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Probably every person has heard about Sony at least once in a lifetime. This brand has been producing equipment and electronics for many years, the production line also includes car audio systems. What features does the Sony radio tape recorder have, what are its disadvantages and what you need to know about installing such a system. look for answers to these questions below.

Sony car radio features may vary depending on the model of head unit.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the main features of audio systems using the gt660ue model as an example, this radio is considered one of the most popular among buyers:

  1. This model is equipped with a USB connector. Radio with a flash drive allow you to read data from drives.
  2. The front panel of this model has an AUX output. With it, the driver can listen to music by connecting a mobile gadget or an MP3 player to the car radio.
  3. In accordance with the data specified in the instruction manual, this model is equipped with a fairly powerful sound processor. It should be noted that this feature is also characteristic of many other models, in particular, xplod, g3100ue, a30, a35ue, etc.
  4. Almost all models of radio tape recorders of this brand are characterized by huge functionality, which includes many settings for low frequencies and an equalizer.
  5. Specifically, this model. gt660ue. is characterized by dynamic loudness.
  6. If necessary, the consumer can adjust the time delay of the sound.
  7. The device works with Russian-language tags.
  8. The user has a large selection of options for highlighting the control keys and the display of the audio system. In particular, in this model there are 20 standard colors, but if necessary, the user can add about 36 thousand new colors.
  9. The head unit also includes a remote control.
  10. In the kit for the audio system is also a detailed diagram for connecting and tuning the audio system, it indicates a detailed pinout.

Types and Models

Today, the automotive electronics market includes many different models, we offer you to get acquainted with the most popular:

  • DSX-A40UI;
  • DSX-A400BT;
  • DSX-A30E;
  • DSX-S100;
  • DSX-A202UI;
  • DSXA102Y;
  • CDX-GT660UE;
  • CDX-GT470UE;
  • CDX-GT47UE;
  • CDX-G1003ER;
  • CDX-GT267ME;
  • CDX-G1100U;
  • CDX-GT250MP;
  • MEX-BT2707E;
  • MEX-N5150BT;
  • MEX-GS610BE;
  • RSX GS9;
  • XAV-AX100;
  • XAV E722;
  • XAV 64BT;
  • XAV 612BT;
  • XAV 601BT;
  • XAV 65 etc.

Photogallery “Sony Models”

Instructions for use

Briefly about how to install a Sony car audio system with your own hands:

  1. First, the installation of car speakers for cars. They are installed in the front, as well as in the rear doors or in the shelf.
  2. When the speakers are installed, you need to lay the wires to the center console, where the audio system will be installed. Wires from the speakers must be laid under the plastic trim of the passenger compartment, directly under the thresholds. To prevent future problems, lay the wiring so that it is not affected by the moving parts of the body.
  3. After that, the audio system is mounted in a torpedo. on the center console there is a corresponding connector. Before installing the radio in it, you first need to mount the shaft. an iron frame, it is included in the package. After installing the shaft, you need to bend the so-called petals, they are located on the end parts, as well as above and below, for this a screwdriver is used.
  4. When these steps are completed, all connectors and wires are connected, we will talk about this below. Use the supplied instruction manual for connection.
  5. Next, you need to test the operation of the radio. If the system works fine, then the car radio is installed in the mine until it clicks, which will indicate its successful installation (author. Stanislav Tarasov).

Key connectivity and settings

One of the most important points regarding connection is connecting the positive cable. If you decide to connect the Sony audio system to the car battery, this circuit will need to be protected with a safety element. In this case, the cable diameter is also important. it must be at least the plug of the installed audio system. If the diameter does not match, then the radio can be connected to the cigarette lighter.

To reduce possible voltage leakage from the battery, connect as follows:

  • the black wire that comes from the battery is grounding;
  • the yellow wire, which also comes from the battery, is a positive contact, 12-volt power supply;
  • the red wire activates the car radio when the ignition switch is turned on;
  • a blue (or blue-white) wire is required to connect an antenna adapter or other devices.

There is nothing complicated about connecting speakers. Complete with any audio system is a detailed instruction regarding connecting speakers. use it during installation. As for the setting, it is also carried out in accordance with the instructions.

Possible malfunctions and solutions

What kind of malfunctions can the car owner encounter:

  1. The radio does not respond to the control panel. Most likely, the cause of the problem is a dead battery, the remote control itself is much less likely to fail. You can solve the problem by replacing the battery or repairing the remote control.
  2. The device turns off spontaneously. The problem may be nutrition. It is necessary to check the power cable, ring the connection circuit. If the wire is not securely fixed in the radio connector, the system may turn off when the car is driving over bumps or falling into holes.
  3. The sound is not regulated, to increase or decrease the driver has to turn the wheel longer. In practice, in some models the volume control is a weak point of the system. With intensive use, it can fail and stop working. In this case, you need to disassemble the audio system and change the regulator itself.
  4. This is not readable from a CD or USB drive. Such a problem may be software, in this case, a detailed diagnosis of the device and its repair will be required. But it may be that the disc does not play due to damage or recording tracks to the media in an inappropriate format. For example, the radio tape recorder reads only WAV, and you recorded tracks in MP3 format. Also, the cause may be a damaged disk. As for flash drives, some devices do not reproduce data recorded on a drive operating in NTFS or FAT32 format. You need to try to format the memory card in a different format (the author of the is Alexander Khairullin).

Pros and cons of the device

In conclusion, we offer you to get acquainted with the main advantages and disadvantages of Sony audio systems.

First, consider the pros:

Now, briefly about the cons:

  1. In accordance with the main malfunctions, one of the disadvantages is the low-quality remote control. In practice, this device breaks frequently.
  2. If the connection and tuning of the audio system is incorrect, the sound quality will be quite low.
  3. A huge number of Sony fakes in the market. It is likely that buying a radio, you buy a fake, which can not boast of the benefits described above. We recommend buying radio from trusted sellers.
How To Set Up Sony Head Unit

Issue price

As for the cost, the cheapest Sony models today cost about 3 thousand rubles. Audio systems of the middle price category will cost the buyer about 5-10 thousand rubles.

“Detailed DSX-A55BTE User Review”

The below provides a detailed overview of the DSX-A55BTE car radio from the consumer, identifying the main shortcomings of the audio system (author. Sergei Gusev).

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How to set up a Pioneer, Sony or other manufacturer’s radio?

Some models of radio tape recorders have a huge number of settings, which you can deal with only using the instructions. Most of the settings can be set intuitively, but some only when using recommendations from the manufacturer. What to do if you need to configure the radio, but there is no instruction manual.

Where can I find recommendations for use?

If you are looking for information on how to set up Sony’s radio, you should not pay attention to general recommendations. This is due to the fact that each model has its own characteristics that must be taken into account. How to be in a similar situation?

In the age of modern technology, all information from paper is converted into electronic form. This is due to the fact that the easiest way to disseminate information electronically. This point applies to the operating instructions for the radio from all manufacturers.

  1. Find the site where the manuals are distributed. To do this, you can visit the website of the official manufacturer or ask a corresponding request, for example, how to configure the Pioneer radio in one of the search engines.
  2. The next step is to choose your model of radio.
  3. After choosing a model, instructions are downloaded. It is usually distributed in PDF format.
  4. For ease of use, you can print information on paper.

Some operating instructions are distributed in English. If you need to translate information, you can use a special program that converts the PDF file into text, after which the text information is copied and translated.

How to find out the model of radio?

As can be seen from the above information, you can find the necessary information only if you know the exact name of the model. If the radio tape recorder was purchased long ago, and there were no documents or boxes left from it, then it is rather difficult to find out the model, but it is still possible. This can be done as follows:

In order to find out how to set up a Sony or another manufacturer’s radio, it is enough to study the information posted in the instruction manual. No more detailed recommendations can be found.

Setting up modern multimedia systems

Setting up multimedia systems of a modern type is quite simple. This is due to the fact that manufacturers are constantly improving navigation, creating tips, electronic operating instructions directly in the system itself.

When choosing a device, it is recommended to pay attention to models that work on one of the popular operating systems, for example, Android. It repeats the settings that can be found on a mobile device.

In conclusion, we note that car service centers can help with the problem of tuning the radio. The cost of the service will be insignificant.

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Models and features radio Sony Xplod

Sony has been manufacturing household appliances and electronics for more than half a century. All equipment manufactured by the company is of high quality and reliability, and car radios manufactured under the Sony brand are no exception.

Each model has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and sometimes some little thing can play a role in choosing the device of a particular model.

Sony brand


Connecting the Sony Xplod radio can be done in several ways, it all depends on the availability of the necessary connectors. The easiest and fastest way is to connect using a standard ISO connector, just connect the radio according to the instructions. The instruction for the Sony Xplod radio comes with the device, however, it is not a fact that it will be in Russian. How to connect the device using a standard connector, shown in the photo.

Pinout of iso car radio connectors

In the absence of this type of connection, you have to connect the device according to the scheme.

When connecting, remember: poor contact at the connection points or improper connection of wires can lead to the failure of certain elements of the speaker system and even the head unit itself. When connecting wires, it is necessary to use heat-shrink cambric, this is more reliable than using simple electrical tape.

Shrink cambric


Setting up the device is quite simple, and you can easily complete it if you follow the instructions, but in the absence of the Russian language, this can become a problem.

Radio connection diagram

Audio settings

Go to the audio settings menu by pressing the center of the volume control. In this menu, you can adjust the equalizer, left-right and front-rear balances, bass boost, subwoofer level, and also allows you to switch between the preset equalizer settings.

Functional Settings

To go to the functional settings menu, you must press and hold the volume control in the center. This menu allows you to set the clock, turn on / off the sound of keystrokes, configure the device to automatically turn off the device, adjust the dimmer, turn the dynamic equalizer on or off on the display, configure the parameters for receiving and playing radio stations, configure the subwoofer, and set the parameters for ordinary speakers.

Radio Setup

As you can see, the device settings have ample opportunities and allow you to customize the sound just to your taste.

Sony Xplod CDX-GT650UI

The size of the Sony Xplod CDX-GT650UI is compatible with 1 DIN standards. Included with the device are: instructions, a power cable with a standard ISO connector, a key for removing the device, and screws for securing it.

  • plays popular music formats, there is a CD drive,
  • the tuner works in the FM and AM bands, it is possible to store up to 30 radio stations in the device’s memory,
  • USB port for connecting removable media.

Sony Xplod CDX-GT450u

The dimensions of the car radio are 1 din, which allows you to install the device in regular places without problems. Complete with the device are: instructions, remote control and everything you need to install and connect.

  • seven band equalizer,
  • reads CD-R / RW discs,
  • there is an FM / AM tuner,
  • USB port on the front panel.

Sony Xplod CDX-GT47UE

Installs the CDX-GT47UE in standard 1 din slots.

Included with the device are:

  • instruction
  • radio removal key,
  • mounting screws and ISO connectors for connecting the device.

The head unit reproduces popular music formats, reads CDs, there is the possibility of connecting removable media via a USB port on the front panel.

Peak output power is 45WX4, it is possible to manually adjust the sound and preset equalizer settings. Users appreciated the quality sound at an affordable price. Of the shortcomings. the lack of remote control in the kit.