How To Set Up Channels On Erisson TV

How To Set Up Channels On Erisson TV

Setting up an Erisson TV

Our masters set up the Erisson TV on analog and digital channels of terrestrial, cable and satellite television, adjust the brightness, color and geometric parameters of the screen, wired or wireless connection of the TV to the Internet, connect external playback players or recording devices.
We know how to tune the channels on an Erisson TV. For your convenience, a Consultation on setting up TVs is organized.

Erisson 32LEB15 TV instruction

The TV manual includes the following sections:

Security measures and installation of the TV. Governing bodies. Switching capabilities. Description of the remote control buttons. Connecting the antenna and power. Installing batteries in the remote control. Description of the user menu. Description of product functions in USB source mode. Before contacting service. Erisson TV malfunctions. Specifications.

TV remote control Erisson

Description of the Remote Control buttons for the Erisson TV.

1. POWER (“On / Off Button”)
2. MUTE (“Silent mode”): To turn on the sound, press the button again.
3. 0-9 (“Numeric buttons”): Buttons for entering the channel number.
4.FREEZE (“Freeze image”): Freeze and freeze the image.
5. RECCALL switches to the channel that you watched before.
6. P.MODE (“Picture Mode”): Select a different picture mode.
7. MTS sound system (Nicam, BTSC, MONO, STEREO, etc.).
8. S.MODE (“Sound Mode”): Select a different sound mode.
9. SLEEP: Sets the time to enter standby mode.
10. SOURCE (“source”): Button to go to the input source.
11. ▲ Navigation buttons.
12. OK (“Enter”): Confirmation button for highlighted menu function.
13. MENU: Calls up and selects the system menu
14. EXIT: Press this button to exit the TV OSD (OSD).
16. CALL system status information disappears after 10 seconds.
17. (“Width to Height Ratio”): The aspect ratio of the TV image. ROOT (“Return to directory”): During playback of a photo or, pressing the button will stop playback and ROOT will return to the current directory in USB mode.
18. Press this button to display the media player menu VOL- (“Volume”): Decrease the volume.
19. Buttons for switching programs forward / backward from a previously configured channel list.
20. The red, green, yellow and blue buttons have different functions in different TV models. A prompt for these buttons appears on the TV screen.
21. PREV: Click the button to go back.
22. STOP (“Stop”): USB Press the button to stop in the mode. INDEX (“Classification Page”): Calls the classification page in teletext mode.
23. COLOR BUTTONS: to switch from the displayed menu on the teletext page to the program editing functions.
24. Rewind.
25. Search back
26. SIZE changes the scale of the page in teletext mode
27. SUBTITLE display of hidden text in the context of teletext.
28. Fast Forward
29. Search forward
30. SUBPAGE (“Subpage”)
31. GOTO (“Transition to”)

On our site you can download the TV remote
location and designation of the remote control buttons, as well as instructions and user manual

Setting up an Erisson TV

The setting is made by pressing the MENU button on the remote control.
The Erisson TV is manually tuned in ATV mode as follows:
“Current CH”. set channel number
“Color sistem”. choice of color system.
“Sound sistem”. sound system selection.
“Fine tune”. channel frequency setting
“Afc”. fine tuning
“Search”. press to search for television channels up or down from the current frequency value.

Answers to questions on Erisson TV

Erisson 28LEA20TSM problems watchings

The playback mode stopped working, you click on the Ok button, the download image field opens. 11.21.2018, Sosnovy Bor.

Make sure the input source is selected correctly. Use the Source button on the remote control to select.

Image Adjustment Erisson 43FLEA18T2SM

Is it possible to adjust the brightness, clarity, color settings in manual mode or only switch modes? 10/29/2018, Art. Poltava.

Among the various picture modes of the 43FLEA18T2SM TV there are predefined (Standard, Dynamic, Moderate) and Custom, in which the contrast, brightness, color and sharpness values ​​are set as you wish.

How to enable without remote control?

Tell me, please, how to enable on an Erisson 1401 TV without a remote control? There is nothing in the setting to switch. 04/12/2018, Orsk

In older CRT TVs, it was possible to enter mode with the CH channel selector. This is a channel switch button on the TV. There are two buttons: one “CH”, by clicking on which you switch programs from the first to the second, then to the third, etc. We need a decrease button “CH-“. On Channel 1, click “CH-” once or several times. Thus, you can select the input on an Erisson TV without a remote control.

I can’t tune the digital TV channels Erisson 43″

I can’t tune in digital TV channels. When I purchased the ERISSON_shell_HV430FHB_N1D_43DN4_HD_W17029 TV, it had the ip tv option. I turned it on, but it shows the programs out of time, that is, I turn on the TV during the day, and there it shows the programs that went in the morning, turn on in the evening, shows the programs that went in the afternoon. How can I set up the television? 06/04/2018, Tymovskoye Sakhalin.

This time delay is due to the fact that Internet television broadcasts channels in the time zone of Central Russia.

How to configure cable digital channels? Erisson_shell_PT320AT01_1_32DN6_HD_W17031

After a month of free subscription to channels, I can’t set up free channels, they offer watching TV only after payment. 06/13/2018, Krasnodar Territory, Art. Otradnaya

Cable digital channels belong to the cable network operator, which determines the mode of its paid and free use.
To watch free digital broadcast channels in the coverage area, you need your own antenna. Details on the page

Just a black screen on an Erisson 32LEC2500 TV

Good afternoon. We got a TV from our grandmother, they’ve never connected it, I just lay there for a long time. Today we decided to connect, turned on the network, stuck the antenna wire, the indicator on the screen turned on, but the menu does not appear. Just a black screen. Tell me, please, is this a malfunction of the TV itself or is it just that we are doing something wrong? Although everything should just be there. 07/31/2018, Moscow. Lublino.

Your Erisson 32LEC2500 TV remote has a Menu button. Clicking on it leads to entering various sections, including setting up channels. If this does not happen, then it is possible:
1.1 The batteries are dead. install new, observing the polarity.
1.2 Faulty remote. To check, point it at the camera and press any button. the blinking of the LED should be noticeable on the camera screen. If not. remote control is defective.
2. The TV is faulty, most likely the photodetector block has failed.