How To Set Up A Fitness Band For Huawei Band 4

It’s the turn to write detailed instructions in Russian on how to connect the Huawei Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet to your phone and set up your smart watch via the mobile application. Unfortunately, I did not have Honors 3 and 4, so there is no way to compare them. But we’ll see with a fresh, unencumbered look, how to turn on the alarm clock, measure the pulse, pressure. We also learn how the pedometer works, see the weather, change the dial and set up notifications. The guide will be universal for both Android smartphones (Xiaomi, Samsung, Honor, Huawei, Meizu, etc.) and the iPhone.

How to enable the Honor Band 5 bracelet?

After I opened the box with the fitness tracker, the first thing I asked myself was how to turn on the Huawei Honor Band 5? The touch button completely refused to respond to pressing. It turned out simple. the first time you turn on, you need to put the bracelet on charge. Then it will turn on and start working.

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What application for smart bracelet to download to your phone?

Setting up the Honor Band 5 is done using the mobile application for the phone. There is a version for both Android and iPhone, but there is a slight difference between them, which I will talk about a little later. In the meantime, you need to download the Huawei Health program from the Google Play Market or AppStore and install it on your smartphone.

Before starting installation on the phone, the application will ask you to give it all the permissions necessary for work. to use Bluetooth and send notifications

Then we agree to send your personal data to Huawei servers (do not worry, no one is going to follow you) and accept the user agreement

Next, you need to fill out your profile so that the fitness tracker can correctly calculate your steps and other biometric indicators. Here you need to specify gender, height, weight, date of birth. And if you wish, you can add a photo by taking it right now or by choosing a finished picture from the gallery.

The next step is the ability to synchronize data from the Huawei Health app with the built-in Health program.

To do this, we allow the transfer to the smartphone of all our data on the pulse, distance traveled in steps, sleep duration and other daily activities.

Now you can return to the main screen of the Huawei Health application.

Instructions on how to connect Honor Band 5 to your phone

Let’s move on to connecting the Honor Band 5 smart bracelet to the phone. To do this, in the Huawei Health application, go to the “Devices” menu from the main screen

How To Set Up A Fitness Band For Huawei Band 4

To add a fitness tracker Honor click on the plus sign in the upper right corner

Next, go to the “Smart Bracelet”

And we choose our Huawei model. we need Honor Band 45″

When performing a search, the application will suggest choosing our Honor Band 5 bracelet for connecting to a smartphone

And confirm the creation of a pair on the screen of the tracker itself by clicking on the green icon.

After which we will once again be asked to allow pairing between the phone and the fitness tracker via Bluetooth and sending notifications

Honor Band 5 Firmware Update

Immediately after creating the pair, the Huawei Health application will request a new firmware version from its servers. Upgrade your Honor Band 5 now or not. you decide. But I am in favor of installing the latest software versions.

Setting up the Honor Band 5

Now you can proceed to the detailed settings of Honor Band 5. Some of the parameters can be adjusted from the screen of the bracelet itself, as we already saw in the full review. But all the basic configurations are carried out precisely through the mobile application.

To go to the settings of the bracelet, you need to open the same “Devices” menu. Now here it is no longer empty, but the Honor Band 5 is displayed. click on it

And we get into the main section

Honor Band 5 Sleep Monitoring

The first on the list is Huawei TrueSleep sleep monitoring. There are no settings here. only enable or disable the mode. Information about your dream will subsequently be displayed on the main page of the application.

However, the function is more likely useful not by itself, but as an auxiliary for working with the same alarm clock, helping to wake you up at the right time.

Setting an alarm on the Honor Band 5

What is a fitness bracelet without an alarm clock? In Honor Band there is the ability to set the vibration signal, not only for a certain time.

There is also a “smart” alarm clock that will work, focusing on your phases of sleep at the most favorable moment for health. For his work, sleep monitoring on the bracelet must be turned on.

Heart rate setting on Honor Band 5

The first item on the Honor Band 5 is setting up heart rate tracking. Someone mistakenly calls this pressure, but in fact, a pulse is measured here.

When the switch is activated in this section, the pulse measurement will be carried out regularly with the frequency set here. It makes sense to activate only when you really need to constantly monitor it. For example, when performing any exercises.

There are two pulse measurement modes:

  • In real time at a certain interval
  • “Smart”. when measurements are made based on the statistics of your activity during the day

It is also possible to enable sending a notification of high heart rate to the phone. The boundary to be considered critical is also configured in the application.

You need to understand that constant pressure measurement drains the bracelet’s battery strongly, which means your Honor Band 5 will live autonomously for fewer days than it could be. Therefore, personally, I would recommend using a heart rate monitor as necessary, calling this function manually from the tracker screen.

Honor Band 5 Feature Setting

In the “Function Settings” menu, we have the ability to enable or disable certain parameters that will be displayed on the bracelet screen.

For example, if you do not track the phases of sleep or the amount of oxygen in the lungs, then just click on the brick icon, and this data will disappear from the fitness tracker menu.

Set up notifications on the Honor Band 5 from your phone

For displaying notifications from the phone on the screen of the Honor Band 5 bracelet, two menu items are responsible. Do Not Disturb and Notifications.

In the Do Not Disturb mode, we can configure in detail the conditions under which event alerts from smartphone applications will not come.

  • Do not disturb all day. notifications will not come to the tracker at all
  • Do not disturb when the device is not on. this is also a good function that will not give a signal if the bracelet is not used. Since the vibration motor is triggered during the notification, this will save the battery capacity of the Honor Band.
  • Schedule. setting the days and hours in which notifications will be turned on or off.
  • Included here is the screen activation point by raising the wrist. Also a small but nice feature that will save you a couple of movements to activate the bracelet

In the notification settings on Android, we can specifically indicate from which applications it is necessary to receive messages.

But in iOS on iPhone, their list is very limited. it is a standard application for SMS messages, WhatsApp, Instagram and Other.

But the latter refers to all other applications that are installed on the smartphone and which send alerts. They then will be duplicated on a fitness bracelet upon activation of this item.

Weather Display on Honor Band 5

Setting the current weather display consists of enabling this function and selecting a temperature scale. The data will be loaded from the standard application on the phone, taking into account its current geolocation.

Setting up the Honor Band 5 dials

There are two ways to choose a dial on the Honor Band 5, which differs from the standard one. Firstly, several predefined ones are available directly in the bracelet itself. To do this, go to the menu “. Dials” and select one of the proposed

Another option is to install the dial from the application on the phone. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this feature is not available in the modification for the iPhone and is only available on Android.

A huge number of dials for every taste are available for selection

But as it turned out in practice, it is simply impossible to install directly from the Huawei Health application. To download, you must first download another application. Huawei mobile services. And register in it or log in using an existing account.

How to turn on music through Honor Band 5?

A reasonable question that I asked myself after watching several reviews on the Internet is how to enable music control on the phone through Honor Band 5. And I found an answer to it only after connecting the bracelet to the Xiaomi smartphone. It turns out that for owners of iPhones, developers also cut this option, leaving it only for working with Android.

It can be deactivated through the settings in the application. And when the state is on, the screen with music playback control is in the main menu on the screen of the fitness tracker

How to charge Honor Band 5?

In order to charge the Honor Band 5 bracelet, you must use the proprietary contact pad that comes with the tracker. Without charging it is not possible, because unlike many other Chinese models, the Honor Band 5 does not have a USB connector as such.

There are only three pins that, when securing the bracelet in the charger, match the contacts on it.