How to set up a universal remote control to LG TV

How to set the remote control to the LG TV

If you have lost the control panel from the LG TV or it has finally out of order, and it does not work to find exactly the same in the store, try using one of the universal devices of this category. The universal remote control requires accurate configuration and connection, it is these processes that we will consider in this review.

Depending on the model of the remote control, the process of connecting to the TV may vary, but knowing the basis of the settings, you can intuitively guess what exactly to click. Setting is possible only when the TV is turned on, so activate it from the button on the case. Also check the presence of batteries in the remote control and their performance is desirable if there is such an opportunity.

When both devices are active, click the SET button on the p/y, hold it in a closed state until the LED is illuminated, which is next to it. Then you need to enter one of the codes that are designed for your TV model. These codes are supplied with a universal remote control.

When the code is entered, the LED, which I wrote about above, will burn without ceasing, while before that I should just blink. Now, without using numbers, check the remote control, for example, add the volume. If there is no result, enter the following digital combination from the list of codes. One of the codes will definitely work, as soon as this happens, press the SET button again, after which the setting will survive and the indicator will stop burning, it will light up only when you press one of the keys.

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In the same way, you can configure the universal remote control for other LG equipment, music centers, soundbars, speakers, musical players and even air conditioners, in other words of any equipment that is controlled from the remote control.

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Description of the universal remote control and its functionality

The TV itself is an increasingly rare sight in our time.

Modern models with built.In tuners fully reveal all their potential only complete with other equipment. Only this allows you to use all the functions laid down on TV.

You can connect it, in particular, to an external audio system (with receiver and speakers), to CD/DVD or Blu-Ray to the player, as well as to various types of television signal decodes. However, this set of external devices includes many units of equipment, each of which has its own control panel on the case.

The universal remote control (STPU) allows you to control most of these devices from the same buttons.

Modern multifunctional control panels are adapted to work with many types of devices, even if they are from different manufacturers. This means that you can also use your universal remote control for the remote control of the decoder, soundbar, external player. And much more.

How to set up a universal remote control for TV automatically

There is an alternative way to configure and connect. You need to use autopois, for this you need to take a few simple steps:

  • Turn on the necessary devices.
  • Then sequentially press the OK buttons (or SET for various dishes of devices) and Power. Indicators should light up, which will let the user know that the remote control is engaged in the selection of code for the model of a particular TV.
  • The next step you need to squeeze both buttons at the same time and press Power. If everything is done correctly, the indication of the volume level should appear on the screen.
  • The final step is pressing the SET button twice in a row. The configuration is completed and you can proceed to operation.

Attention! Not all devices support such an auto.Pupe. If the setting has failed, perhaps you have a model without the possibility of a auto.Ore.

In the event that there are problems with automatic setting, another way is presented below. Many models have the ability to quickly select.

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To activate this method, the following steps need to be carried out.

  • First, turn on the devices and check their performance.
  • Press and hold the TV button until the LED is responsible for indicating the power.
  • Then you need to hold the Mute button until the TV connection. After connection, you can release the button.
  • After you need to check the switching devices by controlling the TV from the connected remote control.

If none of the above algorithms allowed the connection of two devices, you can try to connect the remote control to the TV through manual selection of code.

How to reprogram a remote control from a TV

The original remote control, which was included with the TV, can break, get lost, there are cases of spontaneous settings failure. It is problematic to find a new identical one, and a completely efficient “sloth” could be littered with a previous TV or even a video recorder or even a video recorder. Newer models have a special button. Auto scan, which allows you to tie the remote control to any TV, but if there is no button, you have to reprogram the device. It is not as difficult as it sounds, and the skills of the programmer will not be needed.

If the remote control is not new and its serviceability is in doubt, then to check the performance. Look at the infrared diode (a light bulb in front of the remote control) through a phone camera or a digital camera. It should be ignited by pressing the buttons. The eye does not see the IRDA range, and the camera recognizes. Next, we need the device code (this is usually 4 digits). You can find it out in the instructions for the TV, or by studying the sticker behind the device, where the model and serial number are indicated.

How to Setup Universal Remote

If this has not brought success, then on the RCA website.COM you can look for a code either by a TV brand or by the brand of the previous remote control, if available. Open the hatch where the batteries are located, and look for an engraving or sticker with marking in it, for example, RCR321A. We enter this brand in the search field on the RCA website. And we get the code, or even the whole instructions with all the settings codes.

The algorithm directly binding.

  • You need to press and hold the TV button on the remote control. The LED will light up, if it is provided in the design. Do not let go of the button.
  • Now you need to dial the TV code on the digital buttons of the remote control. At the beginning of the set, the diode will go out, then turn on again.
  • Let the TV button. The single flashing of the diode indicates that the code is permissible, four.Fold. A sign of input error, you need to start all over again.
  • Switch the channel to make sure that the binding is successful.

Perhaps not all functions will be available, but basic (channel switching, turning on-off, adjustment of sound, image, entrance to the menu)-should work.

How to configure the remote control

To carry out manual configuration, after the initial conjugation, it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • The previously found sequence of numbers corresponding to the brand of the TV is introduced using a digital keyboard.
  • During the input of the digital combination, the indicator must burn. If he went out, then the wrong code was entered and the input will need to be repeated again.
  • After the desired combination is introduced successfully, you need to press the key 9 and not release until the TV itself is turned off.
  • Next, it is necessary to exit the remote control mode. To do this, you need to press the TV key twice.

After turning on the TV using the remote control, you can start watching programs.

There is the possibility of automatically setting up. It differs in that in this situation there is no need to define the TV code in advance. To perform this procedure after the end of the interfacing procedure, you will need to perform the following actions:

  • The user must introduce a combination 9999.
  • Immediately after that, they press button 9 and do not let it go until an automatic shutdown of the television receiver occurs. This will mean that the code is successful. Usually the search time does not exceed 15 seconds.

When using a universal remote control, you need to consider what functions certain keys perform when working with a specific TV model. In most cases, their appointment is obvious, but sometimes it needs to be clarified.

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How to set up a universal remote control and where to get relevant codes for universal remotes:

How to set up a universal remote control

To activate the universal PU, it is necessary to power it by putting the correct type of battery in the corresponding connector. In some remote control, batteries do not come in the kit, and you have to buy them. Useful advice: it is advisable to purchase not AAA batteries, battery elements that can be charged many times. It will save a lot of money. Together with a nutrient element, a special slot is sold, where they can be installed for reloading. To conduct the operation, you will need to connect the device to the electric network of the house.

As soon as the universal remote control is fed, you can proceed to the Smart TV television surgery. On the remote control, you need to select the suitable mode: TV, DVD or audio (there are other parameters on some models).

The setting of the remote control can be viewed on the video below, however, for each specific case, we will further consider the setting manually and in the machine.

To connect to TV, you need to use the “TV” button. To activate, you need to pinch the key for about 3 seconds and wait for the moment the indicator on the front control panel lights up.

Next, you should enter a specific code from the model of your TV equipment. To find out this parameter, you will need to study the operating instructions. There are several ways to configure the universal remote control to the TV. Manual and automatic.


As mentioned above, for each TV unit there is a certain conjugation code, which is necessary for the accurate configuration of the universal PU.

After its introduction, you need to perform a certain procedure.

What Are the Universal Remote Codes [ How to Enter LG TV Service Menu Code ] @Smart4home

Setting up a universal remote control for TV:

  • For the Supra remote control. Direct the PDA exactly to the TV and squeeze the Power button, after which the window will appear where you need to enter the code from the device. If the numbers are introduced correctly, the LED will blink several times. At this moment, the Power key can be released.
  • For a universal Huayu DNO, you need to clamp the SET and Power buttons simultaneously. You need to wait for the LED to blink. Next, you will need to enter a code of 4 digits. After the diode goes out, you need to press the SET button.
  • For universal PU Beeline, you should activate the “TV” button and at the same time press Setup and C.

After the installation is completed, the device blinks several times. This is a sign that the keys can be released. To check the performance of equipment, it is necessary to increase the volume of the TV. It is important to note that if you do not enter the code for a certain time (60 seconds), then all the settings will have to be re.Seized.


To configure the remote control in automatic mode, you need to press a combination of four nine on the button panel of the PDU, without removing the finger from the “9” key. If everything is done correctly, then the TV is deactivated.

After that, an automatic selection of channels will begin. The operation may take about 15 minutes. This option is used if the user does not have a code for setting up a universal remote control.

How to set up a universal TV remote control:

  • For the SUPRA remote control, you need to turn on the TV, direct the PDU directly to it, and clamp the Power button for 6 seconds. The LED should light up. If the TV device reacts to a decrease or increase in sound, then the setting in automatic mode was successful.
  • On the Huayu PU, you need to clamp the SET button and immediately after it Power. It is important to do the operation correctly. The keys are not activated at the same time, but with a small interval. After that, you can release digging. Squeeze Power again. Make sure that the volume level has appeared on the device screen of the device. To get out of the program, you will need to click on the SET key several times.
  • There is a third setting option that can be used for universal remote control. Television receiver, as in previous cases, should include. Next, press the “TV” button and keep it until the LED starts to burn (blinking may begin on some models). Click the Mute button to start the search. At the end of the process, it is necessary to activate any key of the universal PU and make sure that the TV unit reacts to commands.
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What are remote control panels?

Conditionally, remote controls can be divided into 3 categories. Original, compatible with all devices of one particular brand and universal.

  • Original. These are devices for a specific brand TV model. Such a remote control is included with TV. These are usually the most modern models with added additional functions that are not supported by other TVs.
  • Compatible with the TV brand (in whole or in part). For example, on the remote control of Toshiba TVs, the same commands for initial settings are almost always used (turning on / off, channel change, volume change). Similar situation with TV Xiaomi and LG. But Samsung and Sony usually release a separate model of the remote control with a set of unique teams for each TV.
  • Universal. Such devices are sometimes called programmable. Their infrared sensor supports the entire spectrum of infrices used in remote controls. But at the same time you can use only one range (you can change as necessary). Sometimes they are able to help in managing other devices, for example, DVD players, kitchen systems, stereo systems, etc. D.

Summing up, let’s say that the first two categories are control devices created for a specific type of technical device. An additional difference is that the first type is produced on its own manufacturer, where the TV itself is assembled, and the non-original remote control is made by another license company.

A universal control panel (UPDU) is a studying control device. You can choose its shape, size, color and design in accordance with your personal preferences. Inside such a device there is a special program and a library of codes that allows you to determine almost all TV signals.

There are also applications to smartphones with a universal remote control function. To correctly configure such a program, you must perform the following:

Setting a universal remote control for Smart TV

Universal remotes for Smart TV are more functional, can also support several connection options (through an infrared receiver and wireless communication module).

The principle of setting is two types:

  • Turn on the Power button, pinch the TV key for 5 seconds, then enter the code from a specific TV model.
  • Turn on the Power button, transfer to the mating mode (pinch the SET or TV key for 5. 10 seconds). On the TV itself, open the Bluetooth settings, select the detected remote control. If the conjugation code is requested, then enter 0000. In most cases, further synchronization ends successfully.

If you open TV settings to add a new device, you can use the smartphone. Google produces a special TV Remote Control for TVs under the control of Android TV. To conjure the application and TV there is no need to introduce any commands. It is only enough for the devices to be near (2. 5 meters).

Setting up a universal remote control without code

In this method, you will have to set up on your own and without entering a number. To do this, first you need to turn on TV. Then on the remote control you need to hold a button called SET for a few seconds or can still be setup (TV) until the red sensor becomes bright. Direct your universal device aside TV and click on the green Power button. The indicator should start blinking, so the device began to select the code for your television receiver. We are waiting for some reaction to the TV. For example, the sound will turn off, the channel will switch and t.D, this reaction depends on the brand of the TV or even the remote control. Having waited for the reaction, you must immediately press the Mute sound shutdown button.

PDF Instructions for setting the Rolsen remote control

Below is the official manual for the Rolsen: RRC. 200, RRC. 300. Perhaps it is suitable for other devices.

After waiting a few seconds, the indicator will go out and you can use. If it doesn’t work out, then try to turn off the sound after the channel’s selection, and then do the same actions that are described a little higher. If you did everything right and your devices are really workers, then the setting should be successful.

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