How to set the weather on Huawei. How to change the weather on your phone?

How to install widget on Huawei?

The easiest way to recover a lost or deleted widget is to tap and hold the screen. (The Home screen is the menu that appears when you press the Home button.) This will ensure the appearance of a new menu with customizable parameters.

So go to the Android settings screen by tapping the gear icon found on your device’s home screen, then go to the Apps Apps Weather Permissions and make sure the lever called location is set to ON.

How to update the weather forecast?

Open the Google app on your Android phone or tablet. Under “Advice” tap on Weather tip. Select Fahrenheit or Celsius.

After clearing the cache, you need to restart your smartphone, open the “Weather” app, click the settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen and enable the option to automatically update the data. There in the settings check and set the update interval.

How to install the weather widget on Huawei?

So go to the Android settings screen by tapping the gear icon found on your device’s home screen, then go to Apps Apps Weather Permissions and make sure the lever called location is set to ON.

Weather data is inaccurate or not updated

  • 1 Update the Weather app
  • 2 Enable the Location Data option
  • 3 Connect to another network If you’re using a Wi-Fi network, switch to using mobile data to see if that solves the problem
  • 4 Clear the Weather app data
  • 5 If the problem persists

Swipe down from the center of the work screen to display the search box, and search for Weather Widget. Tap RESET to restore the Weather Widget and follow the steps in step 1.

Open the Huawei Health app, go to the device settings screen, tap Weather forecast, turn on the Weather forecast function, and select the temperature unit.

  • Tap and hold an empty area on the home screen.
  • Tap the “Widgets” icon.
  • Tap and hold on the widget. Images of the home screens will appear.
  • Drag the widget to the desired location and release.
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Bonus: Top 5 free weather apps for Android

Name Description Download count Rating
The Weather Channel The specified program is the absolute champion in the number of downloads, marked as the best weather widget by many authoritative publications. The product contains 7 compact versions, which differ from each other by density of the given information. The application will delight users with colorful design, several variations for different phones. Convenience and informativeness of the application is noted by users on Google Play. Over 100 million.
Accuweather Another record-breaker in the number of downloads. The program is complete with 4 widgets to choose from, can track weather changes in real time. Provides warning of extreme climate changes over the next 15 days. Over 50 million.
Weather Underground The free program offers 7 widgets. They differ from each other in the settings. This includes the Smart Card option, which allows you to pick the best features for outdoor sports or other activities. Also displays nearby weather stations as well as icons for medical advisories, including atmospheric pressure spikes and magnetic storms. Over 5 million.
1Weather Popular and quality weather app, available for free on Google Play. The product has a simple, colorful design, complete with a good set of powerful tools to track climate change. Over 5 million.
Weather Live The application has been on the market for a long time, freely available on “Google Play” platform. Millions of users note the ability to choose from 9 widgets. Among them are minimal versions and real weather forecasts with a careful indication of the smallest nuances. Standard period of weather information display. 7 days. Over 10 million.

Among other apps displaying the weather on your phone screen are:

  • “Yandex. Weather”. To download it, simply enter the key in the Play Market search box. User location is determined automatically or entered manually. Provides information on temperature, precipitation, wind strength. Consumer confidence. 4.5 points, volume occupied. 18 MB.
  • “Yahoo weather.”. Beautiful weather app, offering as many as 7 widget options. Some programs are oriented on automatic selection of the background picture, based on current location, climatic and geographical features.
  • “Weather Forecast”. Simple “transparent” widget with an uncomplicated name. The app is compact, gives a lot of information, rated by users at 4.7 on “Google Play”.
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  • RANE. Unlike many other weather applications for Android and iOS, which overload the device with a maximum of information, this program is made by Spartan standards. There is nothing superfluous, only a forecast for the next 5 days, with alerts on air temperature, atmospheric pressure, precipitation. The design is elegant in spite of its simplicity, with several modes of settings, allowing you to change the animation, location and other simple parameters.


Pretty famous weather app. Many weather applications on different phones use this service to display the weather in their applications. Features are standard for the app. Weather for the day, several days, by the hour. There is support for Android Wear. The application received an updated design not so long ago and now looks quite decent. The app has a subscription, but the necessary data is available without a subscription.

How to properly configure the widget on your Android phone

If the widget installed on the desktop does not show the weather or displays incorrect information, you must turn on geolocation by expanding the notification panel. This will allow the software to locate the person and display the correct data.

If the user rejects the request for geo positioning when downloading the application, it will be necessary to enable the latter manually. To do this:

Attention! For smartphones of different brands, with different Android versions and depending on the availability of shells from manufacturers, the actions may vary slightly, but the general sequence remains the same.

The widget should now show the correct weather based on the person’s location.

How to get the weather back if disappeared from the main screen of Android Huawei and Honor

Use the algorithm to add a new widget to the desktop. You do not need to install any special applications to do this.

In the user interface, which is used in Huawei/Honor and is called EMUI, the regular weather widget first appeared in version 5.0. Finding out current meteorological data on Honor 6, 6a, 7a, 7c, 8, 8x, 9, 10 and other models just got easier.

The “Weather” application itself is located on the desktop or in the “Tools” folder. You get detailed information about temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, moon phase, sunrise and sunset time, etc. To instantly update the information you need to swipe down the screen for a few seconds.

It’s possible to set the application to receive forecast not only for your city, but in addition to this you can specify several (up to ten) other cities. Swipe right-left to navigate to the weather screen for selected cities.

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To open the option of selecting cities, it is necessary to click on the appropriate icon in the left top corner of the application window. At the top right is a gear icon. that’s settings. Here the user selects the temperature unit (Auto (°C), °C, °F), enables automatic update of the forecast (every hour, every 2 hours, every 6 hours, every 12 hours or every 24 hours).

By the way, Google Play has a huge selection of alternative weather widgets. The best of them are Weather and Clock Widgets for Android, Transparent Clock and Weather (Ad-free), Zooper Widgets, etc.д.


Nowadays 1.5 billion people use the app. The service is actively used by representatives of both Russian and foreign media.

With a huge database of tracking locations, the app generates a forecast for any selected point on the globe. In addition to the standard functions of determining the level of precipitation, wind direction and speed, AccuWeather can track precipitation to within a minute (at the moment this feature is only available in the U.S., Europe and Japan).

Swiping between tabs you can see the weather forecast by hours or days, get acquainted with the weather reports in video format, as well as read news related to the weather around the world. A very neat bonus is the “Lifestyle” tab which allows you to set your preferences and then the program will inform you about the weather conditions in your comfort zone. AccuWeather has widgets adapted for tvOS, watchOS and iMessage.

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