How to Set Up Speed ​​Dialing on a Button Phone

How to Set Up Speed ​​Dialing on a Button Phone

Speed ​​dial feature on Nokia phones. On this page you will find information on how to set up speed dialing on Nokia push-button telephones, as well as how to enable or disable it. These examples are suitable for Nokia 108 Dual Sim, Nokia C2-01, Nokia 225 and similar phones.

If you constantly call certain numbers, then you can set these contacts to speed dial. This function allows you to assign a contact to a specific key on your phone, after which you can press and hold this button to make a call. That is, you do not need to open the phone book and select the number for the call in the contacts, one click on the button to which the contact is attached and you can call the right person.

Let’s see where in the settings of Nokia there is a speed dial. We open the Menu further Contacts and Speed ​​dial. Now you can select Enable, Disable or Change. If you need to assign a contact to a quick call, then select Change and there we set the number to speed dial. For example, select the Change item and see the number of the digital key to which you want to bind a contact for speed dialing, then select Assign (or Assign), select Assign d / call, select the desired contact in the opened list and confirm with the Select button.

On some Nokia phones, speed dialing is activated as follows: Open the Menu next Settings, then Calls further Speed ​​dial and On.
To assign a number to speed dial, do this: Open the Menu next Contacts next Speed ​​dial. Select the number of the digital key from 2 to 9 and select Set, now you can enter the phone number or point to the saved contact in the phone book by selecting Find.