How To Set Up An Aquarium For A Turtle

Conditions of detention

In order for your pet to develop well, grow and not feel any discomfort, you should take care in advance how to properly equip the aquarium for the turtle. The volume of the container should be calculated depending on the size of the animal, usually aquariums from forty to two hundred liters are used. It should be noted that the larger your turtle, the more spacious its "house" should be.

How To Set Up An Aquarium For A Turtle

The form

It is very important that the shape of the aquarium is strictly horizontal. This is due to the fact that aquatic turtles swim along the surface, and not inland. The container for keeping these reptiles can be made of non-toxic plastic or special glass. The turtle aquarium can be open or closed. If you choose a closed design, you should provide for the proper ventilation system in advance.


When arranging an aquarium for a turtle, it is necessary to take into account that the ratio of water to land here should vary in proportions of 4/1. The shore should be fully equipped for the convenience of the animal. And if you contain several reptiles, you should consider the possibility of their simultaneous placement on land. It is recommended to install heating elements or an incandescent lamp over the land island, as freshwater turtles should get warm when leaving the water. This factor is the main condition for keeping these animals.

How To Set Up An Aquarium For A Turtle


About half of the aquarium should be filled with water. so that the turtle can stick its head out while it is sitting quietly. It is very important to ensure continuous filtering. If the water is unclean, it can negatively affect the health status of your pet. A good filter can keep all your tank cleaning worries to a minimum. When arranging an aquarium for a turtle, you should make sure that it observes strict temperature conditions. The optimum temperature for keeping these reptiles is about 26 degrees Celsius. In order to ensure that the temperature is maintained at the desired level, it is necessary to install a special aquarium heater and temperature regulator in the tank.

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How To Set Up An Aquarium For A Turtle

The only condition for the design of the aquarium is that all items must be safe for the turtle. It is not recommended to plant any plants in a container for keeping these animals, turtles will dine with them sooner or later. However, if you are determined to decorate the aquarium with aquatic plants, consult your veterinarian in advance which of the algae can be used and which will be poisonous to your turtle. A great option for decorating the aquarium is large stones or driftwood cleared in advance of dirt. It is worth paying attention to the fact that there are no sharp cutting corners on the decor items, otherwise the animal may be injured. In addition, you should abandon too fine soil – reptiles can eat it, which will affect their health.


Using these simple tips when arranging an aquarium for a turtle, you can provide your pet with comfortable living conditions, and you yourself will experience incomparable pleasure watching the measured life of funny turtles.

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