How to Set up a Galaxy Tab Tablet

In this review, we will consider the technical parameters and some settings of the device samsung 3100 tablet. The tablet is made of plastic, although at first glance the material resembles metal, but after the first touch everything becomes obvious. Function keys and connectors are correctly located. do not fall out and do not stick.
The box includes:

  1. The tablet itself;
  2. Power Supply;
  3. Cable for USB power supply;
  4. Headphones.

User’s manual

How to Set up a Galaxy Tab Tablet

As you can see, in the picture, the tablet is equipped with a 3 megapixel rear camera, to the left of it on the side there is an “On / Off” button and a volume control. On the right side is a slot for a SIM card and a slot for an additional memory card.

Tablet back cover

Lower edge of the body

On the bottom edge, the samsung gt p3100 tablet has a connector for connecting the charger cable (as well as external peripheral devices via host-USB), a microphone and two speakers, respectively. On the opposite upper side is the headphone jack and a second microphone.

Appearance of the device

On the front of the tablet are light and proximity sensors, a 0.3 MP front camera and a speaker for conversations. As you can see, the tablet has a fairly seasoned design, nothing revolutionary or new could be expected here. A feature of such a device is a 7-inch diagonal, which allows you to take it with you, put it in your pocket, or just carry it in your hands, and this will not cause such discomfort as a 10 inch tablet.


The device works on the basis of the Android operating system, which makes it easier to configure and more functional in operation, as Google employees have tried on practicality in their work. The gt p3100 tablet is equipped with a dual-core processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz, on a TI OMAP4430 chip. RAM is only 1 GB, and non-volatile 8/16/32 GB, which is good, as there is support for microSD memory cards (up to 64 GB), as mentioned above. The tablet features a 7-inch TFT screen with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels, support for many touches (up to 10), a processor based on the PowerVR SGX540 chip. The display protects against mechanical and other damage a special glass, unfortunately, glare is visible in bright light. Due to the light sensor, the tablet automatically adjusts the brightness level. The tablet also has a Wi-Fi and 3G module for accessing the Internet. In addition, the device supports the cellular mode, that is, you can use it as a regular smartphone (calls and messages). It has a Bluetooth module for data exchange, automatic screen orientation, GPS and compass.

Tablet setup

After clicking on the icon (in the upper right corner. 6 squares) the following window of the main application menu will appear. If you click on the time (in the lower right corner), the Notification Panel will appear.

Tablet desktop

Main application menu

In the main application menu, the samsung p3100 tablet has several dozens of pre-installed programs that will help you work with, music, photos, texts. Also, the tablet has an installed browser for accessing the Internet, applications for viewing news, a calculator, search, alarm clock, application for cellular communications (phone and messages, as well as setting up a SIM card). Additional software can be downloaded from the Google Play online service, which houses both paid and free programs. To go to this service, you just need to find the program’s shortcut. Play Store. in the main application menu and click on it (you must register on Google mail to get an account on the Play Store).

It is important to know that registration instructions can be obtained at the entrance to the Play Store.

Google Play Service Window

To configure the samsung galaxy tab p3100 tablet for yourself, you need to find the Settings tab and click on it, after which a window will appear, as shown in the picture below.

Wi-Fi settings window

So, setting up Wi-Fi is very simple, as we see next to the name, next to it is the “Off / On” slider, click on VK. and wait while the module scans the network. If there are access points in the radius, he will certainly find them, as shown in the picture.

Wi-Fi and 3G settings window

Next, select your point, or the point to which there is a password, enter it: Internet access is provided. In the same way, you can go online and through 3G (mobile Internet).

Developer Options Window

Select the “Advanced” tab, before that, insert the SIM card into the slot and restart the tablet. Select “Mobile Networks.” If before that the Internet was already configured on the map, you just need to turn on “Data Transfer” in the Notification Panel or in “Mobile Networks”. If not, you need to enter the data that the cellular company provides in the “Mobile Networks / Access Point (APN)” field.

In this tab, you can configure different visual displays on the screen of your actions, that is, touch, CPU operation, a mode in which it is notified about the long work of some application, scale.

Memory settings window

In this window you can get information about the use of memory, both internal and external, if any. The occupied memory is distributed according to the types of files that are recorded, for example:

Date and Time Settings Tab

As we see above, you can set the date and time, set a different clock format, and also get automatic time and date via the Internet. In the “Applications” tab, you can see which applications were installed, which ones on the external memory card and which ones on the internal one, and also delete unnecessary programs. In the “Display” tab, you can adjust the brightness of the screen, the time of its operation when idle, the font size and style. The Security tab will help protect access to your files of other persons, and in the Accounts and Sync tab you can configure vibration, volume, notifications, ringtone and other sound settings.

The function helps to extend the battery life of the device.

Display Settings Window

Network Data Monitoring Window

Sound preference window

Bluetooth Settings Window

To summarize

In general, the tablet justifies its cost, the main feature, as mentioned above, is a seven-inch screen. devices with such a diagonal are becoming more popular. Autonomous work with Wi-Fi is about 4 hours, a full charge from the network is 3.5 hours. Enough powerful speakers, a very good microphone and a speaker.

The tablet comes with two options: the presence of 3G and the absence. The device pulls the game well. so there’ll be no problems with the selection. Good resolution, the pixel grid is invisible, and the color rendition and shades of colors are very bright and natural.

After weighing all the minuses (vertical docking station) and the pros, we can say that this device is the best suited for even the most fastidious buyer.

Instructions and information on installing the new software (Android 4.1) can be obtained from the below.