How To Set Up A Network Between Computers Through A Router


Even 10-15 years ago. having a computer was almost a luxury, now even having two (or more) computers in the house does not surprise anyone. Naturally, all the advantages of a PC appear when you connect it to a local network and the Internet, for example: network games, sharing disk space, fast file transfer from one PC to another, etc.

Not so long ago, I was “lucky” to create a home LAN between two computers to “share” the Internet from one computer to another. I’ll tell you how to do this (from fresh memory) in this post.

1. How to connect computers to each other

The first thing to do when creating a local network is to decide how it will be built. A home LAN usually consists of a small number of computers / laptops (2-3 pcs.). Therefore, 2 options are most often used: either computers are connected directly using a special cable; Or use a special device. a router. Consider the features of each option.

Direct computer connection

This option is the simplest and cheapest (in terms of equipment costs). This way you can connect 2-3 computers (laptops) to each other. over, if at least one PC is connected to the Internet, you can allow access to all other PCs in such a network.

What is needed to create such a connection?

By the way, you need to pay attention to the fact that the cable is needed to connect the computer to the computer (cross-connection). If you take the cable to connect the computer to the router. and use it by connecting 2 PCs. such a network will not work!

2. Each computer must have a network card (in all modern PCs / laptops it is available).

It remains only to connect 2 system units with a cable and turn on both computers for further settings. By the way, if one of the PCs is connected to the Internet via a network card, then you need a second network card. to use it to connect the PC to a local network.

Pluses of this option:


Creating a home LAN using a router

A router is a small box that greatly simplifies the creation of a local network and Internet connection for all devices in the house.

Desktop computers are connected to the router via a cable (usually 1 cable is always included with the router), laptops and mobile devices are connected to the router via Wi-Fi. You can see how to connect a PC to a router in this article (using the example of a D-Link router).

The organization of such a network is described in more detail in this article:



2. Configuring the local network in Windows 7 (8)

After computers are interconnected by any of the options (whether they are connected to a router or directly to each other), you need to configure Windows to fully work with the local network. We show on the example of Windows 7 (the most popular OS to date, the setting is similar in Windows 8, see

Before configuring, it is recommended to disable firewalls and antiviruses.

2.1 When connecting through a router

When connected via a router, the local network, in most cases, is configured automatically. The main task is to configure the router itself. Popular models have already been disassembled on the blog pages earlier, I will give a few links below.

After setting up the router, you can start setting up the OS. So…

1. Setting up a workgroup and PC name

The first thing to do is set a unique name for each computer on the local network and set the same name for the workgroup.

Working Group: WORKGROUP

Working Group: WORKGROUP

To change the name of the PC and workgroup, go to the control panel at the following address: Control Panel \ System and Security \ System.

Next, in the left column, select the option “advanced system parameters”, a window should open in front of you, in which you need to change the necessary parameters.

Windows 7 System Properties

2. File and Printer Sharing

If you do not take this step, then whatever folders and files you share with anyone, no one will be able to access them.

To enable the option of sharing printers and folders, go to the control panel and open the “Network and Internet” section.

Next, go to the “Network and Sharing Center.”

Now click in the left column on the item “change advanced sharing options”.

You will see several 2-3 profiles (in the screenshot below 2 profiles: “Home or Work” and “General”). In both profiles, you must enable file and printer sharing to disable password protection. See below.

Sharing setup.

Advanced sharing options

After making the settings, click “save changes” and restart the computer.

3. Sharing folders for sharing

How To Set Up A Network Between Computers Through A Router

Now, in order to use the files of another computer, it is necessary for the user to share folders on it (to give them general access).

It is very simple to do this. in 2-3 clicks with the mouse. Open the explorer and right-click on the folder that we want to open. In the context menu, select “Sharing. home group (reading)”.

Then it remains to wait about 10-15 seconds and the folder will appear in the public domain. By the way, to see all the computers in the home network. click on the “Network” button in the left column of the explorer (Windows 7, 8).

2.2 When connecting directly, sharing Internet access on a second PC

In principle, most of the steps for setting up a local network will be very similar to the previous option (when connecting via a router). In order not to repeat, steps that are repeated, I will mark in brackets.

1. Setting up the computer name and workgroup (similarly, see above).

2. Configuring file and printer sharing (similarly, see above).

3. Setting IP addresses and gateways

Setup will need to be done on two computers.

Computer number 1.

Let’s start the setup from the main computer, which is connected to the Internet. We go to the control panel at: Control Panel \ Network and Internet \ Network Connections (OS Windows 7). Next, turn on “Local Area Connection” (the name may vary).

Then go to the properties of this connection. Next, we find in the list “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)” and go to its properties.

subnet mask.

Save and exit.

Computer number 2

Go to the settings section: Control Panel \ Network and Internet \ Network Connections (OS Windows 7, 8). We set the following parameters (similar to the settings of computer No. 1, see above).

subnet mask.,

primary gateway.
DNS server.

Save and exit.

4. Sharing Internet access for a second computer

On the main computer that is connected to the Internet (computer No. 1, see above), go to the list of connections (Control Panel \ Network and Internet \ Network Connections).

Next, go to the properties of the connection through which the Internet connection is made.

Then, in the “access” tab, we allow other network users to use this connection to the Internet. See screenshot below.

Save and exit.

5. Opening (sharing) of shared access to folders (see above in the subsection when configuring a local network when connecting via a router).

That’s all. All successful and quick setup of the local network.