How to set up digital TV on your TV

How to set up digital channels on your TV?

Analogue television, which had no alternative for many years, is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Today we are in the era of digital TV, which is considered to be the most modern technology for transmitting and receiving video signals. Digital TV provides an image reproduction of impeccable quality. Among the main advantages of “digital” is also worth noting:

  • High quality of sound and video. Digital TV is not affected by any interference.
  • Ergonomic. A digital TV signal is delivered to users without any special equipment and extra cables.
  • A great variety of channels of different topics.
  • Easy connection. To connect and configure the “numbers” it is not necessary to ask for help from specialists.

The advantage of this technology is also the access to the Internet and many other useful services.

digital tv setup

Antenna for receiving 20 digital channels.

In order to catch a digital signal needs an antenna, it can be either indoor or outdoor with an amplifier. It all depends on several factors. The antenna should be in the DTM band, since the multiplexes are located in this band.

  • How far away the TV tower is from you.
  • The building density and on what floor you live, also pay attention to where the windows face if the TV tower is directly visible, it is necessary to consider it in the city.
  • If you live in the city in an apartment building, ask your building manager about the collective antenna, if it is present, connect to it.
  • Also depends on the level of power of the transmitter and the location of industrial objects that create interference.
  • Most importantly, the closer you are to the TV tower, the better is the reception.
  • Then the signal will be caught on a simple copper cable.
  • For example, in some cases, to catch the digital channels in the countryside will be easier than in the city.

Samsung TV tuning

It won’t take long to configure Samsung to receive cable TV.

  • Enter the TV settings by pressing the Home button or MENU.
  • Go to Broadcast or Channel submenu.
  • In the Antenna section put Cable.
  • Press Autotune.
  • Next you need to select the type of channels Digital and Analog
  • Set the search mode to Full. If you know the parameters of your network you can select Network or Quick Mode, but for these two modes you need to drive the data of your network in the cable search parameters.
  • Click on Search and wait for the process to complete.

How to set up TVs by manufacturer

Since the interfaces are different devices, each TV is configured according to a separate manual. Algorithms of actions for popular brands are presented below.

Important! Even televisions of the same brand can differ in interior, so it’s best to open the instruction manual of the device. If you didn’t keep the paper version, you can find the document on the Internet by model name.

The instructions will differ slightly for newer and older versions of TV. For older models you will need to buy a special device for receiving a digital signal, but the sequence of steps is almost the same.

  • Press the “Settings” button on the remote control or the button with the gear.
  • Select the option “Channels” in the settings menu (usually this item has an image in the form of a satellite dish).
  • In the new subsection click on “Auto Search”. The required channels can be found manually, but this will require more time.
  • In the next window click on “Cable TV” and uncheck the other items.
  • The device will ask you to select the operator you are searching for. Stop at the option “Other operators”, then press the “OK” button on the remote control.
  • A window will appear to configure the digital cable. Select the option “Full”/”Full”. as the search mode is designated.
  • Check the box next to “skip encrypted programs” (another name is “Skip encrypted channels”) and click on “OK. If you do not do this, the TV will search for a bunch of channels, not all of which will be available after the search is completed.
  • In the next window put a tick next to the option “Only digital” (or “Cable TV”).
  • Click on the “Execute” button, then on “Ok”. The device will start searching for channels, the process may take a couple of minutes.

After completion, you need to exit the settings and open the TV. The TV will find the channels in high quality and possibly a few radio stations.

New models from LG are equipped with auto update function, thanks to which the TV sets periodically resets previously found channels and starts to search again.

The function can be disabled at any time by opening the “Digital Cable Settings” section and unchecking the box next to auto update.


To connect the publicly available 20 free channels on Samsung brand devices with a built-in receiver, proceed as follows:

  • Activate the antenna.
  • Open the menu by pressing the “Home” button on the remote control.
  • Go to the “Channel” section (marked with an icon in the form of a satellite dish).
  • In the list of tabs on the side you need to find “Antenna”, then specify “Cable” as the connection.
  • Open the tab “Country”, after clicking on it, select the option “Other”.
  • The TV will ask for a pin code. Enter “0000”.
  • You will see a window where you need to specify “Cable” as a signal source in the autosetup menu.
  • Click on the line of Quick search mode, then look for an option with automatic selection of the network, then click on “Search”.
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Now your TV will find and display 20 standard channels by itself.

Samsung sells many different series of TVs, so the names of the buttons and the sequence of actions can vary greatly from model to model. The range consists of M, Q, K, J, LS, H. You need to open the manual of your model.

The order of connecting channels by the new standard on Sony devices is as follows:

  • After that we open the menu.
  • Click on “Settings”.
  • In the new window, click on “Digital Configuration” and then on “OK.
  • Choose the item “Digital tuning”.
  • Clicking on “Auto search for digital stations”.
  • Near the appeared line “Want to start automatic station search?”Click on “Okay.
  • Select “cable” as the connection option, then set the “quick scan”, then specify the search method. “Manual”.
  • Specify a suitable broadcast frequency.
  • Leave “Auto” as access code, then write “7000” in the “Symbol rate” line.
  • Press “Begin” and wait until search and selection of channels is completed.

To configure the Sony Bravia series models you need to proceed in a different order:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to “Settings”, then activate the “Autotune” mode.
  • Choose the appropriate type of signal, namely “Digital TV”.
  • Specify the signal source and start scanning.


The algorithm for setting up to find 20 digital broadcasting programs on Philips TV is not much different from the general instructions. First of all you still need to activate the antenna, then open the menu of the device.

  • Go to “Configuration” in the menu.
  • Select the “Installation” option.
  • Activate the “Channel setting” option in the submenu that appears.
  • Another submenu will open, where you will need to click on the “Automatic Installation” tab. Before entering the new subsection, you will be notified that the list of available channels will be updated.
  • Click on “Start”, then select the tab “Reset channels”.
  • Click on “Country” and choose Germany/Finland.
  • Your device will ask you for the suitable connection method. You need to select the “Cable” option.
  • There are some more changes to be made. Press the “Setting” button, then press the “Speed”, and indicate “314,00”.

At the end click on “Begin”, and then the TV will find and configure 20 channels.

Other brands

Toshiba TVs with built-in receiver can easily find digital channels. After activating the antenna, you need to open the device menu using the remote control, setting the Russian language, if this has not been done before.

Then in the settings you will need to click on “DTV Manual tuning”. Then you need to enter the necessary data in the free lines and click on “Ok”. Having completed with connection, the TV will find and adjust the display of all 20 public programs.

How to tune the STB for 20 channels

If your TV set has no manufacturer-installed digital receiver, you need to buy a special set-top box. Before setting the equipment, you need to take it out of the box and remove the foil, which will avoid overheating during the operation.

Next, the cable is installed in a special connector on the set-top box, which is necessary to connect the equipment to the TV. Setup the device via the menu. automatically or manually.

Before you can connect the set-top box to your TV, you must first connect the power supply and the main antenna. Depending on the model and year of TV, the receiver is installed using an HDMI connector or RCA cable.

Set-top box for watching free channels can also be connected to old Soviet TVs. You must use a special adapter such as RCA-SCART. If the equipment only has an antenna output, the user will have to install a so-called modulator.

What is a set-top box for 20 channels

A TV set-top box or tuner is a special rectangular or square-shaped mechanism needed to watch channels. Such a device connects to your TV with a cable.

This equipment is an intermediary, which converts the digital signal for further reception and decoding by the TV set. The device allows you to watch free channels without connecting subscriber charging.

When you can’t do without a set-top box

Of course, owners of frankly outdated receivers with a kinescope receiver can’t do without a set-top box. these devices simply don’t know what a digital signal is, and the external receiver is responsible for converting the digital signal into analog. Of course, with a significant loss of quality, both picture and sound.

But that doesn’t mean that if you have a flat panel TV it will automatically receive a digital signal. Many models of the first generations also did not have built-in tuners, although they were able to receive digital. They also needed a set-top box, and only analog TV could be shown without additional equipment, unless you count the terrestrial antenna.

Let’s figure out how to determine if a particular TV receiver can watch digital television without using a set-top box.

To do this, you simply need to study the technical specifications of your favorite TV. If you choose a TV online, then practically all e-shops have a detailed description of the characteristics of each model. If you buy it in a regular supermarket, just look in the user manual at the technical specifications page.

To receive digital terrestrial television without the need to use external equipment the TV set has to support the following standards:

  • DVB-C/DVB-C2. cable reception format, cable TV;
  • DVB-T2 is the over-the-air broadcasting standard supported in Europe. Not to be confused with DVB-T, the first generation standard, no one broadcasts in this format today;
  • DVB-S/DVB-S2. broadcasting standards with a satellite dish.
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WARNING. If you have an older model TV which does not support any of these standards, you can watch digital TV on it only with a receiver. To be fair, let us note that their cost today is quite low. the simplest devices cost about 10.

How to configure digital terrestrial television?

Before we start with the actual DTTV setup, let’s understand the preparations. You need first of all the antenna itself, which you must buy or install (if you have your own). You can also calculate the antenna so that you do not have any problems with the cable length. And, of course, a TV with digital channel support. Pay special attention to this because not all TVs can receive them.

If the answer to these two questions is yes, that is, you have both an antenna and a TV that can receive digital channels (it has a special built-in receiver), then you can move on. With regard to the receiver, carefully read the instructions for use Smart TV. This information is indicated in it in a mandatory manner.

Universal method

The method below is not a universal, but rather a general method. That is, the principle of the sequence of operations will be similar to the others, but there will be different some menu items or button names. So you can try your logical and analytical skills and draw an analogy with your device. If you doubt yourself or don’t want to complicate your life, just find the manual for your TV below (Samsung, LG and Philips are considered). Anyway, let’s move on:

  • Connect the antenna to the TV with a special connector.
  • Now pick up the TV remote control and press “Menu.”. This button is usually the largest, and it is located in an accessible and visible place.
  • Next, you need to find the options or settings, where we need them for automatic mode.
  • If necessary, you can specify the signal source (this is, of course, cable), and then select digital channels. With each positive selection, click OK or “Next”.
  • Specify that you want a full channel search. There may also be a box here for you to fill in the data. In this case, enter the following information (note that if the network channel search is on, you do not need to enter these data):
  • For the frequency apply a value of 314 MHz 6875 KS/s
  • And the modulation is 256
  • Press the long-awaited “Start” or “Start” button. Wait until the process is completed, then you can enjoy watching TV channels in higher quality because your TV will be able to receive DTTV.

Samsung TVs

  • As in the previous instruction, first connect the antenna to your Samsung TV.
  • Using the special button on the remote control enter into the device settings.
  • In the list that appears, we will need a tab with the broadcast (or another name, where the icon of the antenna is drawn), where there is an item “Antenna”, in it you must specify that the connection is made by cable.
  • Then open the “Country” menu item. Here we will select “Other”.
  • Now you should see a window requiring you to enter a special pin code. The default is 0000 if you haven’t changed anything yourself.
  • If the device again asks to specify the signal source, do not hesitate to choose the cable.
  • Then we set the following search settings: quick mode, automatic network selection. Do not forget to also fill in these data:
  • For the frequency, choose 314 MHz.
  • For the baud rate is 6875 KS/s.
  • Well, and the modulation is 256.
  • As they often write on the internet, “turn on the Hatiko mode”. and wait for the process to finish. If we succeed, we will be able to connect digital channels to the TV.

LG televisions

  • Now it is LG Smart TV turn. Just in case we have to repeat our first step. connecting the antenna to the TV.
  • Then we open the settings of the device with the button on the remote control.
  • We need to find the parameters of the country, where you have to choose Finland or Germany.
  • The next step is the auto channel search. You can find it without any problems in the menu tab with the drawn antenna.
  • Next, we need to specify exactly what type of connection we have. As you know it is a cable. So here the choice is obvious and you don’t have to think about it for a long time.
  • We get to the special settings, where we specify the already familiar data (if you have read the previous paragraphs). If not, then look:
  • For the frequency apply a value equal to 314 MHz.
  • Baud rate. 6875 KS/s.
  • Modulation is 256.
  • Wait until the end of the search for digital channels. If everything is OK, you can rejoice yourself by watching some program in digital quality.

It’s worth mentioning the automatic channel update for LG TV. Not all models have this function. If so, you don’t have to search again. the TV will do everything for you. This setting is adjustable, so if you want it disabled in the parameters.

Philips TVs

As mentioned above, the method is practically the same as the previous ones, except for the names of the menu items and some tabs. Here we go:

  • Connect your dish to the TV and access the “Installation” tab in the configuration menu using the remote control.
  • You will see a list with the parameters. We need the item “Channel Setting”.
  • Then you will enter the automatic installation, where the system will inform you about the renewal of the channels list. You do not get scared and click “Begin”.
  • Now you have to click on “Reset channels” and select Germany or Finland as your country.
  • After the manipulation you will need to set the type of connection. “Cable”.
  • Now it’s time to set some parameters using the “Settings” item. Here the speed should be equal to 314.
  • After a lot of manipulations with the settings and searching for the necessary items in the menu we have reached the finish line: click “Begin” and wait for the process to complete. At the end of it your fruitful work is declared as finished.
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How to check the DVB-T2 support on your DEXP

Before you start debugging you need to check if your model supports DVB-T2 technology.DEXP receivers are divided into 3 types:

  • “Smart” panels with modern features.
  • Technology without Smart TV. The built-in module will save the owner from having to purchase additional equipment.
  • Not supporting digital. In order for the device to recognize the signal, you need a special attachment.

The characteristics of the model is easier to see in the passport. If the documentation is lost, it is recommended to study the configuration in the Yandex Market. Go to the main page of the service, enter the name of the TV in the search box. In the product card select the tab with the description and find the section of signal reception. If the device supports the DVB-T2 option, you can proceed to the settings.

Not all equipment works with digital, so a special service will help to determine:

  • Go to the website page.
  • Go down to the table with the names of televisions.
  • In the search box, type in DEXP and the number. You need a space between the brand name and the character combination.

If you enter a brand into the search box, the machine sorts the equipment by brand. There are 10 lines on the screen. You have to flip through pages to find the right unit. In the right corner under the table there are control buttons. Keys help you look ahead and go back.

What to do if your TV does not support digital broadcasting

TV on DVB-T2 technology receives not one channel per frequency, but several, assembled into multiplexes. Older TVs (before 2013) do not have a built-in module. To watch digital broadcasting on older models, you need additional equipment.

DVB-T2 capable set-top box decodes the signal and transmits the picture and the sound to the receiver. To “fat” TV sets, the device is connected using a “cinch” cable. Apparatus with a flat screen will need a cord with HDMI connector.

Digital TV

Each major chain store selling electronics and home appliances, has its own brand of equipment. Today we will talk about TVs Novex, which are sold mainly in M.Video. As stated

The company Prestigio products are successfully sold in more than thirty countries, including in our country. So today we’ll figure out how to configure digital TV channels and connect.

SUPRA company for a long time continues to expand and grow, creating for its fans new horizons of quality of life, comfort and prosperity. And one of the main products of the company is.

Haier is a popular company, which is engaged in the production of home appliances and electronics. In recent years, the company is increasing production in the segment of television equipment. Therefore, today we will discuss how to configure and connect to.

With the switch to full digital broadcasting the main criterion for choosing a TV was the built-in digital tuner. VVK has long been producing a variety of television and radio equipment, including television sets, so it has a.

Thomson is one of the oldest electronics companies. Over the years the company has acquired a good reputation. After all, it has been a benchmark of quality and reliability for a hundred years. How.

DEXP TVs are one of the best sellers in our country and it’s clear. After all, DEXP is a Russian company, which sells its products mainly in electronics stores and.

Why now everyone is trying to buy a TV with 4K quality, and what are its advantages compared to others? 4K TV as you probably knew already means the value of.

Satellite and cable television, very popular with viewers. Because not everyone is satisfied with the twenty digital channels on the air. But just to watch for example satellite channels especially selections.

Xiaomi has become very active in TV production in recent years. In fact, after a short time, this brand has become one of the leaders in this market segment. Xiaomi TVs are available in a variety of price.

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