How To Set Up Huawei Play Market

“How to upgrade Honor and Huawei to Android 10?”. A common question among users of these gadgets. Manufacturers do not focus on software, so they release updates after the presentation of a new model and often with delays. We talk about which smartphones support the upgrade and how to install Android 10.

Which Honor and Huawei smartphones will upgrade to Android 10?

The developers of the OnePlus and Google phones have announced that in 2020 their gadgets will upgrade to Android 10. This will improve the process of saving charging, increase the speed of the device, and provide an opportunity to use a dark theme everywhere. And also manage the device using gestures. A special mode has been developed for the maximum convenience of using applications. focusing. You can add programs to the black list, notifications from which are not at all interesting. Significantly improved privacy. Since using Wi-Fi you can determine the location of the user, then before you find out information about the network to another person, you must obtain the consent of the user. Interestingly, the new version of Android works as a desktop computer. Can access the entire hard drive. In addition, the settings for personal information are located in one place. under the heading “Confidentiality”. Such an update is planned for only 10% of devices from different companies. This is associated with certain difficulties. almost every series requires a unique firmware.

How To Set Up Huawei Play Market


The list of Honor smartphones that will receive Android 10 is:

The list may change periodically. Stay tuned for new information on the official website. Please note that the list shows the gadgets for which Chinese firmware is being developed. But after, as a rule, a global release arrives gradually for each series. Developers began closed testing on selected volunteers. And for some devices beta testing has already been offered.


The list of Huawei smartphones that will receive Android 10 consists of:

  • Mate. 30, 20 and Pro versions of Lite, 20 X 5G, 20 Porsche RS, X, 10Pro, Porsche Design 10 RS.
  • P. P30 Pro Lite, P20Pro, P Smart (2019) Z.
  • Nova. 5i, Pro, 4 e.

After opening the application, the transition: “Quick Service” / “Update” is performed. For a minute, the system searches for relevant options, and then requires confirmation by pressing the blue “Download and Install” button.

Update Honor and Huawei to Android 10

Before starting the process, you need to check the current version of EMUI. To do this, the user needs to perform a simple algorithm of actions:

  • open “Settings”;
  • Scroll the displayed page down;
  • select “System” / “About phone”;
  • Complete the “EMUI Version” / “Android” transition.

The same item displays information about the appearance of the shell.

Upgrade is possible in two ways. on this below.

Air update

A new version of this method appeared last year. If the phone is connected to Wi-Fi, then downloading will start automatically. Therefore, this option is often called “air”. You can determine the installation method. upgrade immediately or use the automatic download and installation at night. In the first version, the upgrade will begin at the same moment. In the second. at a time when the fast and correct operation of the gadget is not mandatory for the user.

If you have any questions or have complaints. let us know

To adjust the user function:

  1. Opens “Settings”.
  2. goes to “System” / Software Update. “

Upon display starts installation.

Manual update (download firmware file)

Since 2020, updating Huawei and Honor smartphones is impossible. The developers uninstalled the application to protect the devices. Many owners note that after independent attempts, the operation of the device has deteriorated significantly. That is, until the company officially provides such an opportunity, it will not work to install EMUI 9.1.

Android 10 issues on Huawei and Honor smartphones

Huawei directly says that after installing Android 10, the definition of banking applications or instant messengers will function incorrectly, or not at all. And all this is due to the fact that it did not work out to deal with optimization. Developers are not responsible for the consequences of updates. And they suggest users to independently bear responsibility for the test results.

Updated Android is not so much an improvement in the work of the gadget as an experiment. It will help to evaluate the results of technological development, but does not make discoveries for the user with ordinary needs.