How to set up channels on Samsung

what to enable, disable and configure

How to move channels on TV

Sorting the found TV channels is an important component that allows you to make the operation of the device as comfortable as possible.

Before adjusting the order of channels on the TV, it is recommended to delete unnecessary and poor-quality programs. This will simplify the work and complete it in a short time.

Correct sequence of actions:

  • Open the TV menu by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control.
  • Select the “Broadcast” section.
  • Use the navigation buttons to move to the right and look for the item “Change channel number”.
  • By default, this function can be turned off, so activate it by pressing the “OK” button.
  • At the next stage of sorting, click on the “Home” button.
  • Reselect the “Broadcast” section and look for the “Change” item in it.
  • Find the channel that needs to be moved and put a mark in front of it.
  • After that, they press the button with the inscription “Change. number”.
  • Enter a numeric value from 001 to 999.
  • Confirm the performed actions and exit the menu.

To swap channels on a Samsung Smart TV HD 6 series, just open the sort menu and move them to the desired place in the list.

Tuning channels on a Samsung TV is a simple exercise that every educated person can understand the algorithm for. With the help of several manipulations, you can not only find the necessary television programs, but also edit them, move them to one place or another in the list, restore, block.

In order to avoid a mistake in this case, you must carefully follow all the actions provided and exactly follow the instructions from the operating instructions.

Sources of receiving channels

Before you can search for channels on a new or old Samsung TV, you need to determine the signal source. Nowadays, there are 4 options that allow you to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows for free.

channels, samsung

Key sources for Samsung Smart TV:

  • Analog. It is considered to be of the least quality, therefore it is suitable only for old TV sets. In this case, the picture turns out to be indistinct and no setting of TV channels on the Samsung TV will help to change this situation.
  • Digital. This option has a large number of advantages compared to analog, therefore, it gradually replaces the outdated signal transmission method. At the same time, users often have problems with programming the TV and sorting channels.
  • Satellite. This method of signal reception is considered the most popular. Its main advantage is high image quality and ease of setup. Among the shortcomings, they highlight the inability to watch encoded channels for free.
  • IPTV. The most modern option that allows you to watch your favorite programs via wired Internet or WI-FI. It can be implemented on any Smart TVs or using a special set-top box. In this case, the most complex setting is provided, which not every person can correctly perform.

Automatic search

Even a beginner can automatically re-tune TV channels. To do this, you will need to perform several standard actions, described in detail in the instruction manual. If everything is done correctly, then you can watch channels on Smart TV and sort them according to your preferences.

Before auto-tuning your Samsung TV, you need to check if it is properly connected to the signal source.

After that, you should perform the following actions:

  • Enter the menu by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control.
  • Go to the “Broadcast” section and look for the item “Antenna”.
  • From the proposed options, select the one that corresponds to the used signal source.
  • In the same section, select “Auto tuning”.
  • A new window will appear in which the word “Full” should be in front of the phrase “Search mode”. If any other option is indicated, then you need to replace it.
  • Go down and press the Scan button.
  • Wait a few minutes for the TV receiver to finish searching.
  • After that, a list of found channels will appear.

How to Delete a Channel on Samsung

If during the operation of the TV there are any problems (for example, channels are not switched using the control panel), then experts advise reprogramming the device. In this case, all current settings will be reset to factory settings and you will have to re-scan the frequencies.

As a result of these actions, a large number of unnecessary channels will appear that are poorly shown or simply not popular with family members.

To understand how to delete unnecessary channels on a Samsung TV or block access to them, you need to study the following procedure in detail:

  • Press the “Menu” key on the remote control.
  • In the list that appears on the screen, look for the “Broadcast” section.
  • It opens the item “Channel change”.
  • A list of all TV channels will open, in which they are looking for the one that they want to delete or block.
  • Use the “OK” button to put a checkmark in front of the extra TV channel.
  • After that, click on the “Delete” or “Block” button. In the second case, the system will ask you to enter the unlock code.

How to set up Bixby on Samsung TVs 2018

Using Bixby, you can use your voice to access all the features on your Samsung TV, including changing the volume and channel, searching for content, and searching for apps. You can also perform more general requests for information, such as “How’s the weather?”

Setting up voice control on your Samsung TV is easy as it features the same Bixby voice assistant that Samsung offers on its smartphones.

Activate the voice control button. To start voice interaction, press and hold the Voice button on the Samsung TV remote. When the microphone is active, a small icon pops up on the screen. This is the Bixby logo.

See what you can say. When you start using Bixby, you might ask, “What can I say?” to open the voice interaction options menu.

Enter the command. There are many supported voice functions, from changing channels to interacting with smart home devices, so check out some of the options.

Here are some examples that Samsung recommends:

  • Launch the app: “Launch YouTube”.
  • Change source “Show source list”.
  • Access to TV picture settings: “Set dynamic picture mode”.
  • Search Content: “Find Popular Action Movies Starring [Actor]”.
  • Open gallery: “Show your vacation photos.”
  • Launch Spotify: “Play Sleeping Music on Spotify”.
  • Change channel: “Go to channel 6”.
  • Raise the TV guide: “Show the program guide.
  • TV Show Schedule: “Cancel Schedule for The Walking Dead”.
  • Accessing Smart Hub Settings: “Open Smart Hub”.
  • Launch web browser: “Open Internet”.
  • Browse the Samsung store app: “Open Apps”.
  • View Universal Guide: “Show Universal Guide”.
  • Play Blu-ray: “Play Disc”.
  • Find out the time: “What time is it?”
  • Check the weather: “How’s the weather in California?”
  • Change the volume: “Decrease the volume by 10.”
  • Access to TV picture size settings: “Show picture size settings”.
  • Learn how to connect devices: Show me how I can connect speakers to my TV.
  • Move: “Move Down”.
  • Change the Mode parameter: “Ambient Mode”.
  • Performing SmartThings actions: “Pause Robot Vacuum Cleaner in SmartThings”.

Get results. When Bixby responds, an on-screen display sometimes appears with information while still showing content you have already watched.

How to set up channels on Samsung

How to set up your Samsung TV 2018

Setting up a new TV may seem like a daunting task, but Samsung Smart TVs are built to be user-friendly, including an out-of-the-box setup process. Once you turn on your TV, it will walk you through the initial setup, so follow the on-screen instructions to connect the remote to your TV, select your language, and connect any external devices.

If you want to start with an existing TV, you can factory reset your Samsung Smart TV in System Preferences.

Easier than sending text: connecting mobile devices to QLED TV

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Just plug and play for video consoles

When you’ve gotten the latest game console or new media player, you’re in for the fun right away. Well, QLED TV is about to change your life. Here’s how to connect your DVD player to your TV (or Blu-ray!) Connect its HDMI cable to the One Connect Box. This is it. Or, if you’re wondering how to connect your gaming devices to your TV, it’s the same thing. Plug in the One Connect Box and get ready to win. It’s that simple!

How to tune digital channels on your Samsung TV easily

Digital TV appeared on the territory of Russia a few years ago and has been actively used since then. And this is quite understandable. Firstly, having completed the setup just once, you do not need to constantly adjust the antenna or reconfigure the TV in order to watch something else. Secondly, such television has no interference in the form of stripes or snow. True, if there are any problems with the signal, then you will not be able to watch the programs.

DTV format television is very popular among the population. If you want to connect free channels to your TV, then you do not have to call a specialist, since everyone can do this. The main thing is that your model supports the DVB-C tuner standards.

Most Samsung devices follow these standards. It can be both an outdated model and 6 series Smart TVs. Therefore, now we will tell you what you should do to set up digital channels on Samsung of modern and older series.

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Unofficial applications for watching TV over the Internet

There are many programs that allow you to watch TV channels absolutely free of charge over the Internet. Consider the most popular software.

What you need to watch

You can watch TV on Smart TV Samsung through special programs or through IPTV. The basic IPTV package for Smart TV is often provided by an Internet provider (Rostelecom, Beeline, Megafon, etc.). In this case, the amount of payment for using the connection may increase compared to the standard mode. Therefore, it is difficult to call this approach free, despite the fact that it is extremely convenient.

The program consists of external and internal directories. There can be an unlimited number of external ones, while there is only one internal.

To add a new directory, you need to do the following:

How to Scan For Channels Over the Air on a Samsung Smart TV

  • go to the “Content” section;
  • go to the “External” tab;
  • click the “Add” button;
  • enter the directory address and its name.

To add an internal list, in the “General” section, click the “Get” button. The list will be able to function for a specific code only for a day. After that, you will need to copy the new code from the SS IPTV website.

How to set up free channels on Samsung Smart TV?

Smart TV functionality on Samsung TVs allows you to use the capabilities associated with the transfer of media files over the Internet. Smart TV can provide the user with a certain set of channels that will not need to be paid for separately. Free channels on Samsung Smart TVs are not that difficult to set up, but adjusting the broadcast settings can be a bit tricky. So it is better to get acquainted with the specifics of the connection in advance and learn how to properly configure the channels.

Setting up free channels on Smart TV via IPTV

When using the software from the provider, the user will not need to worry about the stability of the connection, since the service provider has done everything possible to provide full access to Internet TV.

First of all, the TV must be connected to the Internet. The connection can be either wired or wireless. After connecting to the Internet, you need to configure it first. Information about the IP address and personal information about the user may be required. Once the connection is successfully established, the device will prompt you to sign in to your account. You can create a new account or use an existing one.

But it is absolutely not necessary to activate a special tariff from the provider in advance in order to watch TV channels. You can save some money by using third-party software. For its installation and subsequent use, you will definitely need an Internet connection. It doesn’t matter which type of connection you use (wired or wireless). The most important thing is that the speed is sufficient for playing streaming video from the Internet. Wired interfaces usually guarantee higher signal speed and stability, but they are not very convenient for placing a TV in a room.

After the installation is complete, the user will be able to launch the program and start using various playlists. All names and addresses of playlists are entered manually. It is not as convenient as using TV from the provider, but does not require additional payment.


Another quite successful application, which is loved by the user for its extremely convenient category “Cinema”. There are a large number of sites where you can watch movies and TV shows for free.

How to program Tv Channels on Samsung 4K HDR smart tv, tips and tricks

For fans of traditional TV, there are channel packages, among which there are both paid and free. You can add your own playlist.


A handy TV widget with an extensive library of movies and TV series. Digital television is also available, for which no payment is required. You can find popular terrestrial channels, as well as some thematic channels that are usually available with a cable connection.

For users with a weak Internet, it is possible to set the quality of the TV signal transmission.

Free channels on Smart TV

All free channels on Samsung TVs are available by entering the desired address in the TV menu. Addresses include a playlist (set of channels) that can be viewed for free when connected to the Internet. Actual addresses of playlists are placed by IPTV providers on their sites.

main sources

We give a general diagram for all models, for your specific device, we recommend that you study the instructions attached to the kit.

  • Samsung TV. LCD, LED, Plasma, Smart TV or others.
  • If you have an old device, you should definitely purchase a receiver (tuner) to support digital TV.
  • Antenna or attachment, cable.

The setup process is about the same for any member of the Samsung family:

  • First, make sure a set-top box or antenna (outdoor, indoor or analogue) is connected to the device. The cable must go to a special socket on the back panel.
  • From the “Menu” select the option “Channel Setup”.
  • The program will offer you two options. set up analogue channels or DTV (digital).
  • Then you need to decide on the method. automatic or manual.


Samsung can be safely called a smart device thanks to the “auto-tuning” function. This implies an automatic search for TV programs, as well as their arrangement. according to TV companies or alphabet. To do this, click on the preferred search method: antenna, cable, satellite. Some Smart-TV models can provide you with a choice of television companies: NTV-Plus, Telekarta, Tricolor, etc.

When choosing any of the first three options, the search will occur independently, the TV programs will be arranged in the usual order. When auto tuning is finished, select the programs of the specific TV company. They will stand the way they were assigned by the specialists of this company.

If you want to build a list (list) for yourself, use the move function:

  • First press the “Menu” button.
  • Select the icon that says “Broadcast” (looks like a small white satellite dish).
  • Scroll down until you see Change Channel Number. Feel free to click and activate by clicking “Enable”.
  • To go to the next step, press “Home”, again go to “Broadcasts”, “Right”, “Change”.
  • Find the TV channel you want to change the location of, mark it with a tick, click “Change. numbers “.

Important point! When moving a TV channel with a name, it can simply swap places with some other. For example, if you want to move the STS from the 20th place to the 2nd, on which Russia-1 is located, there will be no displacement, the STS will become 2, and Russia-1 will be 20. But if we are talking about TV programs without titles that have a serial number, then when you move one of them up, the rest will move down.

Editing and deleting

To remove unnecessary channels, add new ones or sort them by placing favorites at the top of the list, use the “Change” option.

How do I set up channels? To adjust TV channels, follow the simple step-by-step instructions:

  • Open the menu, select the section “Broadcast” or “Live”.
  • Push on the remote control to the right.
  • Select the “Modify” option.
  • Select the channels to be deleted with the checkboxes.
  • Use the arrows on the remote to move the TV channels.

As you can see, it is extremely easy to adjust the TV broadcast grid. It is enough just to follow the previously described algorithm.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that by moving a channel that has a name, you will simply swap it with others. For example, if you want to transfer TNT from position 20 to position 2, on which the CTC is already located, then there will be no displacement, they will simply change positions.

However, if the TV program does not have a title, then the entire grid will shift to a certain side. Sometimes the exposed location can get confused, so you have to periodically repeat this procedure over and over again.

main sources

We give a general diagram for all models, for your specific device, we recommend that you study the instructions attached to the kit.

  • Samsung TV. LCD, LED, Plasma, Smart TV or others.
  • If you have an old device, you should definitely purchase a receiver (tuner) to support digital TV.
  • Antenna or attachment, cable.

The setup process is about the same for any member of the Samsung family:

  • First, make sure a set-top box or antenna (outdoor, indoor or analogue) is connected to the device. The cable must go to a special socket on the back panel.
  • From the “Menu” select the option “Channel Setup”.
  • The program will offer you two options. set up analogue channels or DTV (digital).
  • Then you need to decide on the method. automatic or manual.

Auto mode

It is the auto-tuning function that is the reason that many experts define Samsung TV-equipment as the “smartest” among all on the market. Each user will be able to automatically tune TV programs, arrange them alphabetically.

First you need to choose a signal source: antenna, cable, satellite. Some Smart TV models are offered to the user by the most popular providers: NTV, Telekarta, Rostelecom, Tricolor. If you want to use the services of the listed operators, the channels will be found automatically and arranged according to the traditional order.

After completing autotuning, select the programs of a specific provider. They will be arranged in accordance with the settings of the TV broadcast operator. To change the location of channels, use the “Move” function:

How To Rescan Channels On A Samsung TV

  • Press the Main Menu button on the remote control.
  • Then select the command “Broadcast” it is presented in the form of a white satellite dish icon.
  • Scroll down until we come across the command “Change the channel number”, activate it by selecting “Enable”.
  • To proceed to the next step, return to the “Home” tab, and then open the “Broadcasts” section again. press right and select the “Modify” command.
  • Select the channel, the location of which you would like to change, select it with a tick, and then click on “Change number”.

Automatic search can be started without a remote control. If you are using LCD TV Smart TV, then you can enable auto-tuning using a keyboard, mouse, or the most ordinary smartphone. Regular TVs can be configured via the navigation buttons located on the front of the device.

Why can’t I set up TV?

Digital television is a new way of broadcasting that transmits sound and image using signal coding. If the digital channels on your Samsung TV are not tuned in, you need to find out the problem. They are of several types.

Top reasons why digital channels on Samsung TV are not tuned in. How to troubleshoot problems

Digital television has already become a part of people’s daily lives. If you have a TV in your home and you can’t go to digital channels during tuning, you can solve the problem yourself. But first you need to find out the cause and diagnose. Some details may vary by model and brand of TV.

Software glitches

Failure in the program most often happens through the fault of the user. During the settings, the parameters could be entered incorrectly or the frequency was entered by mistake. Perhaps the old STB software is not supported by the developer. In this case, you need to reinstall the software on the digital set-top box.

External causes

External reasons that do not depend on the user include:

  • technical work on the TV tower, which prevents it from giving a signal;
  • weather;
  • antenna too low power.

As soon as it is possible to find the reason why a person cannot tune digital channels, you can start to eliminate it.

Hardware reasons

If the TV does not tune digital channels through the antenna, this indicates a malfunction or incorrect connection. To eliminate this problem, you need to check the correct connection of the TV to the antenna, the integrity of all cables, as well as the connection of wires to the correct sockets.

The digital antenna and amplifier are connected to the Samsung TV with separate cords. To check the health of devices, you need to find channels in automatic mode. If at the same time the picture on the TV changes, but there are no channels, the problem is precisely in the antenna.

To check the territorial coverage of the antenna, you need to go to the site http: //map.rtrs.rf/ and enter your region. The map will show the broadcasting territory in the specified region and area.

Solution to the problem

To solve the problem, it is necessary to carry out several steps in stages:

  • Check which antenna is installed. Digital TV requires a decimeter antenna.
  • Then check the wires so that the cable is intact and not broken in any of the sections.
  • Manually search for channels or update the firmware of the set-top box.
  • If you cannot set up paid channels, you should double-check the availability of payment.

If TV channels are broadcast using the Internet, then it is important to check the connection to the network and the availability of money on the balance without fail. In general, Samsung’s digital connection looks like this:

  • Open the “Menu” tab, then find the “Broadcast” button there.
  • Press autosearch.
  • Then confirm by pressing the “Start” button.

If broadcasting is not configured in the menu, you need to select “Other operators” instead of cable TV and click “Full”. Then you need to set the required position using the remote control. You can also carry out manual tuning, but for this it is necessary to initially clarify the frequency of the multiplexes that are broadcast in a particular region.

If, when setting up the Samsung ue28f4000aw TV, it does not catch digital channels, then you need to make sure that in the Antenna item, the Cable item is pressed, and that the Digital channel is selected as the channel type. and Analog “. If the Samsung le22b350f2w model does not find a signal, then you can select only digital or only analog channels, and during setup you need to change the country and display a 4-digit pin code.

Regardless of the Samsung model, almost all have the ability to tune digital channels. For older brands, you will have to buy a special tuner. If the tuning did not work, the problem may be both in the TV itself and in the antenna. Therefore, first of all, you need to find the reason.