How to set up satellite channels on Samsung TV

NTV Plus. Features of manual setting of channels 2021

NTV-Plus is the first satellite television operator in Russia. The number of channels depends on the chosen tariff plan, while their number exceeds 270, and all. Digital. At the same time, starting in 2016, you can use the operator’s services without an antenna connected to the TV.

To connect satellite television, a special prefix is ​​taken, and it is already “tied” with a plate or set up on the Internet (cable connection, Wi-Fi).

How to connect NTV to a TV, how to install and configure the antenna. More on this in the article. Most of the work is easily performed, but with a lack of skills it is better not to risk and entrust this business to specialists.

Preparation of the TV

Setting channels on TV is far from the most difficult process, but still sometimes certain difficulties arise. Mostly experts recommend starting by connecting to a signal source. For example, if you plan to configure cable or analogue tv, then the cable should be inserted into the antenna input.

If you use several TVs at once, then all devices can be connected to one antenna. However, to ensure a truly stable distribution of the signal, it is necessary to get a special branch or splitter. These adapters have several outputs through which TVs are connected.

How to set up satellite channels on Samsung TV

In modern Samsung TVs, a tuner is built for connecting and watching satellite television.

If you plan to view satellite channels, then when choosing a TV, specify whether the satellite tuner DVB S2 is built in it,

To watch satellite television of operators such as TV, MTS TV, TV continent, etc. You do not need to purchase a satellite receiver, all you need is the module itself, the access card and of course the satellite plate itself.

Before you start setting up your Samsung M Q LS series for receiving satellite television channels, make sure that the satellite plate is already configured to the satellite and the cable you are correctly connected to the connector precisely Ant In (Satellite) or Satellite Main, and not to the TV, which is designed For ether and cable TV.

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After connecting the antenna, set the desired parameters in the TV settings.

  • Enter your TV menu by pressing the menu button.
  • Next, select the “Translation” section.
  • Find the item “Antenna”
  • Select the value of “satellite” to view satellite TV.
  • In the parameters “satellite” you need to select “Channel Settings”.
  • We find and select the item “Satellite system”.
  • Choosing the item “Satellite Choice”. You can choose from the list of available satellite television operator.
  • Next, deactivate all selected satellites.
  • If it is not possible to deactivate the checkback satellite is not removed, then we delete all channels.
  • Choose the satellite of the proposed companion you need, we keep all the actions.
  • Do not forget that “LNB power” is turned on otherwise you can’t configure the channels.
  • Next, we find the section “LNB settings”.
  • Here we check whether there is LNB power.
  • Install “top.Gene.LNB “and” Lower.Gene.LNB “(Heterodin frequencies LNB).It will be necessary to clarify the operator of the satellite TV
  • Install “tone. 22 kHz “, depends on the type LNB. Check the quality of the signal.

If the signal is weak. Try to turn off the function “Tone. 22khz “. If nothing does not change, check the settings and connection of your satellite antenna and whether your satellite antenna is correctly put on the satellite you need, also make sure that the antenna is connected directly to the TV, how to configure the satellite antenna without special devices on the site

After you put up the satellite parameters, we proceed to the setting of television channels.

satellite, channels, samsung

Sound and image setting

The process of configuration of pictures and sound on the TV can be very easy. Open the configuration menu using the DU button on the remote control, select the “Image” line.

Using buttons on the control panel, change the various parameters: brightness, image sharpness, light and color adjustment. After debugging the “Save” button.

Sound section is below. By choosing for this item, you will see the parameters available for manual debugging. This is usually a volume, some models have an equalizer for various types of programs. Change them to optimal and save the settings.

Jeff Collins (written articles: 142)

We figured out how to configure the Knicolor module on TV samsung. Now we will give a number of warnings, the implementation of which will avoid errors in setting up equipment:

  • The module integration procedure takes place in accordance with a certain iron. This means that you will need to familiarize yourself with the operating instructions for the TV model;
  • CI setting ends with the upgrade of the activation keys. A request for an upgrade is made on the Samsung resource in a previously created account.
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Return to the default configuration, if something went wrong during the setting process and it was not possible to save the list of channels!

Methods of setting channels

You can configure television channels in automatic mode and in manual, as well as without the help of the remote control.

Auto mode

To carry out auto.Building television channels, you need:

  • Set the signal source: antenna, cable or satellite;
  • Determine the type of channel: digital or analog;
  • Choose a full search mode;

The search for television channels will continue for several minutes, after which they will be automatically saved.

Manual mode

The procedure for setting up television channels through the antenna in manual mode has the following view.

  • Turn on the television panel, start the “menu” and open the “Broadcast” tab.
  • Select “manual setting”, then. “Setting digital channels”.
  • Click “Create”, indicate the frequency, modulation and transfer of transmission. The necessary values ​​for each region are your own, you can find them online.
  • Click on the “Search” button.
  • Within a few minutes, scanning will be performed, after which the image will appear. You need to click on the “Save” button.
  • A window with a frequency, speed and modulation will appear again. You need to add 8000 to the frequency, the last two parameters should not be changed. Run the search again.
  • Actions can be continued until all television channels are detected.
satellite, channels, samsung

Without a remote control

In the absence of a remote control, to search for channels, the user can apply buttons on the TV body, all operations will be performed in a similar way, as using the PD. If you set up in this way, it will be necessary to purchase a universal or original remote control of distance management.

On a note! In addition to the remote control, televisions with a Smart TV function can be controlled using a keyboard and mouse, both wired and Bluetooth. To connect, you just need to insert a cable into the USB port of television. Detailed instructions for managing the keyboard and mouse can be found in the user guide.

Removing and editing channels

Removing and editing channels is carried out in the television panel menu in the Broadcasting tab. To do this, go to the “Change” section. To remove part of the channels, it is necessary to note them in the list and click “Delete”. To change the number, select the TV channel and specify a new value.

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Blocking gears

To block part of the television channels (for example, from children), you need to open the TV receiver menu, go to the “Broadcasting” section and select “Blocking” item. Enable the function, select “change”, mark those channels that need to be blocked, and indicate the password to confirm the action. By default it is “0000”, but these numbers can be changed.

How to switch Samsung TV to DVD?

Take the TRS-RCA-RCA translator (its 3.5 mm connector) or RCA-RCA (tulips), no matter what you choose, both options are suitable, then find the corresponding nests on your TV and on the musical device and using these wires Combine them.

Edit Samsung TV Channels the Easy Way

What you need to get free channels?

Since setting up 20 free channels is the most trivial and common task, we will begin the description with it. To do this is actually very simple. Connection is carried out using a regular television antenna.

Настройка бесплатных спутниковых каналов на телевизоре Samsung 2021

In the case of a conventional television antenna and its connection of difficulties usually does not occur. But the setting of Internet broadcasting will take some time. It will require it to set it up:

  • TV with Smart TV function;
  • Connection to speed Internet;
  • A special application that is installed on the TV;
  • Playlist with channels (in some cases).

In general, the setting of both digital and Internet broadcasting on modern TVs is similar. The instructions given below are suitable for most models of LG, Samsung and T TVs. D.

How to watch local channels

When switching to digital TV, all local television channels continued to broadcast in analog format, the exclusion of the news of the GTRK. Therefore, if you want to watch local programs on your Samsung TV, you need to configure analog channels.

Therefore, when installing the channels, choose a digital and analog. After the scan passes, you can watch both the number and an analogue. In order to move from one format to another, you just need to duplicate the channel number by pressing the same button.

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