How To Set Up A Fingerprint On Huawei

How to set up a fingerprint on Honor and Huawei? At all times, the security of personal information has been a priority in the development of telephones. Therefore, the world famous Chinese corporation Huawei has introduced in its products an ultra-precise Touch ID fingerprint indicator. Compared to other companies that offer a password or a graphic key, this is a new and fresh solution to the issue of protecting the user’s personal data. over, the option does not have much effort in setting up and using.

How to put a fingerprint on Honor and Huawei

On how to set up a fingerprint on Huawei, we will tell you step by step:

  1. Open the settings section of the smartphone through the gear in the menu or by lowering the curtain on the screen.
  2. Find the Security and Privacy section, go to it.
  3. There you open the fingerprint position.
  4. Then click on the item Manage fingerprint.

Here, the Android system will require you to specify an additional identity identifier in the form of a key or code. This must be done so that the owner can use the device in the event of a mechanical breakdown of the scanner or system failure.

  1. Configure an additional lock.
  2. Choose applications for Touch ID (full phone unlock or separate access to some parameters).
  3. Next, save your finger in the phone’s memory by repeatedly tapping the panel. Each time a vibration response will be felt. This is a reading indicator.
  4. Click the “Apply” button at the bottom of the screen.
How To Set Up A Fingerprint On Huawei

Additional fingerprint features

By touching the sensor, it is possible not only to remove the unit from the Honor or Huawei smartphone, but also some more actions:

  1. Take a photo or through the Camera.
  2. Answer an incoming call.
  3. Deactivate the alarm.
  4. Launch the device notification bar.
  5. Review photos from the gallery.

Possible problems and solutions

Complaints that are most often left on the forums and in the chat of support for Huawei subscribers:

  • the finger reader sensor malfunctions. it actually works only after a few taps;
  • there is no reaction at all when clicked;
  • the setting item is not displayed.

Depending on what is causing the problem and what are its features, solutions should be identified. Here are some universal tips:

  1. Get access to your desktop by using a PIN or pattern
  2. discharge the device completely;
  3. then charge 100%
  4. Wipe the scanner area thoroughly with a dry cloth.

Most often this solves the problem. Another commonplace, but effective option is a reboot. If the sensor breaks down, you should contact experienced specialists in the Huawei brand center.

If this is not possible, find a good master.

How to disable Touch ID

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Open the item Security and Confidentiality.
  3. There we are looking for the position of the Fingerprint and its management.
  4. Enter your key.
  5. Deactivate the function.

To date, the fingerprint function of the updated version was presented in the models 7c, 8x, 9 Light, 10, 10 Light Huawei. It is possible to install and disable it an unlimited number of times without involving third-party applications.