How to Set Ringtone On Samsung Alarm Clock

How to Set Ringtone On Samsung Alarm Clock

Changing the ringtone of a call on a modern smartphone is somewhat more complicated than on simple dialers of previous years. However, it is not so difficult. Today we want to tell you about how to put your ringtone on your Samsung device.

Set your ringtone in Samsung

There are two ways to put your ringtone on a Samsung phone. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Method 1: General device settings

To change the ringtone via phone settings, do the following.

    Log in to the app “Settings” Through a shortcut in the application menu or a button in the curtain of the device.

Go to this item by tapping it 1 time.

Next, look for the item “Ringtones” (may also be called “Ringtone”) and click on it.

This menu displays a list of built-in tunes. You can add your own to them with a separate button. it can be located either at the very end of the list, or can be accessed directly from the menu.

Click on this button.

Please note that not all file managers support the ringtone selection feature.

Using “Sound selection” the system will display all the music files of the device, regardless of the storage location. For convenience, they are sorted into categories.

  • The easiest way to find the right ringtone is by using the category Folders. Find the storage location of the sound that you want to set as a ringtone, mark it with a single tap and press Done. There is also an option to search for music by name.
  • The desired melody will be set as common to all calls.
  • The method described above is one of the simplest. In addition, it does not require the user to download and install third-party software.

    Method 2: Dialer Settings

    This method is also quite simple, but it is not as obvious as the previous one.

    1. Open the standard phone app for making calls and go to the dialer.
    2. The next step is different for some devices. Owners of devices in which the left key brings up a list of running applications should use the button with three dots in the upper right corner. If the device has a dedicated key “Menu”, you should press it. In any case, such a window will appear. In it, select “Settings”.
    3. In this submenu we need an item Challenges. Go into it. Scroll through the list and find the option “Ringtones and key tones”.

    Selecting this option will open another list in which you need to tap on “Ringtone”. A pop-up window for selecting a ringtone will open, the actions in which are similar to steps 4-8 of the first method.

    Note also that this method is unlikely to work on third-party dialers, so keep in mind this nuance.

    Setting a melody to a separate contact

    The procedure is slightly different if you need to put the ringtone on some separate contact. First, the record should be in the phone’s memory, not on the SIM card. Secondly, some low-cost Samsung smartphones do not support this feature out of the box, so you need to install a separate application. The last option, by the way, is universal, so let’s start with it.

    Method 1: Ringtone Maker

    Ringtone Maker application allows not only editing melodies, but also setting them both for the entire address book and for individual entries in it.

      Install the application and open it. A list of all the music files that are present on the phone is displayed immediately. Please note that system ringtones and default ringtones are highlighted separately. Find the melody you want to put on a particular contact, click on the three dots to the right of the file name.

    Select item “Put in contact”.

  • A list of entries from the address book will open. find the one you need and just tap on it. Receive a message about the successful installation of the melody.
  • Very simple, and most importantly, suitable for all Samsung devices. The only negative. the application shows ads. If the Ringtone Maker does not suit you, the ability to put the ringtone on a separate contact is present in some of the music players that we examined in the first part of the article.

    Method 2: System Tools

    Of course, the desired goal can be achieved with the built-in firmware, however, we repeat that on some smartphones in the budget segment this function is not available. In addition, depending on the version of the system software, the procedure may differ, although not by much.

      The desired operation is easiest to do using the application “Contacts”. Find it on one of the desktops or in the menu and open.

    Next, enable the display of contacts on the device. To do this, open the application menu (a separate button or three dots at the top) and select “Settings”.

    Then select the option “Contacts”. In the next window, tap on the item “Show contacts”. Choose an option “Device”.

    Return to the list of subscribers, find the desired one in the list and tap on it.

  • Find the button at the top “Change” or an element with a pencil icon and tap it. On the latest smartphones (in particular, S8 of both versions), you need to do this from the address book: find the contact, tap and hold for 1-2 seconds, then select “Change” from the context menu.
  • Find the field in the list “Ringtone” and touch it. If it is missing, use the button “Add another field”, then select the desired item from the list.
  • Clicking on an item “Ringtone” leads to the call of the application to select a melody. Multimedia Storage responsible for standard ringtones, while the rest (file managers, cloud service clients, music players) allow you to select a third-party music file. Find the desired program (for example, the standard utility) and click “Only once”.

    Find the desired ringtone in the music list and confirm your choice. In the contact edit window, click “Save” and exit the application.

    Done. the ringtone for a specific subscriber is installed. The procedure can be repeated for other contacts, if necessary.

    As a result, we note that setting a ringtone on Samsung phones is very simple. In addition to system tools, some music players also support a similar option.

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