How to Set Time on Iphone 5

Buying a new phone is not only joy and fun. As practice shows, this is also a whole series of problems arising from the inability to use this device. Difficulties arise both at the initial stage, and when, it would seem, everything has long been known.

This article is intended for people who are looking on the Internet for information about setting the time on the iPhone 4s, written in an understandable language. Typically, most of them face four types of similar difficulties when using a smartphone. Let’s consider each of them.

Problems lurking iPhone owners when setting up the watch

Many iPhone owners complain that the time on the device changes spontaneously. Often this happens when most countries of the world switch from winter to summer time and vice versa. Such a turn of events is not always expected, therefore it causes a lot of discontent and questions.

Time does not translate automatically

Such a problem arises among residents of those countries where, in order to save energy resources, it is instituted to turn the clock back and forth twice a year. It is unfortunate, of course, if the hopes for the iPhone did not materialize, but this, fortunately, is not a hopeless situation. you can manually set the clock back.

The time on the iPhone does not match the time in the applications

The time in applications can differ significantly from the time that is relevant in the user’s actual location. The reason for this, as a rule, is incorrect time zone settings.

The time on the iPhone is constantly getting lost

This also happens with incorrect settings. How to set the time correctly is described below.

Time Display on iPhone 4s

So, first you need to figure out what clock settings for iPhone 4s are set by default. Typically, the phone sets the time automatically, determining it by the time synchronization signal of a specific location. If “Time zone support” is enabled, then the time is determined by the time zone of the city specified in the settings.

Due to the fact that some mobile operators in certain regions do not synchronize time, while traveling, the time on the iPhone display may not be displayed correctly.

Setting the time on iPhone 4s

Trying to change the time on their own, many launch the Clock application. And they are disappointed, because in this way it will not work to set the time. In fact, there is another way to change the clock settings on an iPhone. through the “Settings” menu section.

How to Set Time on Iphone 5

Finding Settings and Setting the Clock

Everything is simple here: select the “Basic” tab, then “Date and time”. On the screen that appears, you can select the twelve-hour or twenty-four-hour time display format by clicking on the “24-hour format” (note that this setting is not available in some places).

Enabling the “Automatically” option allows the smartphone to set the time itself, determining it by the cellular signal and updating to the time zone, which should be specified in the settings.

Manually setting the time by changing the hours and minutes, the tab “Set date and time” will help. To do this, touch the display at the place the date is displayed, and then click on the necessary numbers at the bottom of the screen.

That’s all. As it turned out, everything is quite simple. These settings apply not only to iPhone 4s, but also to other versions. By doing everything as described, you will get rid of the above problems.

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