How to Set Up a Honor 10 Lite Phone

Honor 10 Lite is similar to the older model in appearance, but noticeably differs from it in both characteristics and cost. At the same time, the smartphone is practical. the audio jack and the NFC chip are preserved, but the cutout in the screen has decreased. Can a beginner become a favorite of the market? Let’s try to find out.

The design is simple but with a twist

Unlike Honor 10, the Lite version was equipped with a plastic cover instead of a glass one. However, the polished rear panel still shimmers beautifully in the light. It looks more expensive than it costs: plastic can be recognized only by tapping the case with a finger.

Thanks to the thin bezels around the display, the Honor 10 Lite does not seem large, instead of an impressive cutout. a small drop-shaped protrusion under the front camera. It looks harmonious, besides there is more space for notifications at the top of the screen. Because of this, the alert indicator has moved to the lower frame.

The presence of a 3.5 mm audio jack will appeal to those who do not want to bother with adapters or purchase wireless headphones. But the micro-USB port in 2019 already seems a little archaic, although it is still often found in low-cost smartphones.

Good screen

The display pleases not only with brightness and large viewing angles, but also with high definition. The resolution of 2340×1080 pixels with a diagonal of 6.21 inches is sufficient to ensure that friability of fonts and graininess of the image are absent as a class. In addition, the protective glass has a high-quality oleophobic coating: the finger glides easily and fingerprints are easily removed. The aspect ratio of 19.5: 9 allowed us to make the gadget narrow and ergonomic, while a lot of content is placed on the screen.

For those who don’t like even a small cut-out for the front camera, there is a loophole: it will be possible to hide it programmatically, darkening the empty areas on the sides. True, full masking is not possible due to the IPS matrix. But if you do not look closely, it looks neat.

Intelligent Photography

The camera is represented by the main module with a resolution of 13 megapixels and an auxiliary 2 megapixels (it is used to create a blurred background). The application is simple and intuitive. You can switch between shooting modes using swipes, and artificial intelligence functions are activated by clicking on the icon at the top of the interface.

The front camera has an impressive resolution of 24 megapixels for this class of devices. With its help, it is convenient to unlock the smartphone: face recognition is fast and almost error-free.

Interesting additional shooting functions that are identical to those of the older models of the brand. For example, in the “Night” mode, you will be able to take photographs with a shutter speed of four seconds directly from your hands without resorting to a tripod.

How to Set Up a Honor 10 Lite Phone

So Honor 10 Lite writes in Full HD resolution and at 60 fps. shooting is not the strongest side of the device: autofocus is unstable, dynamic range is small.

User friendly interface

Honor 10 Lite received a proprietary EMUI shell of the ninth version, in which almost everything can be customized to your preferences: a wide selection of themes and icons. The interface also has many useful features, including screen recording and application cloning.

Instead of traditional buttons and gesture control, you can use the navigation key, which is fixed anywhere on the screen. And through the phone manager, in a couple of clicks, optimize the device: clear the cache, extend battery life, or set up a “black list” of calls. The implementation is convenient, understanding the wisdom of the shell is not difficult.

Performance and autonomy

The smartphone is based on the HiSilicon Kirin 710 chipset, created using a 12-nanometer process technology. Together with 3 GB of RAM, the platform power is enough for active operation. Honor 10 Lite works smartly: it easily switches between tasks, does not unload running applications from memory, and it pleases with a smooth interface. The only complaint I want to make to the device is the lack of dual-band Wi-Fi: as you know, 2.4 GHz broadcast is usually clogged with access points and will not allow to develop a decent connection speed.

Honor 10 Lite performs well in games: World of Tanks, even in the most dynamic shootouts, quietly produces 30 fps on the maximum graph. Due to the test firmware of the smartphone, it was not possible to measure the benchmark readings, but the Kirin 710 already showed decent results in comparing processors.

In the autonomy test, the gadget lasted about 12.5 hours, continuously playing a at 50% of the screen brightness in flight mode. For a battery with a capacity of 3400 mAh, the indicator is not bad. In everyday use, you can count on a day and a half to work without an outlet. And if you do not load the smartphone too actively, then two full days without recharging are quite achievable.


Honor 10 Lite looks like a balanced device. It has a good screen and an advanced front-facing camera (the latter will especially appeal to girls), as well as an NFC module, which is far from being available on all inexpensive smartphones. The audio jack is in place, which will also appeal to many. However, the micro-USB port is already out of date, Wi-Fi does not have support for 5 GHz, and the camera is losing ground significantly in the dark. If you do not pay attention to these features, Honor 10 Lite makes a good impression: confident “good” in most disciplines.