How to set the headphones on Android

How to adjust the volume on wireless headphones

Little by little, users are changing over to a new kind of headphones. wireless headphones. They certainly have advantages. Above all, there is no cord, which is often tangled, clutches and interferes. But other problems arise for novice users. Today we will tell you how to adjust the volume on different models of wireless headphones.

Often wireless headphones are purchased for listening to music through a cell phone. They need to be connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone, synchronized, and then they are ready for use. On the screen, you can see the battery level of each earphone or the entire device.

Now we have the possibility to adjust the volume on the phone itself to make the sound louder or louder on the wireless headphones. For this purpose it is convenient to use special keys on the edges of the smartphone.

  • The volume is also done in the music player. After you start a track, you can find it in the task list by pressing the virtual “Home” button on your phone.
  • You can also adjust the volume via the settings of your smartphone. Here opens up the possibilities for setting up other sounds on your phone. As well as more fine-tuning the sound of your music.
  • Often inexpensive models of wireless headphones do not have a function to adjust the volume using the keys, buttons, or touchpad of the device.

They are designed for listening only, while the playback, volume and other functions are managed by the audio device itself.

How to turn up the volume on wireless headphones through apps

There are many apps for Android and iOS smartphones which can boost and enhance the sound on wireless devices to make them louder, fuller, and clearer. All utilities are freely available on Google Play and other dedicated resources. The most popular ones are:

  • Volume Booster. Want to know how to quickly increase the volume of wireless headphones on any smartphone model? No problem. Install Volume Booster and remove the volume limit in the application settings. Simple and clear options, free trial version valid for 6 days;
  • Sound Booster. Main advantages. possibility to increase the sound by several times, automatic launch at OS startup, intuitive control by means of hot keys and slider. The free application period is 14 days;
  • Razer Surround. Multifunctional utility to improve audio and stereo quality and amplification. The application has a package of flexible settings that allows you to increase the level of output, make the sound deeper and more voluminous, adjust the bass;
  • SRS Audio SandBox. Global audio plugin used to both increase the volume of wireless headphones and create clear multichannel sound. Advantages. its own equalizer, a powerful audio controller, different technologies of sound processing, a solid selection of ready-made presets.

Instructions for connecting headphones

Modern headphones for smartphones are a specialized audio headset, through which you can not only listen to music, but also receive incoming calls. The built-in microphone, despite its diminutive size, clearly transmits audio information.

Modern headsets for phones are classified according to technical characteristics. But first of all the way of connection is considered:

Also headphones are divided by form factor. Wireless models are fixed on one ear.

Wired devices have a standard form of droplet or vacuum headphones. The model is not particularly common in society, as it requires a large battery charge. Most often they are used to connect to a PC, laptop or TV. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be used to connect to a smartphone. Especially since the Android OS suggests the use of headsets of different patterns.

In general, it’s not hard to connect a headset to your phone. Each individual model of headphones is accompanied by instructions. Wired models just need to connect via mini jack in a special jack on your smartphone. But to connect wireless headphones, you need to establish a Bluetooth connection.


The process of connecting wired headphones to the phone is very simple. First of all it is necessary to examine your smartphone.

Most often the headphone connection is located near the charging jack.

To date, there are 2 options for connecting a wired headset:

  • Micro USB. This connection method is used for many phone operations, such as charging or data transfer. It is also suitable for the connection of headphones.
  • Mini jack with a standard size of 3.5 mm. This type of connector is the most popular. Through it, you can connect not only headsets, but also stereo equipment, namely front, stationary and portable speakers.
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For a wireless headset to be active, you must simply plug it into the wireless headset jack. Your smartphone instantly detects the connection of a new device and starts transmitting sound only to the headphones.


The process of connecting wireless headphones is a little more complicated. To date, there are several ways to connect them to your smartphone. The distance between the devices should not exceed 10m. Premium models assume support at a distance of 100 meters. The basic pairing method can be found in the manual of the headphones themselves and the phone:

  • Before you can connect the headphones, you need to activate them
  • After the headphones are turned on, you need to go through the Settings Menu of your smartphone to the Bluetooth section. Most often it is among the first on the list of settings
  • After selecting the line “Bluetooth”, it is necessary to move the slider to the “on” position
  • Then a window with the search of new devices appears on the screen of your smartphone
  • In the list that appears, you need to find the name of the headset
  • To pair it, you will need to enter a code. The most common is 0000.

If you only use the Bluetooth headset for talking on the phone, you will not be able to listen to music through it. However, the developers of the Android operating system have managed to find a way out of such situations. They created a special app called “Bluetooth Router,” which is available to all users on the PlayMarket platform. After downloading this utility it is necessary to connect Bluetooth to the sound headset and smartphone, then perform a standard pairing procedure and only after that run the program to install the router.

Connecting wireless headphones to your phone

Turn the headphones on / put them into pairing mode

Open the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone, turn on Bluetooth

Select the headphones you want to connect from the list and click on them to connect

This is a general connection diagram that is suitable for the vast majority of cases (for both Android and iOS gadgets), and yet there are hundreds and even thousands of different headphones, every possible detail / distinguishing feature is not mentioned, so the user manual / information from the manufacturer specifically for your model is the best that can be recommended.

If the manual is not available, try to find it on the manufacturer’s website or by searching for “headphone brand and model manual.

Let’s look at this brief diagram in more detail, and also look at some of the problems that can arise when connecting to wireless headphones headset or speakers (hereafter for simplicity, we will say simply “headphones”).

First Connection / Pairing

Turn on the headphones / put them in pairing mode

Press or hold down the power button for a few seconds. This could be the ON/OFF button, the play button, or a light button.

If you have fully wireless headphones, you usually need to put them in the charging case for a few seconds and then remove them. Another common option for TWS headphones is to press the main button/sensor on the main or both headphones for a few seconds.

There may not be a power button, for example the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3 turns on automatically as soon as you unfold them from their folded state.

If the headphones do not turn on, try charging them, for some models this is a requirement before turning them on for the first time. It may take one to several hours to fully charge, depending on the model.

After the first turn on, some headphones automatically go into pairing mode, as a rule, this is accompanied by light indication (most often. flicker blue) and / or voice prompts (Pairing).

If not, you’ll need to initiate pairing manually: press the highlighted pairing button on the headphones with the Bluetooth icon or your model-specific circuitry. Pairing mode is often started with the same buttons as on./off. of the headphones, but it requires you to press them for 3-8 seconds instead of a second or two.

Open the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone, turn on Bluetooth

For quick access to the Bluetooth settings, open the screen with a swipe from the top or bottom of the screen (depending on your device) and tap the Bluetooth icon.

A single tap on the icon turns Bluetooth on and off.

headphones, android

If the headphones don’t appear in the list, try refreshing available devices, turning Bluetooth off/on on your phone, and/or restarting the pairing process on the headphones.

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Some headphones after searching can initiate the connection itself, it will be enough to click on the button connection/Pair in a pop-up message on the phone screen.

Some phones may ask for a PIN, try the standard “0000” or the code listed in the user’s manual.

If both devices to be connected are NFC-enabled, instead of the process described above, you can simply hold the headphones or their charging case against the phone in the area with the NFC sensor and the device will prompt to reconnect.

Apple devices don’t support NFC, but modern Airpods and Beats can automatically reconnect if you open the charging case cover next to the iOS device.


When a pair is already created, reconnection is automatic in most cases, just turn on the headphones when the Bluetooth on your phone is on.

How to set up headphones on Android

Wireless headphones are a small, modern device that allows you to experience freedom of movement and mobility anywhere. On how to connect wireless. RIA Novosti, 15.10.2021

MOSCOW, September 15. RIA Novosti. Wireless headphones. a small modern device that allows you to feel the freedom of movement and mobility in any place. On how to connect wireless headphones to the phone via bluetooth, how the headset for Android and Apple and what the main problems encountered when connecting wireless headphones to smartphone via Bluetooth. in the RIA Novosti article.How wireless headphones work?Nowadays, wireless headphones are the choice of most users. Such a headset is considered the most comfortable way to listen to music, transmit voice or watch video with sound. First of all, due to the absence of unnecessary wires and buttons. The principle of operation of such earphones is to receive a signal “through the air. Technologically it works as follows:How to use headphones?Operation of wireless headphones is much easier than in the case of wired, but it is worth following a few rules?To connect a wireless headset, you need the device itself to receive sound and a smartphone.Any phone model is suitable for listening to audio through wireless headphones, but on one condition. it must support Bluetooth or NFC (depending on which device was chosen). To be sure of this, even in the store you can ask the consultant to check the possibility of connection and configure the devices.How to connect headphones to an Android phone?Before setting up the wireless headset on Android, it is important to make sure that it is charged, and then refer to the manufacturer’s recommended connection scheme. As a rule, it is standard for most devices.Turning on and preparing the headphonesSome models turn on automatically as soon as they are removed from the charging box. Once the device has entered pairing mode with the phone, you can begin listening to music.Connecting via BluetoothTo establish a connection, you need to follow a few steps:Connecting headphones via NFCA few steps are required to connect via NFC for Android:Allowing the connection on the phoneIt is important not to forget to give consent to connect the headset so that the devices can connect.How to connect Airpods to AndroidAirPods are universal headphones that even connect to a laptop computer. In the case of the Android system, the setup process is almost no different from the iPhone:How to connect the headphones to the phone on iOS?The algorithm for connecting wireless headphones to an iOS device is similar to the Android connection.Turn on and prepare the headphonesDepending on the headset model, make sure that the device is charged and ready for use.Connecting via BluetoothTo establish a connection, you need to perform several actions:Features of setting the headphones of different brandsDespite the fact that different brands of headsets have the same principle of operation, the process of operation may have its own features.AirPodsThe Apple-branded headphones can be controlled by gestures that the user sets at his or her discretion. Also, the device successfully activates with voice and double-tap, and mutes when one of the earbuds is removed.JBLWireless headset of this brand also supports touch control. In addition, the case is equipped with LED indicator, which displays the level of charge, the absence / absence of connection and on / off the device.TWS ipsSetting up the headphones of this brand involves a similar procedure. But if, for example, the user wants to reset all the settings, it is enough to hold the touch button for 30 seconds, waiting for the indicator to turn red-blue.XiaomiAirDots involves connecting each headphone separately, which can cause difficulties. To configure the headset, you need to remove the headphones, reset the settings by holding the button on the box until the light indicator appears, then put the headphones back in and again at the same time take out. If the order is correct, the device should be available for pairing. It is recommended to connect right earphone first (in the phone’s Bluetooth section) and then left earphone, holding the button on it until you get a signal. Once the devices are synchronized all the lights turn off.SamsungThe headset from “Samsung” supports automatic connection to the phone, so the setup is not different from Airpods.Possible problems and solutionsAlthough connecting wireless headphones is a fairly simple procedure, nevertheless there can be difficulties when setting up and synchronizing the devices.No connectionEven if the user has done everything according to the instructions, the gadget may not appear in the “available devices” section of the phone. In this case, you need to perform the following actions:Does not find the deviceThe reasons why the phone “does not see” the headset, there may be several:To establish a connection, you need to charge the gadget with the headphones, bring the headset closer to him and just in case to restart both devices.Only one earphone worksSuch a problem often occurs if the headphones are not taken out of the box at the same time and, as a rule, is solved by the following simple steps:Sound is lostMissing sound can be caused by:It is worth making sure that the option to receive audio through the headphones is selected, remove new programs that may have caused problems with sound transmission, and restart both devices. If this does not help, contact user support or send the gadget for diagnosis.

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Setting up wired headphones

Wired Samsungs have a drop-shaped or vacuum-formed design. The main purpose of such devices is to listen to music with a connection to a phone, laptop or PC via a mini jack 3.5 mm or micro USB.

There are two ways to set up wired headphones:

When constantly using wireless headsets and other headphones, remember that prolonged listening to audio files at high volume is fraught with negative effects on the hearing organs and the correct operation of the devices used.

How to improve the sound of Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones have become commonplace in today’s society. Many people like them because of their convenience, but also because they can work with almost any device, even a smart watch. But the sound quality is sometimes inferior to wired analogues, as a rule, the user can not do anything, because the built-in equalizer (in MIUI) does not allow to work with Bluetooth headphones. But there is a solution. Now we will tell you how to improve the sound quality.

First you need to install a third-party app, it’s available in the Play Store app called Equalizer Pro. You can download it by following this link.

Next, we connect our Bluetooth headphones to the smartphone and launch the application. On the desktop application you need to turn on the equalizer. This switch is located at the top right of the Equalizer FX.

Now we can go to the setting of sound. There are three submenus in the app: “Equalizer”, “Effects” and “Profiles”.

The “Equalizer” menu allows the user to customize the sound profile and highlight the desired frequencies.

The Effects menu lets you do the following things: boost the bass, expand the stereo effect, and increase the headphone volume limit. Each of the settings can be adjusted with the corresponding slider.

The last menu “Profiles” allows the user to select a preset equalizer already prepared. They are designed to fit a specific genre of music.

Take an earmold fit test.

If your Airpods Pro still sound unreliable, it could be the result of the included earmolds not covering your ears well enough. Luckily, there’s a quick way to find out which size (small, medium, or large) fits you best.

Apple provides a software test for the headphone fit on your devices. This lets you know what size earmolds are best to prevent sound from leaking into or out of your ears.

To find the ear tip fit test:

  • Connect the Airpods Pro to your phone.
  • Open Settings and select Bluetooth.
  • Select Airpods Pro.
  • Scroll down to the Ear Tip Fit Test and go through the steps.

During the test, you will hear the music. As we mentioned, it’s all part of the test to see what gives the best sound. I hope you now have a good idea of what size earmolds work best for you.

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