How to set the camera on zte

How to properly configure the camera on ZTE Blade A31

Smartphone ZTE Blade A31 is bought not only to communicate with friends and colleagues, but also for mobile photography. The device is equipped with a good camera, allowing to capture important moments in life. And in order to get quality pictures, you need to properly configure the camera on ZTE Blade A31.

For mobile photography and video on any Android smartphone, including ZTE Blade A31, use the standard “Camera” application. Its icon is located on the home screen, and after clicking on it you will get to the camera control interface.

Google Camera update

In addition to the fact that the developers have implemented support for an extensive list of smartphones, they have done a lot of work to optimize the performance of Google Camera and eliminate glitches and bugs that prevent the application from functioning. The team managed to fix a huge number of problems, so that all functions work the way they were originally supposed to work. And from a functional point of view, everything is OK here:

  • Astrography mode (taking pictures of celestial bodies);
  • Portrait mode;
  • Portrait Lighting mode;
  • Resetting the focus on the finished picture;
  • Changing the direction of lighting in the finished photo;
  • Night Shift mode;
  • Improved digital stabilization.

The only thing that the developers have failed to implement is support for Kirin and Exynos processors. Because of this, the work of Gcam on smartphones Huawei, Honor and Samsung for the European market is not guaranteed.

How to install Google Camera 8.1

Install the Google Camera 8 port.1 can follow the same methodology as always.

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Installing Gcam

Almost anyone can install Gcam

Take pictures with the back camera of your smartphone

Of course, the front camera makes it easier to take selfies. However, this does not change the fact that the front camera usually has a lower resolution than the rear. This is mainly because the back camera is equipped with more megapixels, while the front one’s functionality is mostly for videoconferencing.

When taking photos with your smartphone camera, don’t forget that camera lenses are an integral part of the photo-taking process. When you carry your gadget in your or bag, the lenses gradually get covered in dust. From time to time, use a soft cloth to wipe dirt, smudges and your fingerprints off the lens of your phone’s camera. You’ll see how a simple lens cleaning can improve the quality of the images you get.

Switching between lenses

If your version of ZTE Blade 20smart is equipped with multiple cameras, then you can switch between not only the rear and front lenses. For example, to switch to wide-angle mode, you tap the circle with the 0 setting.6X.

If you want to switch to macro mode you have to go to an extra menu which can be accessed by pressing the three icons.

There you will find the Macro mode and other options like horizon line and grid line activation. In addition, this window presents a button to switch to the settings mode.

Standard camera mode

After launching the app you will enter auto shooting mode. It can be called “Auto” or “Photo”. This mode is designed to create pictures with an optimal balance of all settings so that they have good clarity and color reproduction. The photo is created by pressing the circular shutter button.

As a rule, the camera ZTE Blade A3 2020 itself focuses well on the subject. But if Focus leaves much to be desired, you can forcibly focus on the desired subject by tapping on the smartphone screen.

At the top of the screen will be displayed additional options that may be useful in the process of shooting. In particular, you can activate HDR for more accurate color rendition too light and dark areas of the frame, apply the effects of artificial intelligence (AI) or, for example, turn on the flash.

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To zoom in on the picture, you can use the zoom function. Move your fingers from the center of the screen to the edges, and then you will see a convenient scale that allows you to adjust the degree of proximity.

How to change camera settings

You should start by turning on the camera, finding the image of the settings wheel. Pressing will open a window with different categories, and by selecting them one by one, you can change each.

To exit this menu, press the “back” button. You can see the settings themselves on screen.

What Google Camera can do

Google Camera lets you take nighttime photos in light

A group of developers have released the Google Camera Go port number 2.5, which is great for weaker Android smartphones. Google has specially developed it for devices with hardware of an entry level, so they too had a possibility to make good pictures in any conditions.

It is essentially the same Google Camera that is installed on Pixel smartphones, but with slightly reduced functionality and adapted to work on devices with a low-power processor and a small amount of RAM.

A key feature of Google Camera Go is support for Night Sight modes. It allows you to take pictures in low light conditions, giving the output already brightened frame. However, there are other modes that are not usually available on entry-level devices.

For example, the portrait mode, which blurs the background behind the subject, keeping only it in focus. But, unlike Google Camera, the Go-version saves space in the memory of the device and shows how many more photos there are of the available space.

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Pay attention to the light

Good pictures can only be taken in normal lighting conditions. Even a beginner knows that the light should not hit the camera directly, but should illuminate the subject. This means that photo shoots are best done in daylight. But it is not a good idea to take pictures in the open sun.

To focus on an object, just touch it on the screen of your phone, wait for the camera to pick it out, and then take a picture. This way you can accentuate the photo, highlight the main thing and blur the secondary.

What causes the problem and is it worth the trouble

There can be quite a few different reasons for a problem with focusing. As I wrote above, sometimes this happens because the small and constantly moving elements of your smartphone’s camera just get stuck. Sometimes it can be caused by some small particles or moisture getting inside your smartphone. It all depends on how carefully you use your device. If you treated your smartphone very carefully and you really can’t understand what’s wrong and why the camera can’t work properly, use the tips in this material. And if this did not help, then you need to go to the service center, but be sure to contact an authorized one.

Have you ever encountered a similar problem? If so, how did you solve it?

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