How to Set Up a Router on Windows 7

Hello! Today we will analyze in detail how to configure a local network via a wifi router using the Windows 7 or 10 operating system. You can create it for simple file sharing between computers, as well as for online games. Starting to write this article, I mean that you have already set up your router and connected a couple of computers or laptops to it. If not, be sure to read the router installation guide, otherwise you won’t understand anything.

Creating and configuring a local network through a router

Actually, the term “local network” means that all computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes and other devices that are connected to the same wifi router will see each other and you can exchange data between them. This is the basis for the technologies for creating an FTP server, DLNA media server, access to a shared printer, a surveillance system, and so on.

Now our task is to understand exactly how to create a connection between computers and open shared access to these network resources. it doesn’t matter how you connected the computer to the router. via wifi or cable.

How to share folders on a Windows LAN?

In order to open the local network for general access to some folder on the computer, right-click on it and go to “Properties Access Advanced setup. ” We check the box “Share this folder” and save the setting with the “Apply” button.

How to Set Up a Router on Windows 7

We do the same with all the folders that you need to share with on all computers. After that, going to the “Network” section, you will see the names of these PCs, and going inside them. shared Windows folders.

If it doesn’t connect to them, then try rebooting and reconnecting, or disconnecting firewalls. built-in to Windows or from third-party antiviruses. they can block your attempts to connect.

Home group on Windows 7 on the local network of the router

After creating a local network through a router in Windows 7, you can configure the so-called home group. This is a system in which shared folders, printers and other devices connected to different computers and laptops will be visible and open for work only on those devices that are in this group, and not for all workstations on the network.

To create this restriction, the homegroup is usually password protected.

We go to “Start. Control Panel. Network and Sharing Center.”

I will say right away that creating a home group on the cheapest version of Windows 7. Home Basic, will fail. You can only connect to an existing one. Therefore, this can only be done on the version starting with Home Extended.

So, we connect to the router, find the subtitle “Home group” and click on the link “Ready to create”, and then on the button “Create home group”.

After that, we select the folders and devices that are connected to the computer and to which we want to allow access from the network.

Next, we will be given a generated password, which must be written somewhere, because it will be needed when connecting to the local network via wifi of other computers.

After that, in the next window that opens, we find the link “Change advanced sharing options.” We click on it and look for all the items where it says that you need to “Enable sharing with password protection.” It must be disabled, otherwise it will not work to create a local wifi network. Then save the settings.

That’s all on the first computer. the home group is created. Just in case, you can restart the computer so that everything is saved and all the parameters are applied.

Now you need to connect another computer or laptop to this group. We connect to our wireless network and go through the chain “Start. Control Panel. Network and Sharing Center. Home Group”. And click the “Join” button.

Next, we also configure the second computer in the same way. enter the password, specify the folders to which we want to open access from other devices. Reboot.

If you cannot connect, then disable the third-party firewall (firewall) that you installed. It can also be built into any antivirus.

That’s all. Now, having entered the network, you will see all devices connected via wifi to the local network. By clicking on the icon of any computer, you will see all the shared folders and devices, such as a printer.

How to set up a homegroup on a local network on Windows 10?

The algorithm for creating and connecting to a home group on Windows 10 is similar to the local network on 7-ke, but there is a difference in navigation, how to get into its device. To do this, click on the “Start” icon with the right mouse button and select “Network Connections”

Next we find on the page the block “Home group”

Next we will see all the same that was on Windows 7

  • Create a group or connect to an existing one
  • Choosing which resources to share
  • If necessary, enter the password to connect

But you can also open access to other folders, and not just those that we set when creating the home group.

  1. Right-click on the folder, select “Properties”, the “Access” tab.
  2. Next, the button “Advanced Settings”
  3. and check the box “Share this folder.”
  4. After that, click “apply”

Now this folder has appeared among the shared ones and is visible to all participants of the local wifi network.

LAN and Android

But that is not all. You can make a local network not only between computers and laptops, but also include an Android tablet or smartphone in it, after which we can access files on the phone from the laptop and vice versa. from Android you can go to the Windows folders located on the computer.

There is such a cool program for the mobile platform as ES Explorer. It can be downloaded through the Google Play app. Install it and connect from Android to wifi.

After that, go to the “Menu” and open the “Network” subsection

We open the LAN section. the explorer will find all computers of a local area network. Those of them that you can enter into this file and look at files from them are highlighted in dark color.

If this PC is part of a password-protected home group, an additional authorization window will open

After which we will see all open system shared folders

But this is not all. now you can also directly print documents from this gadget through a printer connected to one of the computers to which sharing is configured.

I hope that after reading this article you have realized all the advantages of setting up a local network through a router and now you can exchange documents between computers via wifi. If you have questions, ask in the comments!