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How to set up your iPhone camera

Phones and tablets from Apple have always been a great camera with which you can take fantastic pictures. On older models of devices, photos may not be completely clear by modern standards, but the ability to properly configure the camera, enable or disable functions can save the situation and greatly improve the quality of the photo.

How to set up the camera on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

This section will alternately describe the settings that can be changed in the camera and the functions that help to improve the quality of shooting.

What is the HDR mode in iPhone and how to turn it on

HDR mode allows you to increase the range of colors available to the camera when shooting. The differences between a normal shot and a shot taken in HDR mode, you can see in the example below.

You can activate the mode in the Camera application itself. In the top panel, click on the HDR button and wait while the mode is activated.

But turning on the mode does not guarantee that the picture will be better, in some conditions this is not so, therefore it is recommended to save not only the photo in HDR mode, but also without it. In order not to photograph everything twice, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.

How to turn on the grid

The grid is a grid that is activated when shooting video and photos. It will not be visible in the taken picture, it is needed in order to align the photo: the main object should be in the central rectangle. It looks like this:

You can enable the "Grid" function in the "Photo and Camera" section in the phone settings.

Interval Setting

The interval settings are set in order to change the frequency between the creation of a new picture. For example, you can set three seconds, which when shooting automatically, photos were created every three seconds. You can set the interval in the Camera application itself by clicking on the clock icon and selecting the desired time parameter.

How to use manual exposure

In addition to automatically focusing the camera, you can also use manual shutter speed to increase the clarity of pictures. Press and hold your finger on the area that is central to focus. At the same time, you can increase or decrease the brightness by moving your finger up or down, respectively.

How to turn on and off the flash

The flash has three modes: automatic, manual and one in which it is disabled. The first allows the phone to decide for itself whether to turn on the flash or not. In the second option, the flash will be used in any case, and in the third, vice versa. By clicking on the lightning in the Camera application, you can select one of the above modes of operation.

Applying filters

A large selection of filters allows you to make your photo more unique and picturesque. Choose the filter most suitable for you by clicking on the icon in the form of three circles.

How to make high-quality video

By going to the “Photo and Camera” section in the device’s settings, you can choose the resolution in which clips will be recorded, as well as the number of frames per second. The higher the resolution, the better the shooting quality.

Live photo

Live Photos is a technology that allows you to create three-second live photos. A live photo is a combination of a.jpeg and.MOV file, consisting of 45 frames produced at a speed of 15 frames per second. You can activate this mode in the Camera application itself by clicking on the Live Off button. If the function is enabled, then the button will turn into just Live.

How the sound (click) of the camera shutter is turned off

If you often take pictures, the shutter sound can be very annoying. Also, this click may give you away when you try to take a picture of something unnoticed. But there are two ways that will allow you to get rid of this annoying sound.

Silent mode

It is enough to lower the sound on the device to zero or put the phone into silent mode so that the shutter sound disappears. The disadvantage of this method is that you have to do fraud with sound every time before taking a photo. To get rid of the shutter sound completely, use the second method.

File system editing

It is important that this method is only suitable for devices whose firmware has been jailbroken using Jailbreak. If this condition is met, then you can perform the following steps:

    Connect the device using a USB cable and, as soon as it logs in, open any file explorer, for example, iFunBox.

The camera on the iPhone is one of its main advantages. With the right skill, you can take very high quality pictures. To achieve high results, you need to understand the settings of the camera and set those that suit you more. If you often take pictures, and you are tired of the shutter sound, then you can turn it off temporarily by putting the device into silent mode, or changing the system files if Jailbreak is installed.

How to enable manual camera settings on iPhone

The iPhone camera is the most popular camera in the world. Many millions of photos were taken by people on this particular smartphone. But your iPhone camera is capable of more! The full potential can be revealed using the manual settings of the camera. And how to do it, now I’ll tell you.

First you need to remember that the standard iPhone camera application can only shoot in automatic mode, so we need to download a third-party application, for example, the free Lightroom. You can download it at this link.

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Next, launch the application and click on the camera icon in the lower corner.

Next, change the shooting mode from "Auto" on the "Pros".

Now you can shoot with manual camera settings. You can configure such parameters as:

  • exposition
  • excerpt
  • ISO
  • white balance
  • focus (including focus picking)
  • JPG or DNG compression mode
  • zebra

You can also watch this instruction in video format:

Using Camera Settings on iPhone

Learn how to use Camera settings on iPhone.

Image Alignment

To display a grid for aligning pictures on the camera screen, open “Settings” > “Camera” and turn on the “Grid” option.

On iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, you can straighten images and adjust perspective alignment in the Photos app. See Straightening and adjusting perspective.

Video: How To Set Up Camera On Iphone 8

Saving Camera app settings

You can save the most recently used settings of the camera mode, filters, lighting, depth of field and Live Photo mode so that you do not set them again the next time you open the Camera application.

Go to the Settings menu > "Camera" > "Saving settings."

Enable any of the options below.

Camera mode. Save the last used mode, for example, “Video” or “Panorama”.

Creation. Saves the last filter, light parameter (on supported models) or depth setting (on supported models).

Live Photo. Save Live Photo settings.

Adjust shutter sound volume

Adjust the shutter sound volume in the "Ringer and Alerts" settings.

Open Settings > “Sounds” (or “Sounds, tactile signals” on models with support for system tactile signals). To mute the sound, use the “Ringer / Silent” switch. (In some regions, you cannot turn off the shutter sound.)

Set up your iPhone camera and use its features

The cameras on the iPhone are renowned for excellent quality, regardless of the version of the device. Most of the pictures are rich, vibrant, the program for creating them is convenient and easy to use. It is not surprising that Apple has gained incredible success in selling smartphones that justify value for money, and users no longer need to carry cameras if they are not professionals.

Let’s figure out how to set up the camera on the iPhone so that it works as efficiently as possible, and you can create great pictures.

On iPhone, excellent quality pictures are obtained

Set up the camera on the iPhone

To use all the features of the built-in module on your smartphone, we recommend that you pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Grid. The screen grid helps to correctly position all objects in the future photo, to form a composition. This function is displayed on top of the video finder and significantly improves the shooting result. To enable it, use the settings menu, select the "Photos and Camera" section there, in the window that opens, activate the "Grid" line.
  • Remove the flash or use it gently. You need to be careful with this function. yes, it is designed to take photos in the dark, but the result is not always satisfactory. Therefore, do not forget about the presence of a flash and use it in a dark room or at night on the street, but always try to take two frames. with it and without it.
  • Exposition. Better yet, adjust the extended exposure time so that the flash does not turn on. For what? If you install a third-party application like Camera and increase the exposure time, you can take brighter and better photos than usual, especially in low light.

In addition, now and in the camera’s native application, there is a function for fixing the exposure and focus, thanks to which you can use your finger to fix the object and remove it as clearly as possible.

  • Focus. For clear shots, you must definitely hold the camera steadily and motionlessly. How to do it? You can always lean on something, install the smartphone on a hard surface. Additionally, there are applications that can, with the help of an accelerometer in a smartphone, determine the moment when it is least moving and take a photo this second.
  • HDR mode. A very useful, convenient and beautiful camera mode, which makes the photo much brighter, clearer and better in general. This is especially true for selfie shots. By the way, in iPhone6, the mode can by default work directly when taking pictures and shooting videos.
  • Motion requires continuous shooting. Burst shooting is present in all iPhones, but in the sixth version of the smartphone it has become even more convenient. Using this function is simple. activate it in the camera menu, then to create a photo, hold down the shutter key and take a continuous series of shots. Next, you will need to choose the most successful shot from a series of photos. This mode is great for shooting moving objects that would otherwise be almost impossible to capture for the average user.
  • Panorama. A great tool for creating beautiful and large photos, combining many objects in the picture, capturing nature along the horizon. Panoramic shots have their extraordinary beauty and allow you to evaluate the environment from a different perspective. All you need to take a panorama is to practice gradually turning the lens along the horizon, and after a while you can create beautiful and rich photos.

How to turn off the sound of the camera on the iPhone

And if you have mastered the “Camera” application, and when creating images, only one thing confuses you. the shutter sound, we propose to do the following:

  • Put your iPhone in silent mode.
  • Now start the camera and take pictures.

Yes, unfortunately, there is no other way to turn off the shutter sound on official devices.

If you use a jailbroken iPhone, you can completely turn off the shutter sound as follows:

  • Connect the smartphone to the PC and run the file manager. any application of this kind is suitable.
  • In the root folder, locate the "Unprocessed file system" directory.
  • Go to the system folder, then select Library / Audio / UISounds.
  • Add photoShutter.caf to the file name. the letter "B" before the extension, at the end of the name.

And if you know how to use tweaks, you can just download the SilentPhotoChill file from Cydia — when you use it, the shutter sound will turn off.

Using these tips, you can create even better photos and images using the camera of your smartphone and now you know how to turn off the shutter sound if it annoys you. Such tips are definitely worth using, because the camera module in Apple devices is worth exploring it thoroughly, and will be able to completely replace you with an ordinary digital camera.

How to set up the camera on the iPhone 11 Pro? Take incredible pictures.

How to improve photos and videos on the iPhone 11 Pro? The new flagship is able to take high-quality and clear pictures quickly and without additional editing. To get the best photos on the iPhone 11 Pro, you can pre-adjust the settings and continue to shoot in pleasure. After all, the 11 Pro smartphone is a flagship that will help even non-professionals make amazing shots.

How To Set Up Camera On Iphone 8

Settings for the best shots on the iPhone 11 Pro.

First you need to make simple shooting settings:

  • Go to "Settings" → "Camera".
  • Turn on Live Photo. After a series of shots, you can choose the best.
  • Turn on the grid to create a good composition in the frame.
  • In the "Video Recording", select the optimal quality. When choosing to shoot in 4K 60 frames / s, the video will take up a lot of memory on the smartphone. The best choice would be in favor of 4K 30 fps.
  • When you turn on the camera mode lock during shooting, you can make a smooth increase using digital zoom. When you turn off the mode, you can’t take advantage of the smooth zoom, but you can switch between the three cameras. Please note that when using manual zoom adjustment, the quality is lost and it is better to switch between cameras with standard zoom settings.
  • Turn on “Stereo Recording”. Then there will be more volumetric and high-quality sound when shooting video.
  • In formats, select “High Performance” if you only watch videos on iPhone or Mac. If you will watch video files on Windows devices, then it is better to opt for the format “Most compatible”.
  • When applying corrections automatically, the photo will always be captured outside the frame and the smartphone will correct the pictures itself.
  • Smart HDR increases the contrast in the photo.

Settings in the Camera app

Features photo and video settings.

In the “Camera” application in the photo mode, you can enable or disable the “Live Photo” function without going into the smartphone settings. When swipe up, the settings panel will appear and it will be possible to turn on the flash, select a viewing mode, turn on the timer, and select effects.

If you want to make photo correction settings, open the photo, click "Edit" and you can use a large amount of settings that will help you adjust any photo as you wish. You will have the opportunity to adjust the exposure, brilliance, highlights, shadows, brightness, contrast, saturation, colorfulness, hue, warmth and more. You can get acquainted with the pictures taken on the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Xs in our blog article.

Shooting Modes:

  • In portrait mode, use the front camera. In this mode, the background of the photo will be blurred and you can change the light. You can choose to take a photo in studio, natural light, or choose contour light, in which the face contour will be emphasized. In the stage light, the photo will have a black background, you can also immediately make a black-and-white frame or select a new light tone mode in which the background in the picture is white.
  • In panorama mode, you can take wide photos. It’s best to take such shots with the stabilizer. Learn more about him from the article.
  • In the "Video" mode there are also options that can be enabled. In the upper right corner you can choose the quality of the shooting. You can also edit finished videos in the gallery using the built-in graphic editor. In addition, the video file can be trimmed.

Set the optimal camera settings, edit the captured pictures in the gallery, and get your best shots quickly and easily with the iPhone 11 Pro.