How to Set Up Smart TV On Haier TV

Often, user problems can be solved without calling the wizard at home. For your convenience, a Consultation on setting up TVs is organized.

Haier TV setup

Our masters set up the Haier TV on analog and digital channels of terrestrial, cable and satellite television, adjust the brightness, color and geometric parameters of the screen, wired or wireless connection of the TV to the Internet, connect external playback players or recording devices.
We know how to tune channels on a TV.

Haier TV manual LE32T1000

The Haier TV manual includes the following sections:

How to Set Up Smart TV On Haier TV

1) Safety Precautions: Greeting, Important Information, Safety Precautions, Precautions.
2) Introduction: Basic parameters, Stand assembly instructions, Wall mounting, Front control panel, Connectors on the back and side of the TV, Connecting a Haier TV, Connecting a computer to the TV.
3) Remote control.

TV Remote Haier

Assign Remote Control Buttons for Haier TV.

1 POWER: to turn on the TV or switch it to standby mode.
2, 13, 14, 30, 40: HOT KEYS: Switch to the desired signal source
3 PICTURE MODE: to enable picture mode
4 FIX: to capture the image you are viewing
5 CHANNEL LIST: Displays a list of channels

6 TIMER: TV off timer
7 PROGRAM NUMBERS: go to the channel
8 SIGNAL SOURCE: source selection
10 AUDIO CONTROL: adjust the sound volume

11 MENU: menu call
12 OK: selection confirmation
15 TV: turn on the TV viewing mode
16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27: Teletext mode

31 UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT ARROWS: position selection
32 EXIT: button to return to the previous menu
33 PROGRAM SELECTION: press the buttons to select the next / previous channel
34 RETURN: return to previous channel button
35 DISPLAY: button to enable or disable additional program information

36 i / ii: button to switch to nicam mode. Only for programs broadcast in this mode
38 RATIO: format setting: 16: 9, 4: 3
39 SOUND MODE: select a sound mode
16. Fast Forward
17. Rewind
26. Forward
27. Back
28. Stop
29. Play / Pause

On our site you can download the TV remote
location and designation of the remote control buttons, as well as instructions and user manual

Haier TV setup

TV Channel Settings:
The first item on the MENU is the channel menu (only in TV viewing mode) Here you can select / search channels and edit programs. Use the arrow buttons to select the search parameters, the OK button to confirm the selection and the left and right buttons to configure the selected parameters.
1) Auto Search: Tunes all channels automatically
2) Sound system: You can change the sound settings
3) Manual tuning: You can find channels, tune them and save the selected channels.
4) Editing programs: You can delete, rename, move and skip any programs

Haier TV Answers

Haier LE32K5000T not fully retracted sound

I can not turn down the sound. I select the minimum settings in the user mode in the user mode, but still, when I turn on the sound from the remote on 30/12/2018, Krymsk.

According to the instruction manual, in the Sound user menu, you can adjust the timbre for low and high frequencies, stereo balance of the speakers, surround effect, automatic reduction of sound when it is increased in the episode. None of these adjustments adjust the minimum volume when turned on.
If your TV is not possible using the button “Vol.” completely remove the sound, you should contact an authorized service center for repair.

Haier LE55K6500U how to set up digital TV

Please tell me how to set up digital channels? What I just didn’t try: I changed the cable, I rummaged through the TV settings, for some reason there is no signal on the broadcast antenna in the settings window for digital channels in the manual mode, when switching to the mode”cable”the signal appears, catches some channels (over 100.) but shows nothing except analog channels. on screen 55″ as it’s not very nice to watch a blurred analogue picture. Maybe the problem is a digital module malfunction? 11/27/2018, Moscow.

To receive DVB-T2 digital terrestrial television channels, you must have your own antenna located in the reception area. To receive cable channels DVB-C, registration with the provider and the presence of the CI module in the TV are required, without it the channels will be fixed, but not shown.