How To Set Up Ipad 3

Ways to resuscitate iPad

Apple gadgets have recovery tools that allow you to reanimate your tablet even if it doesn’t start at all.

What is iPad Recovery

This is a special mode for flashing the tablet. It does not touch the basic system data, but it checks the files for integrity and restores them. The mode resets the settings of the operating system (abbreviated OS), updates it and makes the necessary changes.

What to do

If the iPad freezes, programs crash or it stops turning on, often the reason is precisely in software failures. This could have happened after updating iOS or getting rooted. In this case, the easiest way to restore the tablet.

Using cloud storage

The easiest way. Suitable if the iPad turns on, but is buggy after an unsuccessful update or an attempt to obtain superuser rights.

You can restore a device by rolling back its system via iCloud from a backup. But it is worth considering that this is possible if such a function is enabled on the tablet.

How to do it:

  • Go to Basic, where you need to find Reset.
  • Erase all data and parameters by clicking on the corresponding button. If you need a password, enter.
  • Press Erase to confirm.
  • Activation will start, and then you will be prompted to restore the iPad by setting up the device from backup or through iTunes. Need a second way.

When the system rolls back, you will need to activate your Apple ID account, set up location and desktop OS applications.

How to restore iPad: 3 best ways

If Apple’s tablet slows down and often restarts for no reason, you can try to fix the situation by restoring. The methods described in the article are suitable for iPads mini 4 and 5, Air, Pro and older versions of the device.

Ipad Recovery via iTunes

Ipad won’t start? Icloud won’t help here. The cloud will not be useful if the user did not enable backup. In this case, aytyuns will come to the rescue. It can be used to restore the device. You just need to take into account that if there is no backup, then the data from the tablet will be completely erased.

How to restore iPad without iTunes

Besides setting up your gadget using a cloud backup, there is another good way to do it without the DFU aytyuns mode. This method will help even if the tablet won’t start. For these purposes, you will need a special utility. It is available on the official website for free.

Important! Exit iTunes so that the application does not interfere with the software.

How to restore a device:

1.Download dr.Fone and run.

2.On the main screen, find Repair and click on this item.

3. Click on Start, the utility will start searching for the gadget.

4. If she does not recognize it, you need to click Device is connected but not recognized.

5. The software will offer to activate DFU.

6. Press the power key and the Home button for 10 seconds, and then continue to hold only Home until the program sees the iPad.

7. Click Next, then Download. The software will start loading the firmware suitable for the user’s tablet. You will need it for recovery.

When the download is complete, click on Fix Now. Make sure Retain native data is checked. This is necessary so that the data is not deleted in the process.

These methods will help you fix the problem. But if they did not work, perhaps the problem is much deeper, and you cannot do without a service center.

“IPad” slows down: how to clean the device to return it to its previous speed?

Lightning computer connector and iTunes can quickly and efficiently clean your gadget.

Before you clean the iPad, you must fulfill the following requirements:

Install iTunes on a computer or MacBook.

  • Buy Lightning Cable.

    So how do you clean the iPad from debris? Let’s analyze it step by step:

    Use the Lightning cable to connect your device to your computer. Log in to iTunes installed on PC.

  • You need to come up with a password for the files that were copied. To do this, select the option “Encrypt local copy”.
  • After the password is set, iTunes will automatically create a backup. If the copy creation process does not start automatically, you can simply click on the option “Create a copy now”. It will take some time.
  • You may need to turn off the “To find “Aipad”. It is very simple to do this: you need to go to the settings, then disable the option in iCloud “Find an ipad”. To do this, you will need to enter a password from “The clouds”. Then you need to click on “Done” in the iTunes window and again click on “Create a copy now”.
  • You will be prompted to select the backup you just created. You need to click on “Restore”, and then enter the password to access the backup.
  • Itunes will immediately start the restore process. After the operation is completed, all files and information will be in the same form as before recovery, and there will be more memory.

    Before you clean the iPad tablet in this way, it is recommended to check the amount of temporary files, because it depends on how much disk space will be released after the update. The procedure should be carried out approximately once every six months, since during this time garbage will reappear on the device, which will adversely affect the operation of the “Aypad”.

    The best programs for cleaning iPad memory

    Some of the programs are paid, but with their help you can not only speed up the gadget, but also protect it from viruses.

    Phoneclean. Available for free download. After the program is installed on your computer, you should connect your tablet to it. Run the cleaning application and click on “Start Scan”. You can delete both temporary files and saved passwords. The information will be processed in a few minutes. When the scan is complete, you need to click on “Clear”. And all unnecessary files will be deleted. At the same time, important data does not disappear anywhere.

  • Battery Doctor. The program will not only remove unnecessary content on the tablet, but also save the battery from fast discharge. The software is lightweight and easy to use: in a tab “Memory” click on “Clear cache”. A scan will begin and identify temporary files to be deleted. After removing the garbage, the program will show how much free space has appeared on the “iPad“.
  • Imyfone Umate. The program safely deletes from the tablet system the information with which you decided to part. You can delete both temporary files and thoroughly clean the “iPad” in case the device is resold to another person, and you are afraid that yours will be used for dubious purposes.

    Removing unnecessary garbage

    We often download applications and, having installed, forget about them. If you do not use this or that program, it is worth removing it from the device.

    And is best stored in “cloud”. The quality of shooting is improving every day, multimedia files are becoming more bulky, which does not affect the speed of the iPad in the best way. Apple’s iCloud service is very convenient to use: it can be configured to automatically save files.

    A software called PhoneClean cleans the tablet well from unnecessary files and debris. The program is paid, but it can be hacked using a key generator.

    Icleaner Pro. One of the most effective applications for clearing iPad memory, but it has one big drawback. Installation is possible only with Jailbreak. The advantage of the program is that it can be used to manage the entire file system. The utility carefully removes unnecessary elements from the bowels of the tablet and increases memory by an average of 30%.

    Safari browser cleaning

    The browser saves all passwords and page data, which negatively affects the speed of the “iPad“. How to clean a device in seconds by deleting browser cache? You just need to reset all the data that has been saved in the main settings.

    How to get rid of useless apps

    How to clean “iPad” is easy, just by removing programs that are not used or have lost their relevance:

    Select it by long pressing the application icon. After that, click on the cross to delete. It is worth considering the fact that Apple’s built-in applications cannot be removed.

  • You can go to the basic settings, then to “Cloud”. The option will appear “To manage”. You will see all programs that can be removed.
  • Finally, you need to restart the device.

    How to clean “iPad”: all the secrets

    Users “apple” gadgets note that recently purchased “iPad” or “iPhone” work incredibly fast, but over time, the device begins to “freeze”. A few years ago, 32 gigabytes of memory was enough to watch and play games. But now apps are taking up a lot more space. Correspondence in messengers, millions. All this consumes memory at an incredible rate. And one fine day, each user is faced with the question of how to clear the memory of “Aypad” so that the device works as quickly as after purchase? This will be discussed in this article.

    How to set the time on Apple Watch?

    You should enter the World Clock program on the handheld device. Then select the required cities from the list. If the user wants to set the exact time in his locality, in the Settings it is required to put the Automatic time item and select the region. Here you can change the time on your Apple Watch while traveling and select the country you are in.

    How to set up your Apple Watch correctly?

    Buying an Apple Watch allows you to try a new platform on yourself, but before that you need to set it up, and also correctly check the gadget before buying.

    13 key points: how to properly configure Apple iWatch manually

  • How to change the language on Apple Watch?
  • How to set the time on Apple Watch?
  • Silent alarm on Apple Watch
  • Charge Apple Watch Before Set Up
  • Several useful features for Apple Watch settings
  • General conclusions

    13 key points: how to properly configure Apple iWatch manually

    Setting up your iWatch smartwatch correctly includes the following steps:

  • Charging for full debugging, the device battery must be fully charged.
  • Connecting Apple Watch to iPhone, you need to select a language, and then launch the Apple Watch application on the iPhone. On iPhone, you need to find Bluetooth in Settings, then turn it on. The phone must be connected to a Wi-Fi network. Next, you should turn on the watch and bring it to the phone. You need to wait until the devices find each other. Further, following the prompts, a pair is created.
    • The choice of the working hand on which the watch will be worn, that is, the hand on which the iWatch will be attached.
    • Choosing security settings and applications at this stage, you need to choose whether the watch will be available all the time or only simultaneously with the activity of the smartphone. This can be done in the Settings menu under Security. Next, you will be prompted to install applications in one package or install them one by one.
    • Customizing your watch face should now get started with Force Touch. To do this, you need to drive on the dial until you choose the one you like. You can customize the theme on your iPhone under My Watch Watch faces.

    How to set up an Apple smartwatch?

    • Explore your device The device has a large number of settings that are available on both the watch and phone. The SOS and Activity apps have prompts with which you can set the necessary conditions.
    • Setting up Apple Pay is activated by double-clicking the main button. If the phone-clock pair breaks, then the information on the devices is blocked.
    • Regulating Device Performance Trackers Apple has developed several health monitoring systems, but the Activity App is used here. In order to get acquainted with all the monitoring possibilities, you need to enter the Health and Training apps.

    : Activity App

    • You can adjust the notifications to suit your needs so that all apps that target the iPhone do so through the Apple Watch. Each item from the application has its own settings that can be adjusted. Debugging can be done on the watch.
    • Music Configuration The ability to listen to music is one of those functions that the watch can perform on its own. However, to do this, you need to sync playlists in iTunes or in the application on the iPhone.
    • The Glances setting (which is a small information screen) is necessary so that unnecessary and unnecessary information does not appear on the screen. The setting can be done on your phone in the My Watch program in the Maps section. Here you can not only set up geolocation, but also set a route, choose places to stay or find cultural centers. The manufacturer recommends using the Siri assistant for configuration. You just need to give the application a voice command.
    • Organize Your Work Every element on the Apple Watch screen is organized in honeycombs. Main and Clock are located in the center.
    • Setting up contacts (which should be synchronized with contacts on a smartphone) with this item should not arise. For those who need to learn more about setting up the smart watch screen, we recommend that you study the step-by-step guide on setting up the iWatch screen.

    Silent alarm on Apple Watch

    To set an alarm and select its mode, you should go to the Alarm clock application on the watch. Here you can set an alarm at any time, set the operating parameters (12 hour or 24 hour mode). Also here you can select the notification system. For example, set iWatch to vibrate.

    Charge Apple Watch Before Set Up

    Like any new device, before setting it up, you need to put it on charge and leave it alone for several hours in order to pump the battery, and it held longer.

    When your gadget has a full battery, you can start adjusting the display. This requires:

    Connect smart watch to iPhone.

    • First of all, the gadget will ask you to select a language.
    • Then it is recommended to wait a minute so that it reconfigures in all programs.
    • Then go to the Apple Watch app from your phone. As a rule, this program is installed automatically when you update.
    • To start setting up the iWatch touchscreen (touchscreen), you need to select one of two options for pairing these two devices:
  • Scan the QR code;
  • Manually enter password.
  • How to change the language on Apple Watch?

    In order to change the language on the smart watch, you need to go to the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. Next, you need to go to the My watch section and select the Basic item. Here you should go to the Language and Region menu. In this section, the user can put the language that is needed (if it is in the list of languages).

    How to install Skype on iPad instruction

    If you don’t know how to install Skype on iPad, then our step-by-step instructions will help you install this program on your tablet. The Skype application is used for both entertainment and work, with the help of this program you can not only correspond, but also make calls.

    For the first time, Skype began to be used using desktop computers with a connected webcam. Today the front camera is available on iPads and iPhones, so there is no need to buy additional accessories to use Skype.

    Before installing Skype on iPad, you need to know that the application requires access to the Internet and a registered Apple ID. If the device is not yet connected to the network, then read Two ways to connect iPad to the Internet. You can download the Skype app only for free, so if you are asked to send an SMS it is a scam.

    If the iPad is already connected to the network, let’s start the installation:

    1. Launch the App Store application, which is located on the Apple iPad screen, go to the Selection section and select Search in the upper right corner

    2. In the search bar, enter the name Skype, select Skype iPad from the options below, or press the Search button on the virtual qwerty keyboard.

    3. After the search results appear, you will see two sections for iPad Apps and iPhone Apps. Since we install on iPad, select Skype iPad and click Free Install.

    How To Set Up Ipad 3

    Here you can also enter the description of the Skype program itself, familiarize yourself with the requirements, capabilities of the top version and install Skype here by clicking the same buttons Free and Install.

    4. If the App Store asks for a password from the account, then enter it and click OK

    After completing these simple steps, on the iPad’s home screen, among the icons, the loading Skype application will appear. Wait for the download to finish and Skype will be installed. After the installation is complete, you can use Skype, but if you do not have a Skype account yet, you need to register it.

    At the time of this writing, the installation of the Skype app from an iPad or iPhone required iOS version 4.3 or higher. If you don’t know your firmware version, read How to find out your iOS version

    Today we installed Skype directly from the iPad, but there is another way to install any application from the App Store using the iTunes program installed on your computer, if you are not yet familiar with this method, read about installing applications on the iPhone, iPad and try.

    4. Setting the digital frame

    Ipad has a digital frame mode that can be launched from screen lock mode.

    You can turn on iPad in digital frame mode when the iPad screen is locked. Press the iPad shutdown button once sharply, when the screen goes out, press the same button again. At the bottom right there will be a flower icon, this is the digital frame mode on the iPad. The mode is available even without entering a password for iPad.

    If you do not have a flower, then the digital frame mode is turned off and must be turned on in the settings “The main”. “Password protection”. On the “The main” settings we will stop in the second part.

    How to set up iPad

    3. Adjust brightness and wallpaper

    Well, here everything is more or less clear we adjust the screen brightness as you like. Perhaps someone likes a less bright screen. Although I’m usually fine with everything.

    Wallpaper is a picture on the iPad desktop that we can naturally change. It is worth noting that we can change such a picture from many programs that work with images: in particular, from the standard photo viewer. Over, when changing the wallpaper, we have three options for where to apply the selected picture:

    A) the lock screen is a picture that you will see after you turn on the iPad.

    B) screen “Home” the main desktop, which will be the background for your iPad while you scroll through the icons and select the program to launch.

    C) both screens are set to the same wallpaper in both cases “and” and “b”

    2. Setting up notifications

    You will get a notification point as you install any program on the iPad that supports them. When you open a similar program for the first time, for example im the program will ask you “Whether to receive sounds, reminders, stickers?”. I didn’t immediately understand what this means, but now I can explain. The thing is that in iOS, apple uses Push notifications in Russian, which means that the program can even check something when closed and notify you about new events, incoming mail, icq messages, etc.

    Stickers are the display of something (usually numbers) on the program icon. A striking example of standard mail on iPad, when receiving letters in the background, it displays a red number in the corner of the icon, which means the number of unread letters.

    Reminders are if events have occurred in the program, then on the iPad screen you will see a message about this.

    Sounds are if in the program, when you change something, for example, a new message, you hear a characteristic sound notifying you about this.

    Notification settings allow you to turn them on or off for any of the programs that support it.

    Setting up iPad

    It just so happened that the iPad has become a very popular product: either Steve Jobs is a genius, or something else, but everyone and everyone began to buy it. And many people, buying an iPad, have no idea about it at all. It is for such newbies that I would like to make an overview of the iPad settings, showing the possibilities that the iPad buyer has immediately.

    It’s about the default iPad settings. I divided the topic into two parts, since there are a lot of settings. Since so far I have only one iPad without 3G, we will omit the 3G setting for now.

    1. Wi-Fi setup

    The first point is setting up a Wi-Fi network. I have already written about this in detail, so I will not dwell on the fact that I have never had any special problems with Wi-Fi on the iPad. From personal experience: iPad’s Wi-Fi signal picks up a little worse than a laptop. If my laptop saw 10 networks, the iPad detected 5-6 strongest signals from the same point. Plus, the iPad remembers all the networks in which it worked and the passwords in them and, if possible, connects to Wi-Fi.

    The Wi-Fi setup is offered by the manufacturer in the best possible way, you will probably be able to connect to any Wi-Fi network, even if you have to drive in a static IP address for this. For the implementation of this option, a solid five.

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