How To Set Up Icloud Mail On iPad

ICloud Mail appeared along with the presentation of this service in 2011. Since then, many owners of iOS devices and Mac computers have begun to use iCloud mail as the main one. In today’s instructions, we will tell you how to set up an iCloud post on Android of any version, in the same way you can set up mail on any other device or in any third-party mail client.

How To Set Up Icloud Mail On iPad

Configure iCloud Authentication

If your iCloud account has two-step verification of Apple ID, then before setting up mail on your Android device, generate password for a specific email application. If you have not configured such a security system for your Apple ID, then you can proceed immediately to the next paragraph of the instruction.

  • Go to your Apple ID management site. Select item Office Apple ID and enter your iCloud account login details.
  • Open tab password and safety.
  • Find and follow the link Create application password
  • Enter the name of the application, in this case. Email.
  • After that, the system will provide iCloud email password, Now you need to enter it in the application on your Android device.

Set up iCloud account in Email app on Android

To get started, find the application on your Android device Email, which is part of the standard applications of any version of Android.

Open this application and go to the settings in which you can add a new e-mail account, if not one email account is configured in the application, after launch the menu for adding a new mail service will immediately open:

Enter the details of your iCloud account, if necessary, use the password generated according to the instructions above.

After confirming the registration data, you can configure the interval for updating iCloud mail.

When viewing e-mail messages in the standard Android application, you can select each mailbox individually or use the combined mode.

Set up iCloud account in apps manually

If, for some reason, you cannot automatically configure iCloud mail on Android, or if your email client does not have standard settings for iCloud, you can manually configure the Apple mail service using IMAP and SMTP protocols.