How to Set up an Iphone 6s Answering Machine

How to Set up an Iphone 6s Answering Machine

Why the answering machine on the iPhone does not work. this is the question the owners of newly purchased devices ask after studying all the features of the apple device. You must agree that it is always very convenient to always be able to listen to important information even in unforeseen circumstances, so the inoperability of this function can greatly upset business people. To avoid missing an important call, check out the reasons why an answering machine on an iPhone might not work.

Why the answering machine does not work on the iPhone: the main reasons

Before contacting sellers and angrily demanding an explanation from them or carrying a purchase to a service center, you should check the device yourself. Diagnostics is simple, so even a novice user of Apple products can handle it. So, the most common interference with the function you are interested in are:

One of the important features of iPhone. Voicemail

  1. No settings made. In order for the voice call not to be wasted, you must first perform certain manipulations, which will be described later in this article.
  2. Your cellular tariff does not include the Virtual Answering Service service. You can find out about the status of the service and about the possibility of connecting it from your operator. Please note that subscription fees may apply.
  3. Not enough money to work. The answering machine in iphone may not work because the operator blocked the number for lack of money in the account (this is also practiced). It’s easy to find out. request a balance using your operator’s shortcodes.
  4. The settings are incorrect. Perhaps, at the stage of setting the parameters, incorrect values ​​were entered, as a result of which the function does not work. Reconfigure.

How the answering machine works on iPhone

The principle of operation of this function is quite simple: if the call made to your number cannot be made or you have dropped it, it is transferred to a special number provided to you by the operator. After a sound greeting (which, incidentally, can be recorded in your own voice), the caller will be asked to leave a message, after which the conversation will be recorded. Remember: the reaction to the call is triggered according to your chosen parameters.

IPhone Answering Machine: Setup

Proper settings will help not miss an important call

  1. Go to the “Phone”;
  2. Select “Auto Answer” or Voicemail;
  3. Click “Configure”;
  4. Enter the password twice;
  5. Choose the default greeting or write down your own;
  6. Click Finish.

If you did everything correctly, then the answering machine in the iPhone will work. In case of malfunctions, perform the diagnostics described above.