How to Set up a Samsung A 10 Phone

From this article you will learn:

At the end of last year, Samsung Electronics, the manufacturing company, announced the launch of the fashionable new Galaxy A series. Smartphones have all-metal cases and a single design.

The users of the gadgets have caused not only interest, but also a lot of questions. They are especially interested in how to set up the Samsung Galaxy A7?

How to Set up a Samsung A 10 Phone

About how to set up a smartphone, you will learn from this article. As always, detailed instructions will help in this.


Let’s start with how to set up the camera in the Samsung Galaxy A7. You can run it even from standby mode. This is done by pressing the center button on the device. The launch takes place almost instantly.

When looking at the camera briefly, it seems that there are no changes in the new model. In fact, this is so, the placement of elements on the screen, the menu structure, the principles of increasing functionality due to the company extension. all this can be seen in the new device.

Shooting starts when you press the camera or camera button. Using the “mode” button, you can select the main shooting mode displayed at the top of the screen. At the bottom right there is a square from the last picture you took.

At the top right is the automatic mode. And the button located in the upper left allows you to switch the front and main camera (for those who like to make calls and selfies).

Settings can be turned on traditionally, using the gear located on the bottom left.

Indicator light

The inclusion on the smartphone light indication of various events is running Android OS.

Your phone will report missed messages, calls, and that you have a low battery level.

The device has a special indicator light that tells users about events that have occurred with the device.

To configure the indicator light, do the following:

  • Open the menu, select “settings”. “notification indicator”

You can use the search function in the settings section (magnifying glass icon) for the phrase “notification indicator”

  • Check the necessary sections.
  • The indicator light is configured.

Flash notifications

The flash indication of events using the flash may turn on differently on different versions of Android.

For example, on Android 4th version: “Settings”. “My device”. “Indicator”.

On later versions of the OS: “Accessibility”. “Hearing”. “Flash notification”. In this way, a notification is set using the flash directly during a call or message.

Notification of missed events can be configured as follows: “Accessibility”. “Notification reminders”

Also, for more advanced settings of the light indication, you can use some applications (for example, Light Flow)

Mobile Internet Settings

Now we learn how to set up the Internet in Samsung Galaxy A7.

For the Internet, you must first create a profile. It depends on which mobile operator you are using. If you do not, then an error will occur when you try to access the Internet.

The recommended method is automatic. This means that when you install a SIM card in the device, the Internet will automatically configure itself.

If this does not happen, ask your service provider for a special message (it contains the settings you need). The gear envelope icon means the settings are set automatically.


Formation, factory reset means a hard reset process. Such a procedure may be required in various technical situations.

For example, the phone works somehow wrong, errors or malfunctions appear, it starts to fail. Also, a reset will help you out if you fail to enter a pattern or password.

Often technical problems arise if you download a large number of programs, applications, games that do not get along in one device.

The Galaxy A7 menu contains a directory called “settings”. If you go here, you will see “backup, reset.” Using it, you can reset the settings. There are two ways to do this.

  1. Search for “device reset”. Then click delete all. The phone is fully updated. This is the way most gadget users use it. However, it does not always help. Therefore, we move on to the second method.
  2. Turn off your smartphone. Press at the same time a combination. “inclusion”, “home”, “volume up”. You will see the Android icon that appears on the screen. Wait for the Android recovery system to appear. The next action is Yes. delete all user data ”, activate it. Reset done. Do a test reboot by clicking “reboot system now”. The process is completed.

Dealing with the settings in the Samsung Galaxy A7 is quite simple. I hope the article was useful to you, and the new smartphone will continue to please you.