How To Set Up An Aquarium For The Red-Eared Turtle

If you decide to have a red-eared turtle at home, then you will have to create all the conditions for its comfortable existence. First of all, you need to equip the right sized aquarium. Although if you look more precisely at this issue, then such a capacity will be called an aquaterrararium. Such a reservoir should not only be filled with a certain amount of water. It should also have a small piece of land for your pet.

It is very important to choose the right amount

When choosing an aquarium for the Red-eared Turtle, it is very important to choose the right tank volume. If you purchased a small animal, then keep in mind that it will grow very soon. Therefore, it is better to immediately buy a larger aquarium.

However, experts recommend to pay your attention to such tank volumes:

  • for the smallest individuals three to ten centimeters long, a small aquarium with a capacity of fifty liters is suitable;
  • if you bought an animal with a length of ten to twenty centimeters, then a capacity of about eighty liters is most suitable for it;
  • large individuals, ranging in length from seventeen to twenty-five centimeters, will feel best in a tank of one hundred and fifty liters;
  • but for adults you need to choose the largest possible aquarium.

It is also worth considering that the red-eared turtle can escape, so get a lid that will cover the top of the tank, and at the same time let air through very well.

Pay attention to temperature

The aquarium for the red-eared turtle must have the correct temperature regime. The most optimal is the water temperature of 23-28 degrees Celsius. Moreover, on the darkened part of artificially created land should be about 23-25 ​​degrees, and in a warm, lit area – 28-32. If you can take into account all these temperature indicators, then you can create ideal conditions for the red-eared tortoise.


Each tortoise tank should be kept clean. It is on what condition the liquid is in the aquaterrarium and the health of the pet depends. The aquarium for turtles is best equipped with an external filter. In this case, absolutely any model and type of device will be ideal.

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Experts do not recommend Install the filter directly in the water, as it clogs very quickly, and completely loses its effectiveness. Consider the better the filter will do its job, the less often you will have to change the water in the aquarium itself. However, it is still recommended that ecological balance be maintained. For this, once a week it is advisable to change half the volume of available water. Before replacing, the liquid must be defended.

Lamp usage

The aquaterrarium for the red-eared turtle should have the right lighting and the right temperature. For these purposes you need to use special lamps. Usually, an incandescent lamp is installed directly above the land. This is done at such a height that the temperature on the island itself reaches 30-32 degrees Celsius. However, at night, such a device must be turned off. Please note that an energy-saving lamp in this case will not work, so you simply can not save on electricity.

You should not ignore the lamp with ultraviolet radiation, as it is a vital necessity for red-eared turtles, as well as for any other reptiles. In its absence, animals very often begin to hurt, which often ends in death. Ultraviolet rays are very important for the animal, as they participate in the general metabolism, restore the carapace and skin, and also contribute to the proper absorption of calcium.

How to get a residence for turtles

When choosing any decoration items, first of all pay attention to their safety. In no case do not buy items that contain environmentally harmful components. Also materials with very sharp corners and edges will not work.

Pay attention to the ground. It should not be too small, as the animal will simply begin to swallow it. In addition, the fine filler is very quickly contaminated, and it is not so easy to clean it. Pebbles are best used., having a length of about four to five centimeters.

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If you keep young animals, then you can also run fish in the aquarium and plant plants. Adult mature individuals do not need such supplements. They can eat individuals and fish, or cause irreparable damage to them.

How To Set Up An Aquarium For The Red-Eared Turtle

Artificial plants made from silk or from other safe materials can be placed in the water area with a red-eared turtle. They can be fixed to the bottom using small weights.

In addition, you can use a large number of decorative elements. The main thing is to ensure that they have a safe composition, and do not hurt the turtle itself.


Pay attention to the aquariums, in which you cannot contain red-eared turtles:

  • small containers up to seventy liters. In such aquariums, only babies can be kept. If you place large individuals in them, then very soon you will notice how the animal begins to hurt, its integument will be damaged by skin infections, and the shell will soften;
  • also, containers in which the land is made of plastic or other bad materials cannot be used;
  • Never use containers in which you cannot install a filter for water purification, as well as special lamps. In poor conditions, turtles begin to hurt very quickly and die.

As you can see, caring for the red-eared turtle, as well as for any other pet, has a lot of nuances. Therefore, you need to approach with all responsibility to create comfortable conditions for your beloved animal. However, having spent a little effort, you can create a real picturesque corner of your home.

How to equip a land plot

When buying a red-eared turtle, be sure to keep in mind that such a reptile leads a sedentary lifestyle. She spends a lot of time not only in water, but also on land. Therefore, it is very important to create the right island. It will be better if he is not alone. At the same time, one part of the land should be brightly lit, while the other should be in the shade. Usually on land, turtles enjoy ultraviolet radiation and also feed on oxygen.

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So, when creating land areas, it is very important to pay attention to such nuances:

  • land should be at least a quarter of the total space in the aquaterrarium;
  • at the same time, the islands should have a smoothly rising shore, so that the animal could just climb on them. You can not create steep cliffs, as the pet may fall and get hurt;
  • It is very important to pay attention to the material of which the surface itself is made. It should be of the highest quality, and its texture is rough;
  • if several individuals live in your aquarium at once, then make sure that each of them can be on the surface at the same time;
  • if in your aquarium there are several land areas at once, you can make sure that some of them remain completely dry, while others are slightly submerged in water.

At the same time, the land should be located in such a way that the animal could not independently get out of the aquarium.


In fact, It is not difficult to create comfortable conditions for the red-eared turtle. The main thing is to take into account all the nuances that can save the health of your animal. Be sure to buy a container that matches the size of the animal, and also do not forget to purchase a filter, heating and ultraviolet lamps. Buy only safe decorative elements and create the right ratio of water to land. And then your animal will be happy, and you can watch the incredible picture of exotic life in your home.

How To Set Up An Aquarium For The Red-Eared Turtle

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