How To Set Time On Redmi Phone

How to set screen off time on Xiaomi (Redmi) from 15 seconds to infinity

On a Xiaomi (Redmi) phone, it is possible to set the screen off time from 15 seconds to infinity.

The operating time of the screen is configurable so that the user can choose the duration of its glow that is comfortable for himself. The fact is that the screen is the most energy-consuming element of a smartphone, in the settings you can make it work constantly, but in this case the phone‘s battery will run out very quickly. You need to look for a middle ground in everything.

To change the backlight time of the Xiaomi screen, open general settings and find the item “Lock and protection”. Now we need the “Sleep mode” item. It is responsible for after what period of time of inactivity the Xiaomi screen turns off. You need to choose from the following values: 15 or 30 seconds, from 1 to 10 minutes. Choose the operating time that suits your smartphone use. Another hidden screen setting is not to turn off while charging. To unlock it, you need to enable developer mode. To do this, go to general settings, find the item “About phone“. Now you need the line “MIUI Version”, click on it 6 times in a row, after which a message will appear stating that you have become a developer. Return to the settings and then go to the “Advanced settings” menu. Scroll down the list, enter the “For Developers” menu. Be careful, in these settings, change only those options in which you are sure, they affect the stability of Xiaomi. We need the item “Do not turn off the screen”, if you turn it on, provided that Xiaomi is connected to the charger, the screen will not turn off until you disconnect it from the network.

No smartphone or app

Changing the time on the bracelet, setting it up is impossible without using a smartphone and an application. The use of emulators on computers is analogous to the use of a telephone, but it is more used by those who carry out the firmware of devices. Manual configuration is impossible, because the gang itself does not provide mechanisms for independent work.

Xiaomi developers recommend using the Mi Fit app, which is available to users of two main mobile operating systems: Android, iOS. The program has low requirements for a smartphone and is available for most existing models. The same applies to Bluetooth, which most phones have.

How to set the time on a fitness bracelet

Time setting on Bend is fully automated and obeys the value set on the smartphone. There is no need to specifically specify how to set the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet. Any change in the watch parameters will immediately change on the bracelet due to synchronization.

Additionally, for convenience, users connect the function to turn on the display when the hand is raised. This is a standard gesture for a wristwatch recognized by the Gang. Convenience consists in eliminating the need to touch the sensor to check the time.

Via computer

Only the Mi account is authorized through the computer for the Xiaomi bracelet. The official software restricts the use of hardware other than a smartphone. You cannot set the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet, or change all other settings: interface, standard step count, alarm time and others.

The only way to get around the limitation is to install a special emulator program that allows you to configure the tracker through a computer and without a smartphone. Such programs are only compatible with the Android system, which allows you to connect without desync devices. Iphone owners will have to go through the following procedure:

The emulator acts as a platform that has the functions of a smartphone, but works through a computer.

How to set up your Mi Band 4 watch

Setting up the Mi Band 4 watch begins with establishing a connection between the smartphone and the bracelet itself. To do this, the user downloads a special Mi Fit app from Xiaomi. Communication is via Bluetooth, so it must be turned on during setup. The application records all data received from the bracelet, which are then displayed in the Mi account.

The clock is set automatically when synchronization is established between the Xiaomi tracker and the phone. The bracelet displays the same time as the smartphone. When you change the time on the mobile, it also changes to Mi Band 4. The display type and the displayed information are changed in the Mi Fit application through the “Display settings” menu. This is how the appearance of the clock is configured, which can show two types of information:

  • Time itself (hours and minutes);
  • Date (day and day of the week).

How to set the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet: setting the watch

The continuation of the beloved series of fitness bracelets from Xiaomi. Mi Band 4, which has the main functions for monitoring health, rhythm, movement. Synchronization with a mobile phone and the wrist nature of the item determine the use of Banda as a watch. The logical continuation of the phone‘s functionality is embodied in the bracelet.

After the purchase, users are faced with the need to customize the Bend and sometimes questions arise, including how to set up the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Time control is no less important in everyday activities than the rhythm values. Users should know that the main way to set the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet is through the Mi Fit application synchronized with the smartphone. There are more sophisticated options.

How to change the time on the clock: is it possible to do it?

Changing the time on the watch for the bracelet from Xiaomi is carried out by changing the parameters in the phone settings. This allows you to easily adapt to the surrounding circumstances: changing the time zone, switching to winter time and SIMple clarification in case of lag or “haste”. All changes are shown on the display instantly.

How to set the time on Xiaomi?

Among the reasons for displaying an incorrect time in a smartphone are: an incorrectly set time zone, a malfunction of the operating system, the transition to winter / summer, etc. Due to incorrect data, the alarm clock, calendar reminder and other functions of the mobile device may not work correctly. Let’s take a look at how to properly set the time on Xiaomi devices and solve common crash problems.

The instruction will be relevant for all phone lines: Redmi, Mi and others.

Setting the time on Xiaomi smartphones. A practical guide and solution to possible problems. Time setting

To start changing the parameters, you must:

    Open the settings menu;

Click on the line “Advanced settings”;

How To Set Time On Redmi Phone
  • Select the item “Date and time”.
  • In the window that opens, you can start configuring additional options. Consider what the points of this section are responsible for and what adjustments can be made:

      Network date and time. If this switch is activated, the smartphone will receive data from the mobile operator’s network or Internet connection. To manually change the time or the current date, you must disable the parameter and make the adjustment yourself.

  • Network time zone. When activated, the data is received in the same way. To change the settings, turn off the parameter and select the time zone yourself.
  • 24 hour format. Does not affect the correctness of the data, but allows you to choose in which format the time will be displayed: 24 or 12 hours. When you select the latter option, one of two marks will be displayed near the clock: AM. Time before noon, PM, respectively. After noon.
  • Manual adjustment of the first and second items in the list will help display the correct time on your smartphone or tablet.

    If you deactivate receiving parameters from the network, the data will not be constantly synchronized, which means that the clock may slightly deviate from the exact indicator. It is recommended to check the time displayed on your phone once a week with an official source.

    Time is lost when rebooting Xiaomi

    Some users of smartphones of this brand face a problem when the wrong time or date is displayed after restarting the device. This drawback most often manifests itself in the MIUI 8 firmware. Consider the solutions:

    • Installing the Clock sync app. The program supports launch along with the OS and will synchronize data over the Internet. Will help in cases when the network operator sends incorrect time.
    • Manual time setting as described in the previous section.
    • Change GPS settings. The problem can arise when the current location of the device is incorrectly determined. You need to check which region is displayed, and if the data is incorrect, change to the country in which you are.
    • Region change. You need to open the device settings, go to the “Advanced” tab, then. “Region”. Select a country with the same time zone as your city. Especially relevant for residents of the Russian Federation.
    • Operating system flashing. This problem is rare but also occurs. The source of incorrect data is a bug in the code, which can only be fixed by installing a newer version of the system.
    • Disabling automatic time acquisition and setting the region “MSK”. After completing these steps, you need to manually set the time and restart the device. Many users noted that this solution fixes the problem.

    These recommendations will help to resolve the issue of incorrect display of time in most cases.