy files. In this case, the applications themselves are not deleted.!

    How to free up memory on Samsung?

    What to do if the internal memory of the smartphone is full and you cannot install applications and games or upload photos and videos? How to clear memory?

    Any smartphone has 2 types of memory: random access memory (RAM) and built-in memory (ROM). In this article, we will analyze how to optimize (free up) memory space by removing unnecessary data, for example, cached, residual and ad files, game and application cache.

    On the optimization page, the device shows how much free memory you have.

    Memory settings

    To configure the internal memory, go to Settings. Optimization. Memory. Memory settings (upper right corner).

    Here we see the statistics of storage usage

    How else can you free up memory?

    • Delete data and cache of applications and user data. Video, audio, pictures. As you can see in the screenshot above, they take up 6.64 GB.
    • To delete data for applications and games, select “Applications” and click on the desired program or game. Can clear data and cache.
    • To delete pictures and videos, select “Pictures, Videos”.
    • Select “Audio” to delete music and recordings from the voice recorder.
  • Delete “other” files that are 3.27 GB in size. These are files downloaded via Bluetooth or the Internet, Android system files. Press the “browse” button and you will be taken to the device memory. Be careful not to delete working OS files!
  • Delete cached data (occupies 272 MB). Select, press the “clear” button. This will delete the entire application cache. The applications themselves will not be deleted!
  • Internal memory usage statistics are updated every 2 weeks. For more accurate data, I advise you to update it before each manual memory cleanup.

    Using my Samsung Galaxy A5 phone as an example, I showed how you can clear the internal memory of your phone if there is not enough space to install new applications and games.

    Clear messenger data

    How to clear memory on Android? Samsung and other smartphones usually store almost all of the information that goes to the device. Not many people know that photos from instant messengers and other files can be automatically downloaded to the smartphone’s memory.

    This leads to the fact that even if you delete all your photos that were stored in the corresponding folder, you cannot completely free up memory. And all because at the root of the system there are files that were downloaded by one or several instant messengers.

    This problem can be easily fixed. It is enough to find a folder in the explorer called the name of the messenger and clear it.

    External memory

    How to clear memory on Samsung in this case? Having a memory card, this issue is much easier to deal with. Usually, a card reader is offered with it, which allows you to connect it to a computer. In this case, a smartphone is not required. It is enough to put a memory card in such an adapter and connect it to a laptop or PC.

    The system will detect the presence of the drive. It will open it in a separate dialog box, from where it will be possible to delete files. Usually pay attention to the Download folders and your personal data. The information is stored there that can be deleted without harm to the system.

    If there are important files among the files, you can transfer them to an external hard drive or PC.

    Inner memory

    How to clear memory on Samsung? In this case, things are a little different. Everything is related to the structure of the system archive. There are a large number of files that are responsible for the performance of Android. If you remove something unnecessary, you may need the help of specialists.

    There are several ways to free up space:

    • Check applications on the phone;
    • Delete files from explorer;
    • Use the task manager;
    • Clear messenger data;
    • Install special software;
    • Use cloud storage;
    • Perform a reset or flashing.

    Use Task Manager

    You can remove programs from a special menu. It’s in the settings. It contains a whole list of smartphone utilities. There you can see all the information about the programs, their scope and purpose.

    Experts recommend not only uninstalling programs from this menu, but also clearing the cache. Every application collects “garbage” that needs to be removed periodically. Sometimes you can use special programs for this, and sometimes you can perform actions through the task manager.

    Some people believe that the same can be done using the engineering menu. But it is responsible for configuring the smartphone and is not designed to delete files. Through the engineering menu, you can configure the GSM communication frequencies, test the components of the phone, etc.

    Install special software

    Perhaps your Samsung Galaxy is lagging. What to do in this case? This is largely due to system errors. But the lack of memory can also affect the correct operation of the device.

    Therefore, in addition to cleaning smartphone archives, you need to install an auxiliary utility. Sometimes they are pre-installed and are suitable for such tasks. Sometimes you need to install them from Google Play.

    Clean Master is considered a useful program. It helps not only to remove “trash”, clean the cache and phone memory as a whole. The application handles general system acceleration, helps to find errors and fixes them.

    Check apps on your phone

    How do I clear the memory on my Samsung phone? Try to get rid of all games and applications. It so happens that many of them were installed on a smartphone, but later they were forgotten. Such programs continue to receive updates, respectively, and upload their files to the archive.

    It is also worth understanding that there are some games that, in the process of passing, write data and statistics into memory. Sometimes they can take up more than 1 GB of free space. If you stop playing the game, it’s best to uninstall it.

    How to clear memory on “Samsung”: methods, instructions, recommendations

    Phones often suffer from memory deficits. Even if the buyer chooses the most capacious version, sooner or later he will still face a SIMilar problem. Most often this is due to the fact that along with programs and games, system files are installed, which require additional space. Therefore, it is useful to know how to clear memory on “Samsung” in order not to allow drastic measures.

    What is the problem?

    All Samsung smartphones have the Android operating system. This, in turn, leads to a number of troubles.

    The point is that the system memory of Android devices. The most vulnerable place. Many smartphones suffer from errors related to a full archive.

    Sometimes the problem is the improper use of the smartphone, sometimes viruses and other malware can be the cause. Sometimes it is impossible to prevent this, but sometimes careful use can help avoid such problems.

    Use cloud storage

    If you are often faced with a lack of memory, and there is no opportunity to purchase a memory card, you can install the mobile version of the cloud storage. For example, Google Disk. The utility will help to automatically synchronize files and send them to the server.

    This option is perfect for those who work from several devices at once, including a smartphone. You can edit files if possible, corrections will be automatically saved.

    Call Settings on Samsung Galaxy Android 2020 Phone

    Hello! Online site info-effect.Ru. Today, you will learn how to set up calls on your Samsung Galaxy phone. You can easily change the settings for an incoming or outgoing call. Missed calls, waiting, forwarding, second, voice, parallel call, ringtone, notifications, screen, call barring, sounds, blocking, etc. Everything is very SIMple and fast. See the instructions below and write comments if you have questions. Drove!

    On the home screen of your smartphone, find the Phone icon and click on it.

    Further, on this page, at the top right, click on the Properties button (three dots).

    In the window that opens, click on the Settings tab.

    Here you can customize your call settings. Below we will take a closer look at each parameter.

    Blocking numbers. Here you can enable or disable blocking of unknown callers. You can add a phone number to the black list of blocked numbers from which you will no longer be able to call and write SMS messages.

    Signals and ringtone. Here you can configure:

    • Vibration when responding;
    • Vibration when finished;
    • Signal when a call is connected;
    • Signal when the call ends;
    • Notifications during a call;
    • Set a ringtone for SIM cards 1 and 2;
    • Select vibration alert;
    • Vibration during a call;
    • Keyboard sounds.

    Answering and ending calls. You can include:

    • Sounding out the name of the subscriber. With Bluetooth headset or wired headset only;
    • Answering a call by pressing the Home key;
    • Automatic call acceptance. Automatically answer incoming calls after a set time if a headset or Bluetooth device is connected;
    • End call. Power key.

    Quick replies. You can create messages to quickly reply to SMS without typing. Enter any entry in the field, for example: How are you? Click on the plus sign on the right to add a template.

    Voice mail. You can configure for SIM 1 and 2:

    • Service provider;
    • Voicemail parameters, number;
    • Notifications. Alert Style, Sound, Vibration, Icon Indicators, Lock Screen, Ignore Do Not Disturb.

    Other call parameters:

    • Hide contacts without numbers. Displays only those contacts whose phone numbers are added to the Contacts tab;
    • Information about the subscriber. Displays the latest contact information for each caller;
    • Help with roaming. Roaming Assistant allows you to make calls to your home country while traveling abroad;
    • Choose a country automatically. Automatic application of the home country code when calling contacts you have already called before;
    • Always call to the roaming country;
    • Ask every time you call.

    Information about the phone. Here you can find out:

    • Phone version;
    • Call version;
    • Open source licenses.

    You can enable calls in the pop-up window. Show current calls in a pop-up window instead of hovering over the screen while using other apps.

    Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!