How to Set Password on Samsung Galaxy Phone

How to unlock samsung if you forgot your password, pattern or fingerprint? When we buy a new Samsung phone, we need to install some necessary things first. As far as I know, a Samsung phone provides people with four types of protection. We can use these models to protect privacy and data security. Mobile phones can be called closest friends. We always use them to communicate with friends, send and receive text messages, take pictures, browse the Internet, etc. We have a similar article: How to reset Samsung to factory settings?

We use phones almost constantly. The phone records our lives and messages in silence. Therefore, we set a password so that other people do not view our phone. But have you ever wondered what to do if you forgot your password? How to bypass Samsung lock, pattern, password and fingerprint to remove them and restart the phone? How to unlock Samsung Galaxy password?

How to unlock Samsung using Google login?

If you have not updated your firmware to Android Lollipop (5.0), then there is a faster way to unlock the screen lock pattern. (Android 4.4 and below only)

How to Set Password on Samsung Galaxy Phone

1) Enter the wrong lock screen pattern five times (it should not be difficult if you do not remember the correct one)

2) Select “Forgotten Pattern Key”

3) Now you can enter the backup PIN or login of your Google account.

4) Enter either the backup PIN or Google login.

5) Now your phone should be unlocked.

How to unlock Samsung using the Find My Mobile tool

This is an easy way to unlock your Samsung device if you have created a Samsung account and registered it in advance.

2) Log in using your Samsung login information.

3) On the Find My Mobile account interface, you should see your registered phone on the left. This indicates that you are registered in this account.

4) In the left side panel, select “Unlock Screen”.

5) Now select “Unlock” and wait a few seconds until the process is completed.

6) You should receive a window with a notification that your screen is unlocked.

7) That’s all. Your phone must be unlocked.

How to unlock Samsung using custom recovery?

(SD card required). This method is for more advanced Android users who know what the terms “rooting” and “User recovery” mean. As the name says, for this you need any personalized recovery and your phone must have an SD card slot.

Why an SD card? Well, we need to transfer the zip file to your phone, and this is usually not possible if it is locked. The only way is to insert the SD card with the file. Unfortunately, card slots have become a bit of a rare thing in the smartphone world, so this will only work for some people.

Here is what you need to do:

1) Download the Pattern Password Disable ZIP file to your computer and place it on the SD card.

2) Insert the SD card into the phone.

3) Reboot the phone to restore.

4) Flash ZIP file on SD card.

Your phone should boot without a locked screen. If there is a password or a gesture lock screen, do not panic. Just enter an arbitrary password or gesture, and your phone should be unlocked.

How to unlock Samsung proven unlock methods

Perhaps none of the above options helped you unlock your Samsung phone. Fortunately, some of our readers struggling with this issue were able to find even more creative ways to get around their lock screen and were so kind to share them. We are very grateful for that!

(How to unlock Samsung?)

We have not tested them on all devices or versions of Android, so we cannot promise that they will work for you. However, some people have been able to access their phone again, and we hope you do.

1) Call your blocked phone from another.

2) Accept the call and press the back button during the call

3) This should give you full access to your phone

4) Go to the security settings of your phone and try to delete the output or pattern. To do this, you first need to enter the current, which you obviously no longer know. The only way is to guess and try different combinations until you find the right one. If you get to this, you can disable the pin or install a new one.

Submitted by Zubairuddin buriro (perhaps applicable only to LG phones):

The very creative Zubairuddin method can help you if you have a wifi connection. As mentioned above, this method can only work on LG phones, as it uses LG’s own quick note application.

1) Press and hold the volume up key until Quick Memo starts up.

2) Draw something random in it.

3) Click the sharing button and select SmartShare.

4) Choosing SmartShare should activate your phone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (Wifi is important here).

5) Make sure that you are close to the Wi-Fi network with which you connect to the phone.

Now you are back online, and you can continue and try all the methods described above that require a data connection.

How to unlock Samsung phone without data loss?

When you have a screen lock, you will find that your problem is easy to solve.

Android Lock screen lock can help you bypass Samsung lock screen directly. Including a pattern, PIN, password and fingerprints, which takes up to five minutes. In addition to deleting the password, it will not delete any data on the phone; you do not need to worry about losing phone data. importantly, you do not need to have advanced skills and knowledge, the software is very simple.

Even if you are young or old, you can understand the steps and follow the instructions for work. Currently, the software can be applied to the Samsung Galaxy S / Note / Tab series. over, you do not need to worry about losing any data, the program will not damage your phone data.

Step 1. Connect your Samsung phone

Launch the software on your computer and select “Lock Screen”. Then use the USB cable to connect your Samsung phone to the computer. At this point, the program interface, as shown below, click “Start.”

(How to unlock Samsung?) (How to unlock Samsung?)

Step 2. Enter boot mode

Secondly, you need to manually turn on your phone to enter boot mode. Specific steps are as follows:
1. Turn off the phone.

2. Press and hold the “Volume Down” “Home” “Power” button at the same time.

3. Press “Volume Level” to enter boot mode.

(How to unlock Samsung?)

Step 3. Download the recovery package

When your Samsung phone goes into boot mode, the program will automatically download the recovery package, which will take several minutes, please wait patiently.

(How to unlock Samsung?)

Step 4. Remove Samsung Lock Screen

Finally, when the download of the recovery package is completed, the program will begin to remove the screen lock. Please rest assured that this process will not lose any of your data. When this process is completed, you can reuse your phone without entering a password.

(How to unlock Samsung?)

How to unlock Samsung using Hard reset?

See other methods below.. Actually forgetting the screen lock password on your Samsung phone is a common thing. There are many ways to help you unlock passwords, pattern, and any other PIN codes of your Samsung smartphone. However, if you really have no way, restoring a Samsung phone to factory reset is also a good choice.

Step 1. Turn off your Samsung phone.

Step 2. Press the Home, Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously to open the recovery menu.

Step 3. After entering the recovery menu, use the volume down button to navigate, scroll to “erase data / reset factory settings” and use the “Power” button to select.

Step 4. Scroll down to “yes. delete all user data” using the volume down button to confirm the deletion of all user data and press the power button to select.

Note. Be sure that you do not mind deleting all the data on your Samsung device, this cannot be undone.

Step 5. If everything is done, all user data, including password, PIN, pattern, etc., will now be deleted from your Samsung device, please wait patiently until it is completed.

Step 6. Use the power button to select “System Restart Now” and your Samsung phone will reboot automatically.

When you finish the above steps, your Samsung device will now be like new, proceed with the setup. If this is done, you can now use your Samsung phone again. Now you can set the lock PIN, pattern, password for your phone, but please remember it.

In addition, since all personal data has been deleted, you can restore through the backup created by KiK, MobileTrans or another backup tool, now you can restore the backup on your Samsung phone.