How To Set Up Smart Tv On Tcl

How to set up a TCL TV

Our company produces TV setup TCL. The parameters to receive on-air, cable and satellite television, the adjustment of the brightness, color and geometric parameters of the screen, the image clarity, the optimal sound accompaniment, connecting the TV to a home network router, and connecting external playback devices are subject to adjustment.
We know How to set up a TCL TV.
For your convenience, a Consultation on setting up TVs is organized.

TV Guide TCL

TV TCL instruction for model TCL 26E92NH10 indicates the following connections (disconnect the power cord before connecting devices):
1) Power cord to AC POWER jack
2) Ant. antenna cable socket
3) DVD player
4) Home Theater System
5) Blue Ray Disc Player
6) cable television decoder
7) Game console
8) Camcorder
9) Headphones
10) Personal computer or laptop

TV remote control TCL

TV remote control TCL has the following function buttons for remote control:
Most TV features can be accessed through the on-screen menu. The standard remote control supplied with the TV can be used to switch from one menu to another and to configure all the basic parameters.
DVD / VCR Button not used
ON button turning on and off the tcl tv
MENU Button enable overview
EXIT Button exit Menu or Teletext mode
Cursor button to configure, enable and disable functions, change values, select switches

Color button red, green, yellow, blue. for working with teletext
TEXT Button Teletext Enable
Button 0-9 channel selection by its number
PRESETS Button parameter preset menu
LIST Button view channel list

ANALOG Button switching the TCL TV to analogue channel view
DIGITAL Button Switching the TCL TV to Digital Channel View
VOL / button change sound volume
PR /. Button channel number switching
MUTE Button instant mute

RETURN Button to return to the previous menu, channel or source
OK button confirm selection, enable and disable functions
AV button to select a device connected to the low-frequency connector
GUIDE Button Switch between EPG (Electronic Program Guide) Programs
INFO Button to view status information in the analogue TV mode. To display the INFO interactive banner (Information) in digital TCL TV mode

REV Button rewind
PLAY button USB play button
FWD Button teletext mode
REC button recording digital TV programs to flash memory
STOP Button stop playback
PAUSE Button enable pause mode when watching a

On our site you can download the TV remote
location and designation of the remote control buttons, as well as instructions and user manual

TV setup TCL

Initial setup of the TCL TV

When you first turn on and setting up a TCL TV All the parameters necessary to search and save all the TV channels are selected.
When you turn on the TV for the first time, the Installation menu appears. The (Country) option is highlighted.
Choose the country where you are located, or the country whose channels you want to receive, if you live near the borders of this country.
Next, you need to select the menu language.
Press the button to select the (Auto Search) option. The (Automatic installation) menu appears and a progress bar appears.
To assign or change the name of channels or delete channels, press the button and go to the (Rearrange) menu to perform the corresponding operations.

Auto Channel Setup for TCL TV

Press the MENU button on the remote control and select (Overview Installation).
Click OK to open the (Setup) menu.
Select the (Automatic installation) option and press the OK button to open the (Country) menu. To select a country, press the LEFT / RIGHT and UP / DOWN buttons. Choose the country where you are located, or the country whose channels you want to receive, if you live near the borders of this country.
Click OK to open the (Automatic Installation) menu. Select (Auto Search) and press the OK button to start automatic search.

Answers to questions on TCL TV

Please tell me where to find on the remote control or in the TCL 32D4026 menu how to switch the screen resolution? (For example, it costs 16: 9 how to change?) Connected to cable television. Digital channels are available. 09/26/2018, Belarus. The Grodno region. Novogrudok

On TCL televisions, the image size can be selected using the Zoom-, Zoom buttons or in the Image MENU section.
When viewing cable digital channels, the screen resolution and its format are determined by the supplied incoming signal.

YouTube and IVI won’t open on TCL TV

TCL 150P6US TV, connected to the Internet, some applications open normally, but you can’t open youtube or ivi. writes error 201. 02.23.2018, Kursk.

Poor operation of some Internet applications may be associated with the blocking of access sites by Roskomnadzor. You can advise updating the software version. You can get it from the manufacturer, or at an authorized service center.

How To Set Up Smart Tv On Tcl