How to Set a Ringtone On A Huawei Call

How to change the ringtone on an Android smartphone? Do I have to choose one of the predefined melodies or can I set my favorite song on the call? And is it possible to assign a separate call to each contact?

How to Set a Ringtone On A Huawei Call

Select a ringtone. Method one

To begin, consider the classic way to set the ringtone. through the settings menu. We go in Phone settings, go to the section “Sound” and select the item “Ringtone”.

Here is a list of standard tunes pre-installed in the smartphone by the manufacturer. On some devices, you can select your own composition directly from the same menu. For example, on the HTC One (M8) smartphone, which is used as an example in this article, the icon is used for this. “”, located in the upper right corner of the screen.

If there is no special button to select your melody in this menu, then you have to do a little trickier. And just put the desired audio file in the folder where the system sounds are located. after that it will appear in the list of standard tunes.

To do this, connect the smartphone to the computer with a cable, press the button on the computer “Start”, select item “My computer” and in the folder that opens, find the icon of your smartphone. That is what we need to open. Most likely, it will look like this, and its name will coincide with the name of the phone model. On some smartphones you need to unlock the screen for data transfer (relevant if you have set an unlock password).

We are interested in the folder “Media”. Inside it should be a folder “Audio”, and in it, in turn, a folder “Ringtones”. Thus, the full path to the folder of interest to us is as follows: \ Media \ Audio \ Ringtones. It is here that you should copy the melody you need. If there are no such folders in the internal memory of the smartphone, then you need to create them. The main thing is to do this in the order indicated above.

For fidelity, it is worth rebooting the smartphone. That’s it, now the melody you have chosen will appear in the general list. In a similar way, you can set a ringtone for an alarm, only the path in this case will be slightly different: \ Media \ Audio \ Alarms

Select a ringtone. Second way

If you don’t want to bother with connecting your smartphone to a computer, you can do it easier. Open the melody you want in the audio player, and then select “Set to call” in the popup menu.

In older versions of Android, there was an unpleasant “glitch”, because of which the melody so assigned “flew” after the smartphone rebooted. But on modern phones, I have not seen anything like it.

Set a personalized ringtone for a specific contact

The way to set a personal melody is slightly different on different models of smartphones, but there is nothing complicated here anyway. To get started, open the phone book and tap on the desired contact with your finger. Among other information, find the item “Ringtone”, “Ringtone” or “Setting the ringtone”.

If there is nothing like this on the screen, then click on Menu button. most likely, the item we need is located there.