How To Set The Time On Honor 8a

Briefly about the fitness bracelet

The functionality of this device does not differ from other SIMilar gadgets, it is familiar and understandable, and the interface is intuitively SIMple. The fitness bracelet Huawei Band 2 Pro has good moisture protection, as well as protection against dust penetration into the device. In addition, the bracelet is equipped with a pedometer, smart alarm, heart rate, calories, etc. Here users will find many different and useful functions.

There is also another important and unique detail in Huawei Band 2 Pro. The presence of a GPS sensor, which ensures maximum accuracy when measuring steps and distance in general.

Customizing the keyboard on Huawei

Each time the user enters text, an icon for switching between input methods opens in front of him, it is in the lower right corner and is indicated by a keyboard image. In order to get a list of possible variations of text input, press the key with the keyboard image. The system will provide a choice of 3 variations of text input:

  • Google’s standard keyboard.
  • Voice Command Input.
  • Special layout “Swiftkey”.

If the user wants to fix the most convenient text input option for him, he should go to the main settings of the phone, find the keyboard options and set the required default.

How to set up Huawei correctly

Android system is functional. The new smartphone from Huawei is based on MIUI OS (Android in a proprietary shell). To understand how to set up your Huawei phone on first launch, you need to refer to the device’s system settings.

How to set up sound

Sound settings location path: Sound settings. When opening the sound parameters, the following branch of options will open before the user:

  • Volume;
  • Turn on sound, silent mode;
  • Call melody and volume;
  • Headphone mode (software sound enhancement in a connected headset);
  • System sounds.

These options are enough to optimize the sound of your smartphone as much as possible according to your own preferences.

Third party application

Why do you need third-party applications if the phone has its own? The point is that a standard watch does not include many functions. By installing a third-party program, you can fix the problem of inaccurate time display or choose a more interesting design. Consider proven and popular apps from Google Play.

Why does the time go astray on Honor and Huawei phones

There are several reasons due to which the clock on a smartphone is periodically shifted. The operator and the telephone towers are not always to blame. In some cases, the problem may be hidden in the device itself.

As noted by users on the forums facing the problem in question, the reason may lie in accumulated garbage or a system failure. For example, since the day of purchase, you have installed many applications, but the cache has never been cleared. Go through installed applications, especially those running in the background. The best option is to perform a Hard Reset, which will completely clear the entire system.

How to Set Time and Date on Huawei / Honor Phones: Step by Step Installation. Sleep mode

By default, the time is set to 2 minutes before the display turns off in case of no activity. To set the required time before disconnection, you need to go to the address:

  • Main settings (gear icon on the control panel);
  • Find the screen option and go into it;
  • Find hibernation control;
  • Set the right time.

How to set the time on the home screen on Honor and Huawei?

Installing a clock on the main display of a smartphone is not difficult. Usually, they are already located on the home screen, and you can only replace their design, move them to the middle of the Honor screen or to another location.

Setting up Smart Watch and smartphone

How to set up a connection on a smart watch with a phone:

  • Make sure Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is activated on both gadgets (choose one thing);
  • Click on the watch name when the mobile device finds it;
  • Confirm connection code.

Use the connected watch phone in conjunction with mobile applications (listen to music, play games, etc.). You can connect a smart watch to a computer using a cable, but the need for this arises only in case of flashing.

Give preference to the Bluetooth module. Once connected, download the programs. Get started with SeTracker. It allows you to track the location of a family member, turn on wiretap, etc. Install the application on the Smart watch in the standard way from the Play Market program and listen to the user’s environment.

How To Set The Time On Honor 8a

Preparing to set up Smart Watch

Setting up a Smart watch begins with a preparatory stage. Here the user checks the status of the device, battery, SIM card. Suddenly a problem interferes with the operation of the appliance. How to solve them quickly and easily is described below.

Turn on the device

Don’t be alarmed if the display doesn’t light up this second. The switch-on time is individual for each device. Some models’ screen lights up a minute after pressing the power key.

How to turn on the device:

  • Find the on / off key;
  • Take a long click (3 seconds);
  • Wait for the screen to light up.

Basically, Smart Watch is designed according to the general scheme. There are no problems with finding the right buttons. The power key is usually on the side.

How to set up your Smart Watch. Step by step user guide

Setting up your Smart Watch is an easy but meticulous process. The correct functioning of the device depends on the proper implementation of all these actions. The article describes in detail how to set up a Smart watch. It also provides step-by-step instructions for solving unforeseen problems. How to fix the “offline” error, why the watch cannot see the SIM card, etc.

Smart watch setting

Each user is able to configure the device and adjust the parameters independently. The process is SIMple and in most cases does not require contacting professionals. Consider the details.

The setup consists of 3 SIMple steps:

  • Preparation for the process
  • User registration
  • Data setting

Certain setting conditions vary depending on the watch brand. The sequence of actions is saved. With regard to smart gadgets from China, everything is SIMpler here. The principle is common for most samples. Let’s talk how to properly set up a smart watch Smart Watch.

Details on setting up a SIM card

After purchasing a SIM card you need:

  • Activate
  • Remove the lock (PIN code, etc.)
  • Top up balance

Activate your SIM card with recharge. How to check the balance is indicated on the starter package. This is a combination of numbers, by typing which the user tracks the account status.

We recommend a 1000MB package. Give preference to the operators Megafon, Beeline or MTS. They do not require specialized settings, unlike the rest. SIM cards are configured in a standard way. Sims from other operators require SMS commands to be executed. Setting them up is harder.

Getting started with Smart Watch

After the preparatory phase, the device is ready for operation. To get started correctly, read the information in this section. Let’s talk how to insert a SIM card into the device.

Insert SIM card

Before starting work, insert the card into the device. The location of the slot depends on the design of the model. This is usually the side of the device, but the Baby Watch has a place for the card under the battery. How to correctly insert the SIM into the watch phone is described in the instructions.

If the card does not work, transfer it to your phone and recheck the above preparation details. It happens that the card is not displayed. If the watch cannot see the SIM, check if it is in the correct position in the slot.

How to set up your battery

How to properly start the battery:

  • Check its condition. Discharged Smart Watch will not turn on;
  • Charge as needed. The device requires 100% charging;
  • Boost battery life. Discharge and charge your smartwatch three times.

Each model is charged in a different way. This is the usual charger or power supply unit, magnetic docking station (cradle), stand (wireless method). If your smartwatch won’t charge, check the status of the charger. It might be broken. Sometimes the problem is with the Smart Watch contacts. Look into the connector and make sure they are intact.

How to set up a watch on an Honor phone

In this article, we asked the wizard to answer the question: “How to set up the clock on an Honor phone?” And also give useful recommendations. What came of it.

12 Mobile management

To configure mobile phone parameters, click

12.1 Setting date and time

When automatically using the time provided by the network
you cannot set the date, time and time zone yourself.

On the Settings screen, tap Date Time.
2. Uncheck the Automatically box.

Click Date. On the date setting screen using the buttons

Set the date, month and year and then click Set.

Tap Time Zone and select a time zone from the list. Scroll

List to view time zones.

Click Time. On the time setting screen using the buttons

Set hours and minutes. And then click Install.

Check or uncheck the box next to 24-hour format to set

24-hour time format or change it to 12-hour.

Click Date Format to configure the date display options in your

12.2.1 Adjusting the screen brightness

On the Settings screen, tap Display Brightness.

If you want to manually adjust the screen brightness, first remove
a checkmark opposite the Auto-tuning item.

To decrease the brightness of the screen, slide the slider to the left to

Traveling around the world (or even in different regions of Russia), we often encounter a change in time zones. Unfortunately, the system is not always able to automatically understand where it is, which leads to the need to manually adjust the current time in the mobile device. How to set the time on Honor?

The fastest way to get to the clock settings on your smartphone is through the Time widget.

In the event that the widget is missing, you need to go to the settings of the smartphone and in the “System” section, select the item “Date and time”.

By clicking on the time widget, a list of set alarms will be displayed, and at the bottom. The “Settings” button.

Click on it and select the “Date and Time” item. In the event that the “Date and time of the network” is automatically determined incorrectly. Turn off this mode and click on the item “Time” that has become active.

All that remains is to set the correct date and time, and then click on the “OK” button.

In the settings, you can also change the time zone, select “Home City”, and (if desired) change the 24-hour time format to 12-hour.

A widget is information expressed in a visual graphical form of a small size, reflecting the result of the activity of any program on the device screen. Simply put, it is a very visual picture containing useful information obtained as a result of the program.

Most popular widgets: current weather, weather forecast, time, calendar, moon phases, short notes, to-do list, music player, etc., etc.

The popularity of widgets is that they can be placed on any convenient place on the screen, and they very briefly and succinctly reflect only the information you need.

The procedure for installing widgets (for example, the Google Play Music widget):

On the Home or any other Home screen where you plan to place your widget, swipe two fingers together to switch to edit mode.

Four menu items will appear at the bottom of the screen: “Wallpaper”, “Widgets”, “Navigation”, “Settings”.
Selecting the “Widgets” icon.

At the bottom of the screen, widget icons will appear that you can install on the screen of your mobile device. Among them, you need to find the widget you are interested in, for this, making a swipe from right to left, you need to scroll through the widget tape.

On one of the pages, find the icon for the “Google Play Music (2)” widget folder and click on it with your finger to open this folder.

Now two widgets of the “Google Play Music” folder will appear on the bottom line of the screen, from which you need to select the “Google Play Music 3×1” widget. Figures 3×1 mean the area occupied by this widget on the screen, measured in the number of “standard single widgets”, ie. We get an area in three standard widgets in one row.

Press your finger on the widget and wait a few seconds until the smartphone vibrates. After that, without lifting your finger from the screen, swipe the widget to the place where the music player widget will be placed.

To move the widget to a new location, click on the widget icon and wait for a few seconds until the smartphone responds with a vibration. After that, without lifting your finger from the screen, swipe the widget to the place where it will be placed.

To move the widget to another Home screen, you need to bring the widget to the edge of the screen in the desired direction. At this point, you will be presented with the next Work screen. Now you can install the widget to the location of your choice.

To remove a widget, press your finger on the widget and hold for 2-3 seconds.

After that, a minus in a circle appears at the top of the screen with the words “Delete”.

Then, with a swipe, without lifting your finger from the screen, move the music player panel to the “minus in a circle”.

Carrying out this operation does not mean at all that the widget program is permanently deleted from the smartphone’s memory. No, this operation only removes the widget from the Home screen. The application itself remains in the smartphone’s memory.

The procedure for deleting an application from the memory of a smartphone is described in the article “How to remove an application from a smartphone HUAWEI (honor)?”

Do you have any opinions on how to set the watch on your Honor phone? Write about it in the comments.

How to add clocks for other cities

It is very important for people who work in the field of business to know the information about the time in different parts of the world in order to choose the best moment for negotiations. Also, any person may need a SIMilar function as an interesting feature.

All the same standard widgets will help to set the display of information in several settlements at once. The fact is that the user can choose from several types of icons. The most popular is the single clock. However, there is no difficulty in choosing a dual widget. We move it to a convenient place on the main screen. And we see the time in different parts of the world. To select a different city to display, you need to click on the widget and specify a different settlement.

The aLGorithm of actions is as follows:

  • On your phone, open the Clock application Clock.
  • Select Clock.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on the World Clock icon
  • In the search bar, enter the name of the city, then click on the one you want to add.
  • To change the order of cities in the list, press and hold the line with the city name, then move it up or down.
  • To remove a city from the list, press and hold the line with the city name, then drag it down the screen.

Using third-party applications

By default, all Honor devices use a standard clock widget. This is enough to know what the current time is, as well as to make a SIMple clock setting. However, third-party developers have created a number of applications that significantly extend the functionality of such widgets.

Setting up the clock using a widget

Here’s how to set the time on your Huawei and Honor phone using the widget.

  • Click on it, a window will open.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select the icon labeled “Settings”.
  • The page that opens allows you to customize some features, like the style of the clock or the melody for the alarm.
  • Select “Date and Time”.
  • This line takes you to a familiar page. Repeat the steps above.

For example, return the automatic time setting, which does not guarantee accuracy due to frequent interruptions on the mobile tower.

How to properly set up a new Honor and Huawei smartphone after purchase

Setting up a new Honor smartphone is all about specifying the correct phone settings. Here you select options from the interface language to the backlight mode. There is no universal combination, all presets are set individually according to the needs of the user.

How to disable “Network Time Not Updated” notification on Honor and Huawei. How to place the clock on the home screen

By default, the time and date information on an Android phone is located in the upper left corner. This is not very convenient, because the font is too small due to the special arrangement, and the parameters are not immediately evident.

It is much more convenient if the clock is located on the main screen of the device. To display the time and date, you can use the standard settings or special widgets from Google Play. Let’s first consider the first option.

For the clock to appear on the main screen, you need:

  • Hold a free space on the desktop with your finger.
  • Click on “Widgets”.
  • Choose a watch from the standard set.

There is nothing difficult in performing such an operation. Plus, you can place the clock anywhere you like on the home screen. To do this, just click on the widget and move it to the side.

Reasons for the appearance

If the error “Network time not updated” appears on Honor and Huawei, then probably one of the problems with synchronization has occurred in the system. The fact is that data on time zones require constant updates, therefore, the smartphone must be connected to the mobile network and the Internet most of the time.

In other words, if the online connection fails, then Android can display this notification. It often appears after rebooting the phone or changing the mode from “Flight” to any other. To hide the alert, just enable location services.

Malware can also be the cause.

How the time is set on Honor phones

There are several methods at once, using which you can set the clock on a smartphone. Many users prefer to use auto-tuning (more on that below), but sometimes situations arise when you need to set the time manually. For example, if the owner of a smartphone wants the device to lag slightly behind the official time zones.

To configure, do the following:

  • Unblock device.
  • Find on desktop and open “Settings” shortcut.
  • Go to the “System” section.
  • Select “Date and time” in the menu that opens (the menu is quite large, you can SIMplify the search by entering “time” in the search bar).
  • Disable the “Auto tuning” option by moving the corresponding toggle switch (otherwise the phone will not allow you to set your own parameters).
  • After disconnecting, the fields “Date” and “Time” will appear.
  • Highlight the “Time” item, set the required parameter, press the “OK” button. If necessary, do the same with the date.
  • Exit the menu.

After that, the time set by the user will be displayed. You can set any parameters (for both items). To re-configure, you must proceed in the same way.

Automatic time setting problem

Now that we know how to set the clock, we will explain why a Huawei phone with Android OS can erroneously determine the time zone, and therefore the time. Information about the current time to the device comes from the mobile towers of the cellular operator.

It would be more efficient to synchronize the internal clock of the smartphone using NTP technology. But this requires root rights.

From this it turns out that a time shift occurs every time an error pops up in the mobile operator’s network, knocking down the signal from the tower. Therefore, it is recommended to configure the function manually, so as not to get into unpleasant situations associated with a lagging clock.

Which Smart trackers can set the clock and date without a phone

You can set the time on the fitness bracelet using the app preinstalled on your smartphone or without it. The vast majority of trackers during initial synchronization (via Bluetooth) with their owner’s phone automatically read the time zone displayed on the display. If this does not happen, the manufacturers of “smart gadgets” recommend resorting to manual configuration.

Without using a smartphone at the same time, it will be possible to set the clock and date only on premium models of fitness bracelets. Among them:

  • Fitbit Blaze;
  • Motorola Moto 360 Sport;
  • Microsoft Band 2;
  • ASUS ZenWatch 3 (WI503Q) leather;
  • Withings Steel HR 40mm;
  • Garmin Vivoactive HR;
  • Garmin Fenix ​​3 Sapphire HR.

If the specified parameters are displayed incorrectly on the Smart-watch display (the time on the bracelet does not match the time on the phone or the selected settings cannot be saved), you should check the gadget for a malfunction. This dysfunction can be caused by:

  • Factory defect (in such a case, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer’s service center as soon as possible, providing a check, a warranty card, the device itself and all its components in the seller’s packaging);
  • “Pirated” firmware of the smartphone used, which is not intended to be paired with the official firmware of the “smart” bracelet (refers to phones running Android OS, where you can download the operating system for free from unverified sites);
  • Malfunctions of the application or the tracker itself (you need to restart the gadget);
  • Automatic change of the time zone, for example, when flying to another country (you must restart both devices and re-sync or manually set the time and date).

How to change the date

The easiest way for the user to change the date in the watch is to use the preinstalled application. During the first synchronization with the phone, the bracelet will “remember” the data displayed on the display of the main gadget and copy it to his screen (if the owner of the watch uses the option to display the date on the main panel of the Smart device). If you further need to make specific changes to the month, day or year, the user of the fitness bracelet should change the parameters in his phone, then reconnect the devices, update the watch firmware and wait until the full synchronization of the gadgets is completed.


The premium fitness bracelet from the Californian manufacturer is equipped with a full touch screen. This allows you not to install additional software on your smartphone, but to set the settings on the bracelet itself. To set or transfer a watch from Apple, you should:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu by pressing the corresponding field on the display.
  • Select the “Time” tab.
  • Specify “0 minutes” in the window that appears for further saving the specified parameters, regardless of the original time zone.
  • Using the functional “wheel” on the body of the “Digital Crown” gadget, set the hours and minutes.
  • Select “Save”.

Useful video

How to set and change the time

The time on the fitness tracker is set automatically by reading the information from the paired smartphone. Most manufacturers of popular bracelets only provide for the possibility of manually selecting the time format (how the watch will be displayed on the gadget itself). Accordingly, in order to set the parameter in question on the new Smart-watch, you need to download the application required by the creators of the device, synchronize the devices and wait for the firmware update (optional). After completing these steps, the time on the bracelet will automatically be set.

If it is necessary to change the preset parameter, the owners of “smart” bracelets need to correct the hours and minutes on their phone. After that, you should reconnect the tracker to your smartphone, wait for complete synchronization and, if necessary, update the software.

Samsung Gear Fit

The manufacturer of the Samsung Gear Fit line of fitness bracelets allows you to adjust the time on the device without first downloading third-party applications. This requires:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu on the watch itself.
  • Click on the “Time and date” tab.
  • Set the date in the required format (usually DD.MM.YY).
  • Select the time format (usually 24 hours) and set the corresponding value for hours and minutes.
  • Confirm saving changes.

General recommendations

Regardless of whether a fitness bracelet was brought from China (for example, XIOMI Mi Band) or is manufactured in California (for example, Apple Watch), the basic options of devices are usually identical: time, date, alarm, heart rate monitor, pedometer and sleep monitoring. Classic settings are indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions and represent the SIMplest sequence of actions.

Smart bracelet Goral watch

Smart bracelet Goral watches belong to budget fitness trackers. Not having a sufficient number of functional buttons on the case, as well as a full-fledged touch screen, the gadget allows the user to adjust the parameters only through the pre-installed JYou application. The time is set automatically after synchronizing with a smartphone, you cannot change it manually. With the application, you can select the format of the parameters to be displayed. For this you need:

  • Open app.
  • In the “Time” tab select the preferred format.
  • Save changes.

If you want to change the hours and minutes displayed on the bracelet, you should change the corresponding data on the smartphone and repeat the synchronization of the devices.

A line of watches from Xiaomi (Mi Band 1, 2, 3)

On a fitness bracelet of this company, you cannot set or change the clock without using a smartphone. The manufacturer has provided for the implementation of this option only using the Mi Fit application, available for download on all mobile platforms. To set the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band, you should:

  • Open preinstalled app.
  • Choose your bracelet in the list of devices paired with your smartphone.
  • Go to the “Profile” section.
  • Click on the “Display Settings” tab and select “Time Format”.
  • Having decided on the best option for displaying hours and minutes on the display of the Smart-bracelet, save the changes.