How to Set Date and Time on Computer

On a normally functioning computer, the user does not even have to change or reset the date and time, on the contrary, all the clocks in the apartment or office are checked against the computer time. If the date and time on the computer change spontaneously, this already indicates some kind of breakdown. Next, we will look at how to set the date and time on a computer running Windows 7 and the main causes of a spontaneous change in date and time.

There are not so many reasons why the date and time on the computer can change, and you can easily find out everything by a simple method of elimination. If the computer starts up normally and works, but the date and time change, a virus may have appeared in the system. After checking with a normal antivirus, we discard this reason and check the following. And the next reason we have is the incorrectly set time zone. By default, each computer is configured to synchronize the date and time with the Internet time, and even if you correct the time on the computer, then after the next synchronization, it will be set in accordance with the selected time zone.

If during the boot of the computer the BIOS gives some kind of error, and after loading the operating system the time and date are not displayed correctly, then most likely the battery located on the motherboard has run out. This problem is solved simply by installing a new battery. If the problem is not resolved, most likely a breakdown in the motherboard itself, which can only be replaced.

Now we will analyze our main question, how to set the date and time on the computer? There are two ways to get to the settings we need. The standard way is to search for the desired item through the control panel “Control Panel \\ Clock, Language and Region \\ Date and Time \\ Set Date and Time”, and the shortest way is to click once with the left mouse button on the clock in the tray and Select “Change date and time settings.”

First, check the correct time zone. If it is selected incorrectly, in the “Date and time” window, select “Change time zone.”.

After setting the time zone, set the correct date by clicking on the “Change date and time.” item.

The “Time and Date Setting” window displays the calendar and clock. In the calendar, you need to select the corresponding year, month and date, and in hours, indicate with the keyboard the necessary time, which will start after pressing the “OK” button.

How to Set Date and Time on Computer

To select the required year and month, it is not very convenient to use the left and right arrows, especially if you need to scroll through several years. You can click once with the left mouse button on the displayed month and we will already be shown all the months and the current year, and if now we also click on the current year, a certain period of dates will be shown in increments of one year.

In principle, if you have an Internet connection, then after setting the time zone, you can immediately go to the “Internet Time” tab and click “Change Settings”. In the window “Setting the time over the Internet”, check the box “Synchronize with the Internet time server” and click “Update now”. If there is a connection with the selected server, the correct time will be automatically set and will be periodically checked and adjusted in the future without your participation.

If you want to set the date and time on the computer, you can go to Bios, but again, with the wrong time zone in the operating system and synchronization with the Internet, it will change again.