How to set a password on iPhone XR

How to Password Protect iPhone?

For those who have something to hide in their phone, we will tell you how to set a password on the iPhone and then no one will definitely see your photos from the last corporate party and will not call from your phone until they dial the correct password.

You can put a password on the iPhone in Settings. General. Password protection, here you need to enter a 4-digit numeric password and confirm it by entering it again. After entering the passwords, the Password Protection settings menu will open, where you can turn off the password, change it, set the request time, and even force the iPhone to delete all data after 10 unsuccessful attempts to enter, this feature will appeal to James Bond.

After you set a password on the iPhone, it will be requested when you unlock the lock in accordance with the set time interval. The password will also be requested when entering the Password protection settings.

We have learned how to set a password on an iPhone, and now the most important thing. do not forget your iPhone password or write it down on paper! Well, if the memory failed, and the password for the iPhone lock screen is forgotten, then you can try using the. “Password reset instructions”, sometimes it helps to revive the iPhone or other password-protected device.

Password in iOS 7.1 firmware

This supplement is dated 03/13/2014. Every time something new appears in the firmware for iPhone and iPad. Gradual innovations have affected the password settings. In the section with the settings, new options have appeared that allow you to set a longer and more complex password, or in case of an incorrect password, erase all information from your phone or tablet.

After updating iOS to version 7.1, we see that Apple developers have taken out a separate item in the main settings section. the Password menu. Now you can set a password on iPhone even faster: Settings. Password. Enable password. The path has become a little shorter.

Continuation on password protection for newer iOS versions here. Complex and Easy Passwords in iPhone.

Lock analogs

As with applications, there are several dozen different programs for setting a password for folders. Each of them allows in a certain way to block free access to files inside the directory. One of the most common locking tools is Folder Lock, which can be downloaded for free on the App Store.

After the installation of the application is complete, a corresponding item will appear in the “Settings” menu, in which you can select folders and the type of protection. The program also allows you to password-protect a number of other elements of the iPhone, including “Settings”, contact list and camera.

Folder password

Studying how to put a password on a folder, you can see that it is also possible to use both standard iPhone tools and install special programs. By default, you can password-protect any folder in the same way as applications. In the “Restrictions” section, at the bottom of the list of applications offered for setting a password, you must select the appropriate folder.

It should be noted that such a case will protect access to files in the folder only when entering through the standard file manager. Any other application trying to access closed files will be able to do so without calling the PIN input field.

How to put a password on an application or folder on an iPhone?

Every year there are more and more happy iPhone owners in Russia. In this connection, in an effort to protect their personal data from prying eyes, users of an Apple product are wondering how to put a password on an application on an iPhone or password a folder with photos.

Alternative ways

The method with the installation of special applications is more convenient to use. How to set a password for an application on an iPhone depends on the selected defender program. However, for most of them, the principle of operation and setting are the same. As an example, it is worth figuring out how to set a password on one of the most popular applications. iAppLock, freely available in the App Store.

To install the security code, you need to launch the defender program and select the type of protection and the required applications in the settings. One of the advantages of using additional software is the ability to choose the type of protection: a graphic code, a digital PIN or a regular password.

Program password

There are several ways to put a password on the iPhone on the application installed on the phone. But the device provided by the device is not very convenient to use. One of its few advantages is that there is no need to install additional software, allowing you to save more free space.

To set a password in a standard way, you need to go to the “Settings” menu, where you should select the “General” and “Restrictions” items. In the window that opens, the “Enable restrictions” button will be active by default. after pressing it, you will be prompted to enter a 4-digit code. This password will be requested each time the selected applications are launched. To determine the list of programs that will be protected, it is necessary, by scrolling below, to mark the necessary ones from the proposed list. It should be noted that in addition to opening programs, you can also password-protect the installation or removal of applications on the device.

Other ways to protect

However, to protect your personal data, you do not need to know how to password-protect an application or folder on your iPhone. If you just want to prevent unauthorized people from accessing some files or programs, you can hide them from the main menu or the file manager. Thus, you can not be afraid to forget your password or pattern for accessing data at a crucial moment. To open hidden folders or applications, simply return them to the menu. For greater convenience, there are special programs that allow you to do this in a few clicks, but their use will increase the likelihood that the data will be discovered.

How to set a password for an app in iOS 12

IOS 12 introduces a feature called Screen Time. Thanks to this option, users got access to statistics on the use of their iPhone. how much time was spent on certain applications, how long the smartphone is at rest, the number of unlocks, and so on. Along with this, users were able to set a password for applications if the time limit for use was exceeded.

So, how to set a password for a specific application?

  • The first step is to make sure that you have the “Screen Time” option activated;
  • Launch “Settings” and go to the “Screen Time” section;
  • Select “Use password code” and set the access code;
  • Go to the statistics section and select the desired application among the frequently used ones;
  • Set the limit by selecting the “Add limit” option;
  • We indicate the use time of 1 minute. We confirm our choice with the “Add” button.

All is ready! Now our application will ask for a password if the set time limit has been exceeded.

How to put a password on an application group?

You can set a passcode immediately for application groups.

  • Launch “Settings” and go to the “Screen Time” section;
  • Select “Use password code” and set the access code;
  • Go to the section “Settings”. “Screen Time”. “Program Limits”;
  • Select “Add limit” and indicate the required groups of applications (you can choose from such categories as social networks, games, entertainment, etc.);
  • Set a limit for the required programs by selecting the “Add limit” option;
  • We indicate the use time of 1 minute. We confirm our choice with the “Add” button.

All is ready! Restricted programs will be dimmed and highlighted with a special hourglass icon. This means that the application will require a password to access.

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himrus11, You can, wife, girl. no. This is the emphasis. Or do you want to set the password from yourself?

Through special programs

You can set a password for one of the applications in your smartphone, including Viber, through special programs. There are many such programs, and they allow you to achieve security and preserve confidential information. They apply to all installed applications on the smartphone. The most popular and reliable ones are:

  • AppControl;
  • iAppLock;

Download and use one of the presented programs to set a password for a specific application, including Viber, you can absolutely free.

It is important to note that these programs are not available in the App Store. You can download them from the Cydia Store. This is also an add-on application that has a number of important functions, including making changes to the software package. Through Cydia, you can not only create passwords for logging into different applications, but also make a copy of the program to log in under a different profile, hide individual folders, rename icons, and much more. Cydia is fully compatible with the iOS operating system, however, you should be aware that any unauthorized changes may harm your smartphone system.

Set a password for chat in Viber

How to set a password for Viber on iPhone

IPhone smartphones are considered to be among the most prestigious phones. They are of high quality and excellent software. One of the prerequisites for phone settings is to set a password on the lock screen for safe use of the device and protection against theft. But if you regularly use the Viber application on your smartphone and want to preserve the confidentiality of your correspondence, then for greater protection, you can additionally put a passcode to enter the messenger. How to do it on Apple devices and is it possible to recover the password if you forgot it or entered it incorrectly?

Password Setting Methods

Can I put a password on Viber? Despite the fact that Viber itself does not have such an opportunity, there are other solutions to the issue of protecting the application from strangers.

By regular means

As mentioned earlier, there is no built-in password function in Viber. This feature is not available on the iPhone system either. That is, there is no personal password for individual applications. If you read about this somewhere, then this is just a fraudulent move to increase site traffic. But Viber has another standard option that allows you to protect your secret messages. The developers of Viber did their best to improve the interface and functionality of the application and introduced “Hidden Chat” for concerned users. The essence of such a chat is that it is hidden in the general history of correspondence and is password protected.

If you want to use this function and set a password for correspondence, then follow the instructions:

  • Go to Viber.
  • Click on the chat with the correspondence you want to hide.
  • At the top, click on the button with three dots, a functional appears that is applied to this correspondence.
  • Choose “Hide chat”.
  • Enter your four-digit password and confirm it.

Using the “Hide chat” function, you can block an unlimited number of correspondences in your history.

When this function is activated, the message text and username will not be displayed on the phone screen, but simply a signal about an incoming message in Viber. If necessary, you can cancel it in the settings. To access hidden correspondence, you need to enter the password at the top of the Viber main page in the search bar among all chats.

Is it possible to put a password on Viber on an iPhone

Let’s immediately answer the question that the built-in function of blocking the Viber application itself from other people does not exist. That is, it will not work to put a password on Viber in the form of a code from a set of numbers. This means that if someone unlocks your iPhone, then nothing prevents him from entering Viber and reading the correspondence. This feature is missing not only on iPhones, but also on other operating systems and devices. However, there are alternative ways to resolve this issue.

Password recovery and reset

The question of password recovery primarily depends on which method you used to secure Viber. If you used one of the specially designed third-party programs where you can set a password for Viber, then the recovery process depends on the policy and rules for using this utility. If the developers have taken care of solving this problem, then if the wrong code is entered, the program will certainly suggest ways to resolve it. Also pay attention to the existing items in the program settings, whether there is a password recovery function there.

If you can’t recover the password, then the only way out is to uninstall the assistant program, and then reinstall it and enter a memorable code.

But if you have used such a standard function as “Hide chat”, then there is no way to recover your password. This is primarily due to the high level of security so that no one else can access your correspondence in different ways. The only way out if you can’t remember the code is to reset it. This can be done through the settings menu, item “Privacy”. However, when you click the “Reset Password” button, your hidden correspondence will be completely removed from the Viber history. Therefore, when setting a four-digit password, come up with a memorable code in advance.

How to set a password for an app group in iOS 12

Go to Settings. Screen Time and select Enable Screen Time.

Below we click Use a password code and set a four-digit code, it will be used to lock applications.

Go to the Settings. Screen Time. Program Limits.

Click Add limit and indicate the category of applications (social networks, games, etc.).

Set the usage limit. 1 minute, mark the Block option at the end of the limit.

Application icons will become darkened, and a special symbol will be displayed next to the name.

Now, after using any of the marked programs for 1 minute a day, the limit is activated. When starting the application, you will need to enter a four-digit code.

After that, the limit can be extended by 15 minutes, an hour or a day.

How to set a limit on a specific app in iOS 12

If setting a limit for a group of applications is not suitable, proceed as follows.

How To Change Password On Iphone XR To 4 Digits.

Turn on Screen Time and set up a 4-digit password (Settings. Screen Time. Use Passcode).

Launch any application that you want to password-protect (we use it for a couple of minutes), then return to the Settings. Screen Time section and click on the total usage time.

Below the usage graph, you will see frequently used programs, among which the one we need will be displayed.

Open the section for the application and click Add limit.

Set the limit for 1 minute and click Add.

Now the set limit will only apply to one application.

Of course, this is not a password for launching applications in its pure form. However, for many, this will be enough to protect confidential data in some programs on their smartphone.

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How to set a password to launch applications in iOS 12

One of the important innovations in iOS 12 is Screen Time. Initially, this feature is intended for self-control, allowing you to set time limits for working with certain applications.

I doubt that all iPhone or iPad users will be in control of their loved one. Instead, the chip can be used to password-protect certain programs on the device.

Without a special code, it will not work to launch the application, isn’t that what we have been waiting for in iOS?

Artyom Surovtsev

I love technology and everything connected with it. I believe that the greatest discoveries of humanity are yet to come!

How to set a password on a photo in iOS

Perhaps one of the main problems with the standard iOS gallery is the lack of a security mechanism. For one reason or another, a password cannot be set on a photo or video. In the standard gallery, you can only “hide” images, and this option, for obvious reasons, is absolutely useless. But the solution to this problem has already been found.

Many users resort to using third-party galleries, but there is an easier way. All private pictures can be stored in the “Notes” application. here you can set a password.

How to set a password on a photo in iOS

  • Launch “Settings” and go to the “Notes” section. Disable the item “Save to Photo”. This is to avoid duplicates;
  • Next, we indicate the code in the “Password” section. For security reasons, it makes sense to disable Face ID and Touch ID to access notes;
  • Create a new note and add the required photo;
  • In the context menu “Share” select the option “Block”;
  • Confirm the lock of the note using the “lock” icon.

All is ready. The content of the note is highly protected. you will need to enter the corresponding password to view it. Note that all notes will sync across all devices. Accordingly, it will be possible to access private photos not only on the iPhone, but also on the Mac or iPad.

Please note that notes cannot be recovered if the password is forgotten. That is why you should approach the issue of creating a password with all responsibility.

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It never ceases to amaze me how Apple, obsessed with privacy, has not yet made a separate folder in which to put those photos that you directly want to open or process in another program? And why is it still impossible to close and not hide individual photos? Why, because of a couple of photos that you want to improve, you have to provide programs and their owners with access to the entire photo album?

Passwords on iPhone: how to set, recover, reset

If one of the passwords set on the iPhone is forgotten, the situation is not hopeless. In 99% of cases, iPhone passwords can be reset by setting new ones. You will learn how to do this by reading the article to the end.

Apple’s gadgets are renowned for their ability to ensure the security of users’ personal data. literally everything can be “password protected” on iPhones. However, this sometimes “goes sideways” for the users themselves. Having set a lot of passwords, they will somehow forget.

We will tell you how to set and change various passwords on iPhone, as well as how to recover forgotten codes.

IPhone Restrictions Password

Apple technology users have problems with passwords for restrictions all the time. You have to enter the restrictions password much less often than the unlock code, so forgetting it is as easy as shelling pears.

How to reset your password if you’ve forgotten it

You can reset your Apple ID password in 2 ways: via email or by answering security questions. The reset is done as follows:

Go to the Apple ID website.

Enter your Apple ID (mailing address to which the account is attached) and captcha in the appropriate fields. Pay attention to the customer focus of Apple: a visually impaired user can force the service to name a captcha. if he clicks on the “For the visually impaired”.

After entering the captcha, you need to click “Continue”.

On the next page, select the option “I want to reset my password” and click on “Continue” again.

At this stage, you will have to make a choice of the reset method. If you have access to the e-mail to which your Apple ID is linked, you should opt for the “Receive a message by e-mail” option. this method takes less time.

Click “Continue” and check your inbox. Surely there will be a letter like this:

Click on the link “Reset password” contained in the letter. On the page where you will be transferred, set a new password.

If you do not have access to your mailbox, you will have to indicate your date of birth and answer a couple of security questions.

How to disable / change

Disabling the restrictions password on the iPhone is done in just two steps: you need to click on the “Disable restrictions” item, then enter the password.

You can change the restriction password by disabling it and reinstalling it. There are no other ways. however, this one takes less than a minute.

How to put

To set a restrictions passcode on iPhone, you need to follow these steps:

Go to the “Settings” of the gadget and follow the path “General”. “Restrictions”.

In the last subsection, click on the item “Enable restrictions”.

Create and write down a 4-digit restriction password twice. You cannot install a more complex combination that includes letters (as is the case with the unlock code).

After putting a password, you will see that all the sliders in the “Restrictions” subsection have become active.

By controlling these sliders, you can adjust the limits. For example, toggling the Safari toggle switch to the inactive position will remove the browser icon from the iPhone screen. By deactivating the “Remove Programs” slider, you set a ban on the corresponding operation.

How to reset if forgot

Resetting your unlock password will delete all information on your iPhone. Therefore, before proceeding with this procedure, it is worth creating a backup copy of the data.

You can reset the lock password in 2 ways: through iTunes and through the iCloud website. If you decide to use the media combine, you need to proceed as follows:

Launch iTunes.

Enter your mobile device into Recovery Mode.

Connect iPhone to iTunes with USB cable. The following picture will appear on the screen:

Click the “Restore iPhone.” button and in the window that appears, select the “Restore and Update” option.

Then you just have to wait until the installation / download procedure is complete.

If the speed of your Internet connection is poor, you should be prepared for the fact that you will have to wait a long time. after all, you have tasked iTunes to download the firmware, the weight of which is about 1.5 GB.

Upon completion of the procedure, you will receive a gadget that you can configure as new. including protecting it with a new password.

You can only reset your lock password through the iCloud website if Find My iPhone is enabled on your mobile device. The aLGorithm of actions is as follows:

Go to

In the main menu, find the “Find iPhone” icon and click on it.

Enter your Apple ID password and click “Sign in”.

In the “All devices” menu, select the device you want to reset.

An image of the device will appear on the screen, as well as a list of actions that can be performed remotely with it.

Click on the “Erase iPhone” button.

Then confirm your intention. click on “Erase” in the window that appears.

Enter your Apple ID password again and click on the arrow button.

The procedure will start to delete all data from the iPhone. including the set passwords.

IPhone Lock Screen Password

The owner of the iPhone enters the lock password many times every day, so cases when this code is forgotten are rare. Any combination of 4 digits is suitable for the role of the lock password, but it is better to avoid very primitive ones (like 0000). The user needs to remember that the lock password protects his photo, among which there may be compromising evidence.

We put a password for the application in the iPhone

Today, the iPhone is not only a means for calls and messaging, but also a place where the user stores data about bank cards, personal photos and videos, important correspondence, etc. Therefore, there is an acute question about the security of this information and the possibility of setting a password for certain applications.

iOS 11 and below

In devices with OS version 11 and below, you can prohibit the display of standard applications. For example, Siri, Camera, Safari browser, FaceTime, AirDrop, iBooks and others. To remove this restriction is possible only by going into the settings and entering a special password. Unfortunately, it is impossible to restrict access to third-party applications, including putting them under password protection.

Scroll a little below and find the item “Basic”.

Click on “Restrictions” to configure the function of interest to us.

Now you need to set up a passcode, which you will need to unlock apps in the future. Enter 4 digits and remember them.

Re-write the password code.

The function is enabled, but to activate it for a specific application, you need to move the slider opposite to the left. Let’s do it for the Safari browser.

To see the hidden application, the user must re-enter “Settings”. “General”. “Restrictions”, enter his password. Then you need to move the slider opposite the desired one to the right. This can be done by both the owner and another person, it is only important to know the password.

The restriction function on iOS 11 and below hides applications from the home screen and search, and to open it, you will need to enter a passcode in the phone settings. Third-party software cannot be hidden like that.

iOS 12

This version of the OS on the iPhone has a special function for viewing screen time and, accordingly, its limitations. Here you can not only set a password for the application, but also track how much time you spent in it.

Setting a password

Allows you to set time limits for using applications on the iPhone. For their further use, you will need to enter a password code. This feature allows you to restrict both standard iPhone applications and third-party ones. For example, social media.

    On the iPhone home screen, find and tap on “Settings”.

Select “Screen Time”.

Click on “Use passcode”.

Enter your passcode and remember it.

Re-enter the passcode you assigned. The user can change it at any time.

How to Add Passcode in iPhone Xr. Set Up Screen Lock in iOS

Click on the line “Program limits”.

Tap on “Add limit”.

Determine which application groups you want to limit. For example, let’s choose “Social Networks”. Click “Forward”.

In the window that opens, set a time limit when you can work in it. For example, 30 minutes. You can also select specific days here. If the user wants to enter a security code every time the application is opened, then you need to set the limit time to 1 minute.

Activate blocking after the specified time has elapsed by moving the slider to the right opposite “Block at the end of the limit”. Click “Add”.

password, iphone

Application icons after enabling this function will look like this.

By launching the application after the day limit has expired, the user will see the following notification. To continue working with him, you should click “Ask to extend the term”.

Click “Enter Password”.

Having entered the necessary data, a special menu appears, where the user can choose how long to continue working with the application.

Hiding apps

Standard setting
for all iOS versions. Lets you hide the default app from the iPhone home screen. In order to see it again, you will need to enter a special 4-digit password in the settings of your device.

  • Follow Steps 1-5 from the instructions above.
  • Go to “Content and Privacy”.

Enter your 4-digit password.

Slide the indicated switch to the right to activate the function. Then click on “Allowed Programs”.

  • You can activate access again by following Steps 1-5, and then you need to move the sliders to the right.
  • Application password

    If a user often gives his phone to children or just acquaintances, but does not want them to see certain information or open some application, special restrictions on such actions can be set on the iPhone. It will also help protect personal data from intruders when the device is stolen.

    How to find out the iOS version

    Before setting up the function in question on your iPhone, you should find out which version of iOS is installed on it. This can be done simply by looking in the settings.

      Go to the settings of your device.

    Go to the “General” section.

    Select “About this device”.

    Find the “Version” item. The value before the first dot is the information you are looking for about iOS. In our case, iOS 10 is installed on the iPhone.

    So, you can put a password on the application in any iOS. However, in older versions, the launch restriction applies only to the standard software of the system, and in newer versions, even to third-party.

    Guided Access function

    The iOS system offers its users a special function. “Guided Access”. It allows you to open only certain images on the device and prevents you from flipping the album further. This will help in situations where the iPhone owner needs to give his device away so that another person can see the photo. When the function is enabled, he will not be able to view other photos without knowing the combination and password.

      Go to iPhone Settings.

    Open the “General” section.

    Select “Accessibility”.

    At the very end of the list, find “Guided Access”.

    Activate the function by moving the slider to the right and click “Passcode Settings”.

    Set a password by clicking on “Set passcode for guided access”, or enable fingerprint activation.

    Open the image you need in the iPhone application “Photos” that you want to show to a friend, and press 3 times on the “Home” button.

  • In the window that opens, click “Options” and move the slider to the left opposite the line “Pressing”. Click Finish. Continue.
  • Guided access has been started. Now, to start flipping through the album, press the Home button 3 times again and enter your password or fingerprint. In the window that appears, click “Hang up”.
  • Photo Password

    iOS offers the installation of a security code not only for individual photos, but also for the whole “Photos” application. You can use the special “Guided Access” function in the device settings, as well as download a third-party application to store and lock your data.


    This method does not allow you to set a password for already created photos that are stored in the “Photos” application. However, if a user takes a photo from the notes themselves, then he can block it with a fingerprint or a security code.

    Enabling the function

    • Go to “Settings” of your device.

    Scroll down and find the “Notes” item.

    In the window that opens, turn off the “Save media to Photo” function. To do this, move the slider to the left.

    Now go to the “Password” section.

    Photo blocking process

      Go to the Notes app on iPhone.

    Go to the folder where you want to create the entry.

    Click on the icon to create a new note.

    Tap on the camera image to create a new photo.

    Select “Take Photo or Video”.

    Take a photo and click Use. a photo”.

    Find the Share icon at the top of the screen.

    Tap on “Block note”.

    Enter the previously set password and click “OK”.

    The lock has been established. Tap on the lock icon in the upper right corner.

    The note with the photo taken was locked. To view it, you need to enter a password or fingerprint. The selected photo will not appear in the iPhone gallery.

    Setting a photo password on iPhone

    You can store photos on iPhone both in albums in the standard Photos application and in applications from the App Store. Many users are worried about the security of their data, so they prefer to restrict access to them with a password.

    Application password

    If a user wants to restrict access to the entire Photo application, it makes sense to use the special Application Password function on the iPhone. It allows you to block certain programs temporarily or permanently. The process of enabling and configuring it is slightly different on different versions of iOS, so carefully read our article at the link below.

    Third Party Applications

    You can only put a password on a specific photo using third-party applications from the App Store. The user has a huge choice, and on our site we considered one of the options. Keepsafe. It is absolutely free and has an intuitive interface in Russian. Read about how to use it to put a password on “Photo” in the next article.

    In this article, we have analyzed the main ways to set a password for individual photos and the application itself. Sometimes you may need special programs that can be downloaded from the App Store.