How To Set Up Google Pay On Huawei

How to properly configure the new smartphone Huawei and Honor after purchase

Setting up a new phone is easy enough for experienced users. But, if you recently started using modern smartphones, then you should familiarize yourself with the basic functionality and make certain manipulations with the parameters. Below we will examine each step in detail. First, we note that the settings are selected for each user specifically, that is, you independently determine which cloud storage services to use, which icons to add to the desktop, which background image to set on the lock screen, etc.

1.Binding your phone to a Google account

The first step is to activate your Google account. This is the beginning of work with the new smartphone. Instruction:

  1. Launch the Google application, whose icon is located on the main screen.
  2. Enter your username and click “Next”.
  3. Then enter the password and wait for the download.
  4. The service will offer to enable data synchronization. Activate the function and grant all permissions. This will allow you to not lose user information. All photos and files stored in the device’s memory will be automatically uploaded to the cloud storage. Log in from any other phone or computer to access all the data.

In addition, we note that the entire line of tablets and Honor phones have built-in Google services. In other words, if you do not log in, you will not be able to use Google Play. But, as an alternative, you can use the Mobile Cloud and App Gallery from Huawei.
Google services include:

  • Mailbox.
  • Photo.
  • Cards.
  • Youtube.
  • Films, books.
  • Music.
  • Weather.

Thus, having logged in, you get access to all Google services at once.

2. System and application updates

The second step in setting up your new Honor smartphone is to check for updates. Any device is sold immediately with installed programs. So, if the purchased model was released several months ago, then pre-installed applications will in any case need updates.
If this is not done, then the program may cease to function, or its operation will be accompanied by errors. To download updates, you need to log in to the Google system and connect to the Internet. When connected to Wi-Fi, patches will be installed automatically. To check for updates, go to the Play Market, pull out the menu on the left side using a swipe, and in the “My Applications” section check the new patches.

3. Turn on the “Search for device”

The third step is to activate a special option. Search for a device. This feature should be enabled immediately on the first day after buying a smartphone. It will become indispensable for the loss or theft of the phone, and you can not worry about the security of personal data. With it, you can find a lost mobile phone and block all content. But for the function to work and provide the desired results, the phone must be:

How To Set Up Google Pay On Huawei
  1. Included.
  2. With an authorized account in Google.
  3. Connected to the internet.
  4. With active geolocation.
  5. With the search option enabled.

To enable the option, go to the settings and go to the “Find a device” section in the “Security” tab. Drag the slider to the On position.

4. Adjust the screen lock

Each smartphone has a screen lock, it is necessary not only for accidental taps, but also to protect the phone in case of theft. A stranger will not be able to access the data on the phone if a password is set on the locked display. In Honor, you can set one of four types of protection to lock the screen:

  1. A four-digit pin. The main thing is do not set the pin code too light. Often users put four identical numbers, explaining this by the fact that with this code, you can quickly unlock the display. For example, you can set 9873 or any other combination, but do not put in the password the date of your own birth or a significant event in life. In general, this protection option is not considered the most reliable and it is better to pay attention to the following solutions.
  2. Graphic drawing. Draw a complex drawing by connecting the dots on the screen with lines.
  3. Fingerprint. This method is considered more reliable. You can add multiple prints at once and unlock the display with more than one finger. The convenience of the technology lies in the fact that it allows you to release the lock with one touch.
  4. Face ID is a new technology added to the latest Honor models. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the phone scans the user’s face through the front camera, compares it with the existing picture and, if it matches, unlocks it.

5. Activate Smart Lock

Smart Lock is a smart phone lock. The program analyzes user behavior. It keeps special statistics on locations and tracks contacts with other devices. In other words, the system is trying to understand the security level of the current location of the gadget. It repels from this information and determines the display lock.
Suppose, while in a house, the screen lock will be turned off, and when you try to unlock it on the street, you will have to enter a PIN code, fingerprint, face scan or pattern (depending on the type of protection installed). To activate Smart Lock, do the following:

  • Go to options.
  • Go to the “Lock Screen and Security” tab.
  • Click on Smart Lock and activate all the functions in the list.

6. Set a schedule for Do Not Disturb

The user has a choice of three operating modes:
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  1. Sound.
  2. Vibro.
  3. Do not disturb.

The third option lends itself to fine-tuning. It is necessary in certain situations, for example, at an important meeting or at night, when calls or sounds from alerts can interfere. The parameters have a special section. Do Not Disturb, where you can set a schedule by selecting the days of the week and the time when the mode will be activated automatically.

7. Turn on the Ok Google command in the Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant with voice control. With it, you can use many functions on your phone, for example, make calls, send messages, open certain programs, search the Internet, etc. To start the assistant, just go to the desktop and hold down the “Home” button. But, first you need to enable it in the parameters:

  • Find the “Google” tab in the settings.
  • Then go to the “Services” section.
  • In the list, select an assistant.
  • On the next page, all options related to the voice assistant will open. Set your language, set up voice control, etc.

8. Enable photo backups in Google Photos

The next step is security and backup or backup. Google Photos service allows you not to lose photos and screenshots stored on your phone. Any new image in the Gallery of the smartphone will be automatically uploaded to the cloud storage. So you can save space in the internal memory of the smartphone and not be afraid to lose photos during a system crash or loss of a mobile phone. You can access all the images in the service on any device, just log in to your profile.
In the settings, enable automatic photo upload, which will be launched every time you connect to Wi-Fi. To do this, go to the Google Photo program, open the settings and in the “Startup” tab, enable the synchronization option and select the account to be downloaded.

9. Install the necessary applications

The next step is to install the programs. To download, use the standard market installed in the system. Play Market. The first page contains popular and recommended categories, rating applications, etc. You can also use the filter or the search bar, where you enter the name of the desired software.

10. Select default applications

  1. To do this, go to the settings in the “Applications” tab and click on the gear below.
  2. In the window that opens, again go to the settings section.
  3. For each action, select the programs that will be used by default.
  4. So you can choose a program to run music and, specify a browser, etc.

11. Set up mobile data savings

The next step is to enable mobile data savings. In the settings, you need to activate a special option that allows you to download and update programs only when connected to Wi-Fi. There is a section “Traffic saving” in the parameters, just drag the slider. And below you can choose applications for which this option will not work.
Thus, you can save a package of gigabytes from the connected tariff.

12. Customize your home screen

The home screen is a desktop page that opens after unlocking the screen. There are shortcuts to installed applications or a widget, for example, a calendar and notes, messages and email, a camera and gallery, calls and contacts, etc. To configure, hold your finger on an empty area and wait until the hidden menu appears.
In the section that opens, you can change the wallpaper, add widgets, choose navigation.

13. Disable ads and unnecessary notifications

In the “Notifications and Status Bar” section, you can turn off notifications for certain programs installed in the system.