How To Set Up iPad 2019

In recent years, the “apple company” has become much more in demand than most monopolist organizations that have conquered sales markets in several decades. The development of Apple has led to the emergence of new technologies that successfully occupy their place in the everyday life of people who want to keep up with the times. One of the latest innovations of Apple products is iCloud Drive.

  1. Benefits of iCloud Drive
  2. How to connect to iCloud Drive?
  3. How to access iCloud Drive via iPhone and iPad?
  4. How to use iCloud Drive?

Benefits of iCloud Drive

ICloud Drive cloud storage replaces the old counterpart. With the help of innovations, you can store all the data from the Mac desktop and use it from any device on the iOS 8.0 platform. Among the advantages over DropBox and Google Drive are:

How To Set Up iPad 2019
  • Low for free storage space. The current price in America is 3 per 200 GB of working memory. In the Russian Federation, the price is slightly less. 150 rubles per month.
  • Photos taken on mobile devices, in any case, fall into a special iPhoto folder, where they can be stored for up to 30 days.
  • Now you can synchronize all the music purchased through the iTunes Store service, which will appeal to any music lover.
  • Backup will only occur if Wi-Fi networks and battery charging wire are connected. This will help protect your smartphone from unnecessary waste of traffic and battery performance.
  • If you delete games, the game process will be saved in the service’s memory. You can continue the game from any device where synchronization is connected.
  • Sync speed also stands out. She bypassed her competitors by a couple of steps, which do not allow high-speed loading of information.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that the cloud does not support files whose weight is more than 15 GB.

How to connect to iCloud Drive?

  • Activation occurs as the user’s working devices are updated. At the moment, it is possible to update the “apple” gadgets to version iOS 8.1. Mac personal computers must have OS X Yosemite.
  • A prerequisite is the binding of devices to Apple ID accounts.
  • If synchronization with a personal computer on the Windows operating system is required, the product should have a version no lower than 7, and even more preferably 10.
  • ICloud software, which is provided on the official website of the Apple Company, is additionally downloaded to the desktop.
  • In addition, the launch of the service is possible through any gadget where there is an active entrance to the Internet.

How to access iCloud Drive via iPhone and iPad?

  • To connect to the service, you must enter your Apple ID account information in the gadget settings.
  • In standard settings, there is an iCloud icon.

Photo: iCloud Drive

  • Next, under the Storage icon, you can see the iCloud Drive window. You need to activate this switch.
  • When entering, you can see the user agreement, which gives the right to process data by Apple.

After activation, all the free functionality of the service will be available. At the moment, the organization provides the right to free use of 5 GB of cloud space. Expanding memory requires a monthly subscription.

To enable synchronization on all devices, you must enter the same information again in the device settings.

In the application menu, lists of programs from which all information and data will be copied will be visible. Here you can disable applications whose documents and files do not require resynchronization.

Files that are not tied to a specific utility will be located in the Other Documents folder.

How to use iCloud Drive?

Over time, there are more and more programs that support synchronization with cloud storage. To check the ability to save photos, music and other documents, you must actively update applications.

To actively use and have all the rights to use the cloud, you need to install additional applications on your smartphone. Among official utilities, the most popular are:

  1. Cloud Drive Explorer is a manager for viewing data synchronized with the service.
  2. Documents. An application with a more complete range of services. Allows you to remotely manage and modify data. It is possible to connect to the Google Drive cloud.

In the end, it is necessary to add that the range of services supplied by Apple is expanding every year. This leads to an incomparably fast development of the company’s products, which will soon help to fully adapt any field of activity for convenient and high-quality use. The iCloud Drive cloud sync service is the best example of using files available on all devices.