How to set up a Wi-Fi network on a laptop

How to connect to a Wi-Fi network again or for the first time

Not every user knows how to connect to a Wi-Fi network again or at all, how to connect to a wireless network. Therefore, we decided in this article to show in detail ways of implementing these actions. Consider how you can connect to Wi-Fi from a computer and laptop, under different operating systems.

Most stationary computers do not have a Wi-Fi module. Therefore, in order to connect to a wireless network, it will be necessary to purchase an internal or external Wi-Fi adapter. Now we will show how to connect your computer to a Wi-Fi network using these adapters.

We use the internal Wi-Fi adapter

It looks like a small board in which you can screw the antenna Depending on the manufacturer and operating modes. There is a negative point: you will have to get into a computer system unit to insert the adapter. No need to be scared, in fact, this process is fast and easy. The instruction is shown below.

Installation of the inner Wi-Fi adapter

  • We pull the plug PC completely from the outlet. Spin the bolts that hold the side cover.
  • We remove one plug opposite the PCI connector into which we will subsequently insert a Wi-Fi board.
  • We insert a Wi-Fi adapter into a PCI slot. We check whether it is connected tightly into the connector.
  • Return the side cover of the system unit in place and screw the antenna into the adapter.

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wi-fi, network, laptop

Installation of drivers and setting a Wi-Fi network

When a wireless internal module is installed on a computer, proceed to installing drivers. Typically, a disk is included with the board, with the necessary utilities and drivers. If it is not there, nothing bad, enter the name of the module in any search engine and download them from the manufacturer’s website.

How to Force a Public Wi-Fi Network Login Page to Open. Open Wifi Network Access.

  • After installing the driver, you will have a wireless Internet icon on your desktop.
  • Run it with a double press. A list of all wireless networks will appear, which can be connected, provided that you know the password.
  • Click on the network you need and enter the password.

We will use the external Wi-Fi adapter

This option is simpler, unlike the above. Here you also need to buy an adapter, but only external. Now disassemble the system unit, there is no need, because this module is connected to the computer using USB input. Assortment of this type of modules, a large number in the market. We recommend buying with external antenna, which can be replaced with a more powerful.

Put the drivers and set up Wi-Fi connection

  • Stuck USB wi-fi adapter in PC. Wait a couple of minutes.
  • Put the driver on PC using a disk.
  • Climat on the icon that should appear after installing the driver.
  • Click on the wi-fi network you need and write down the access key.

Wi-Fi is urgently required. Do not offer the Internet

And its source is an access point in any way connected to the Internet.

How the Internet enters our homes, we have already found out: it is supplied by special companies. Providers. And the creation and launch of the Wi-Fi source, as a rule, falls on the shoulders of the users themselves.

The access points of the wireless network can be:

  • Devices that are called. “access points”. To enter the Internet, they are connected to routers. But more often these devices exist in the form of a single whole-Wi-Fi-marchrutizers or Wi-Fi-Roters, which is one and the same.
  • Laptops and desktop computers equipped with WIRELESS LAN adapters.
  • Mobile devices-smartphones and tablets with support for SIM cards.
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For constant use, you need a stationary access point, which usually serves as a router or PC, for a temporary one. A laptop or phone is suitable.

First, let’s consider how to confuse the device to an already operating access point, then how to create and start it.

Hidden wireless adapter switch

On some laptops, the power button can be in unexpected places, sometimes you just can’t notice this.

Sometimes the manufacturer puts the switch on the back or side of the device case so that it merges with the case and becomes almost inconspicuous.

Usually the switch is signed by Wlan, Wireless or Pictogram.

If you use an external Wi-Fi adapter, then it is not necessary to turn it on hardware. It is activated automatically when connecting to the laptop through the USB connector.

Option: We activate through the “control panel

This method is suitable for everyone, especially for those who have no rapid.Turning buttons of wai faya.

  • Click on the “Start” and in it we find the “Control Panel” section.
  • Further, under the item “Network and the Internet”, click on the line “Viewing the condition of the network and tasks”.
  • Now, on the left side, clap “Changes in the parameters”. A window will appear in which all the adapters that are on the computer will be displayed.
  • Climate the PKM on the “Wireless Network Connection” module and select the “enable” action.

Later you will see that the wireless module will change the color from pale to bright. This means that the adapter is launched, so you can begin to configure connections to your Wi-Fi router. Our article will help you with this: how to connect to a Wi-Fi network again or for the first time.

How to connect to Wi-Fi?

With the initial Wi-Fi setting, you will have to connect the router to the laptop using the cable, later this cable can be removed.

Now you can configure a Wi-Fi router on the Windows 7 laptop (for example TL WR 720n), you need to start with the opening. The final stage of setting:

  • Open a browser, you will need to print the IP address of the web-intese in the address bar (for TL WR 720n this is, but more often it is found 192.168.One.One).
  • For authorization, standard data are used: Admin as a password and user name. If suddenly the password does not fit, you can try 1234.
wi-fi, network, laptop
  • The web-intake will open. In the “Network” tab in the “WAN” section, it will be necessary to fill out the network parameters and write data for access to the Internet-this information must be clarified by the technical support of your Wi-Fi provider.

If the setting on Windows 7 is made correctly, then the result will be a wireless home Internet.

How to set up wireless Internet access

Those who use a lot and often use a computer, know how much Windows 7 differs from 10, and even more so from XP. Therefore, let’s figure out how to connect and configure a wireless network on a laptop, depending on the OS, which is installed on it. Still one of the most popular operations, 7 remains. Let’s start with her.

Windows 7

Connect a wireless network on the Windows 7 laptop can be as follows:

  • Start with a wi-fi driver check. This will allow you to understand whether it is established and how correctly it works to avoid difficulties with connecting. To do this, go to the “control panel” and select the “Equipment and Sound” section;
  • In the list find the Settlement Adapters subsection. The points of Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Wireless inscription should be present here. The latter means the presence of drivers. If it is not, then you need to install them by downloading from the Internet or from the disk. If there is an inscription, but the exclamation mark is shining, then you should click “use”;
  • If everything is in order with the drivers, then you can proceed to the inclusion of the built.In adapter. To do this, open the “control panel” and go to the “Network and the Internet” section;
  • Configure of the connection. Before you start using the network, you will have to configure it. To do this, go through the “Networks Management and General Access Management” (in the section “Network and the Internet”). There, find the item “Change in the parameters of the adapter”;
  • And finally, the most important thing is connection. Find the wi-fi icon on the desktop, open. You should stand on a home point of access and click “Connection”. Enter the password. Successful connection to the wireless network of the laptop will be reflected in a modified shortcut.
wi-fi, network, laptop

With all other OS, the principle of action, how to connect a laptop to Wi-Fi (no matter Windows XP, 8 or 10 you have the same. Unless the name of the points will be slightly different.

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Start adjustment, as on 7, we advise from checking the drivers and setting up adapters. You can always find detailed instructions above. If you have successfully coped with these points, you should try to connect via the icon in the TEA. If you could not connect a laptop to the Internet via Wi-Fi, then we go in the following way:

Windows 8

You can connect the Internet via Wi-Fi on a laptop with Windows 8 if the device has a built-in Wi-Fi module and all the necessary drivers are installed. You can check this with a right button on the “Start”. Further “Task Manager”, “Network Adapters”.

If the items are not marked in this list with a questioning or exclamation icon, then everything is in order. Otherwise, you need to update the drivers or download them.

Next, you need to configure the Internet on a laptop via Wi-Fi, that is:

  • Put the cursor to the right side of the screen, to the upper corner, the menu with large icons will open;
  • Find among them “parameters”. Then click the icon with the image of the Wi-Fi antenna;
  • Click on it, a small menu of the “network” will open. Here you need to turn on the slider “Wireless network”. Select your access point, click “Connection”. Enter the password.

Windows 10

To connect Wi Wi on the Windows 10 laptop, you follow:

  • Find the connection window in the tray in the form of an icon with a computer and antenna;
  • The “Network Parameters” menu will open;
  • Click on the name of your access point, enter a password.
  • I can’t configure the Internet on a laptop via wi-fi? Check the availability of drivers updating and their performance. To do this, go to the “control panels” to the “Devices” section;
  • In the list of drivers, find the item “Network Adapters” and expand it. The name of the wireless adapter should be the word wireless. If you click on it with the right mouse button, you will see if it is possible to update it. If there is no driver, then it should be downloaded and installed.

Connecting a laptop to a wireless network

In this section, you will learn how to configure Wi-Fi on a laptop on which you decided to install Windows 7, as well as how to connect it to a home network that has an appropriate connection with the Internet.

Having turned on the laptop and waiting for the full loading of the OS and all the necessary services, you should pay attention to the taskbar. If the laptop has a connection with Wi-Fi, a special icon is displayed in the corner of the screen. By how the badge looks like a laptop is visible to the network or not.

If you need to check if there are available connections, you need to click on the left button (mouse) by the icon, then select the network you need.

You may need authentication, t.E. Introduction of the Security Key. After the correct introduction of the password, your device will be connected to the Internet.

In some cases, when the laptop is turned on, the wi-fi icon is not displayed. This suggests that the Wi-Fi module does not work on the laptop or off. On some models of laptopes, you can turn it on by simple pressing the appropriate button on the device case, and in some cases, the module is turned on software.

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To programatically enable the Wi-Fi module you need to go to the control panel where you need to find the network and the Internet and network connections. Next, we see the wireless network connection icon on which we click on the right button and select “Turn on”.

After these manipulations, the wi-fi compound icon in the taskbar should appear. If this does not happen, then you need to check the installation of drivers on a Wi-Fi module. You can do this by installing drivers from a disk that comes with a laptop or downloading the driver from the Internet, turning to the developer’s website.

After installing or updating the drivers, the module should turn on, as evidenced by the appearance of its icon.

Now you should choose the category of the network control center and total access, for which the control panel is used and configure automatic receipt of the IP address.

Then you need to find and select the following item in the menu: Changes in the adapter parameter.

Choose the required network, after bring the cursor to properties and confirm the choice by pressing the mouse. In the newly opened window, the Internet protocol of version 4 (TCP/IPV4) should be indicated and press the properties.

After this procedure, the following category opens, where you already select an automatic receipt of the IP address and automatic receipt of the DNS server address. We confirm our actions, as before, with the help of the “ok”, which is located at the bottom of the window.

Now it remains to connect to the wireless network, as was described earlier and check the Internet connection.

What is necessary?

For the Internet to work properly, you need, in addition to a configured laptop with a Wi-Fi module, connect a router from which the signal comes. Without a point of access to the Internet, the turned on Wi-Fi on the computer is absolutely useless.

To configure the Internet on a laptop via Wi-Fi, you need to do the following actions:

You can find out about how to set up a Wi-Fi router in our separate article and in case of problems there is always a question!

Features of connection to Wi-Fi laptops with various OS

Depending on the operating system, the settings procedure and key points of work may differ.

Settings on Windows 7

To correctly configure Wi-Fi on a laptop with the Windows 7 operating system, you need:

  • Find and open the “Networks Management Center” tab.
  • Then click on “Changes in the parameters of the adapter”.
  • After that, press the “properties” of wireless connection and set the necessary parameters for the TCP/IPV4 protocol. If you do not know them, contact your provider.
  • Next, you need to go back to the “Networks Management Center” tab and press the “Connect to the Network” key.
  • Select your connection. During the direct connection, you need to enter the security key, after which you will get access to the Internet.

You can see a clearly described procedure in the following

Settings on Windows 8 and 10

To connect to Wi-Fi laptopes with the Windows 8 or 10 operating system, take the following steps:

  • Find the tab “Network”.
  • A list of networks will appear that are available, among which you need to choose your.
  • The system will request password entering. Enter it in the specified field.
  • After that, press the “Next” button, and literally after a few seconds you can use the Internet freely.

You can clearly see the procedure for connecting and setting up wireless Internet, described above, you can in the next

Now you got acquainted with step-by-step instructions on how to connect a laptop to Wi-Fi using a special key combination and wireless network settings on a laptop. This is a simple procedure, and you can handle it, even if you are a novice user.

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