How To Set Up Ss Iptv On Tv

Interactive television is the ability to watch a large number of channels in high quality, powerful sound and broadcast control. To use this service you will need a special set-top box or, if your TV has an IPTV function, an Internet connection. Let’s consider how to use the service using a set-top box, how to watch IPTV on an LG or Philips TV, and how to configure IPTV on Samsung Smart TV technology?

IP TV settings on different TV models are slightly different, but the essence is the same

Connecting a set-top box for IPTV

First of all, connect the device to the router and the Network, connect the set-top box to the equipment using an SD or HDMI cable. What is the difference between the two? When you connect a standard SD cable, you will get a normal digital image. To watch broadcasts in HD mode, which is especially important for models with a large screen, you should use the HDMI input, so check if it is provided on your device.

Turn on the set-top box and TV, select the image source (AV or HDMI), fill in the account settings (the necessary data is indicated in your contract with the provider). After authorization, you can use all the advantages of the set-top box menu to customize the broadcast for yourself and watch your favorite TV channels with comfort.

IPTV service on LG TVs

To watch TV channels on interactive TV without a set-top box, a separate program was created for LG equipment. SS IPTV. But before installing it, you need to connect the TV to the Internet, and this is done as follows:

  • Connect the LAN ports of the devices with a network cable.
  • Enter Smart settings and in the Network section select the “Network Settings: Wired” tab.
  • Here you will see the DNS parameters and IP addresses, in most cases they are filled in automatically, but in some cases you need to enter them using the remote control.
  • After checking the connection, you will see information about the current connection to the network.
How To Set Up Ss Iptv On Tv

If you have a built-in Wi-Fi module, you can establish a wireless connection. To do this, follow these steps:

  • In the Smart settings, select the Network section and the item on wireless network setup.
  • Determine the connection method. it is easiest to dwell on the “Easy Installation” option, in which case the parameters will be set automatically.
  • In some cases, you will need to select an access point and enter a password to access it.
  • The LG TV will check the entered data and display the Internet connection mode.

Note. You can also make a wireless connection using a special adapter that connects to the USB input on the TV.

Now let’s move on to installing an application developed for LG technology, which comes free for all users. You can download the program installation package through the device menu or using a USB drive.

To download it via TV, go to the Smart menu, open the Smart World window. Then enter the name. SS IPTV in the address bar and start the search. After installing the utility, do not forget to immediately launch it.

If you want to open the application via a USB-drive, then download the archive, unzip it on an external drive. Connect the device to the TV, launch the Smart menu, My Applications.

Here you will need to register if you did not do this earlier, after which you will enter the application menu. Select an external drive as the source, run the utility and enjoy watching your favorite TV shows.

Connecting IPTV on a Philips TV

Installing IPTV on models of this brand is quite simple, you only need a few steps:

  • Connect your Philips device to a router with an access point.
  • Press the Home button on the remote control, enter the configuration menu.
  • Open the “Operating mode” tab in the network settings, in the window that appears, enter the DNS value to obtain an Internet connection.

Now all that remains to be done is to download the widget with which you will watch IPTV on your Philips TV, and its choice depends entirely on your preferences.

IPTV setup for Samsung brand models

To watch digital channels on Samsung brand equipment, you need to establish an Internet connection and the corresponding utility.

The installation of these components is as follows:

  • Connect the cable to the TV with the router.
  • On the remote control, select the Smart Hub menu, press the red button A.
  • We create our account. enter Develop in the login line, create a password and re-enter this login information.
  • Log in to the settings, stop at the Development section. After selecting it, enter the IP address., if it does not fit, try the combination
  • Now go to the “User application synchronization” item, when the process is finished, press Enter.
  • Now you have the utility nStreamPlayer, you can find it in the list among other applications.
  • Run the program, in the Playlist URL1 field, enter the address

Now watch digital TV by selecting channels from the list provided.

The process of installing IPTV is different for TVs of different brands, whether Philips, Samsung or LG, but in any case it is quite simple for the user. By connecting this affordable and convenient service, you can watch your favorite channels in high quality and without interference, control the broadcast, adjusting it as you wish.