How To Set A Dial On A Smart Watch

The ability to almost endlessly configure and reconfigure anything, Android is considered, if not the main advantage of this mobile operating system, then its main distinguishing feature for sure. Indeed, on his Android device, the user can configure at least wallpapers with widgets, at least firmware with launchers, if he can, of course.

How To Set A Dial On A Smart Watch

Simply put, now you can not just change the strap on your smart watch to the same, but different color, but also radically change the “dial” of the device, choosing the appropriate option from the many available.

Another thing is that you need to be able to change the appearance of your Samsung Gear, Sony SmartWatch or LG G3. It’s clear that it’s not so difficult to choose a design for a square and round dial, since there’s plenty to choose from for a long time, and you can download it quickly, but to correctly install new Android Wear dials in a couple of minutes is, as they say, a matter of experience. So, we will study.

step 1: download and install Facer

Facer is an Android application in which there are just a lot of different screen options for smart watches. The program costs 1, after installation it looks like an additional option in the menu where you can select new dials for Android Wear, and behaves the same way. Those. to get to it, tap and hold your finger on the main screen of the device and wait until a list of available options appears.

step 2: Find Cool New Android Wear Dials

Further, more importantly, you need to understand where to find and download these beautiful and cool clock faces. As we have already said, there are plenty of sites on the web where you can choose high-quality mobile software for Android Wear.

However, there are not so many specialized, in our case, smart-watches, where you can always find a new version of the screen for your smart watches, but they are.

For example, on FaceRepo ( the catalog has accumulated very well. Here you can find screens for square and round watches, there are minimalist designs and screens a la real analog watches, there are even new dials for Android Wear, with which, say, the Moto 360 turn into a very nice likeness of fashionable Tag Heuer, or old-school, Casio or classic Breitling. In general, there are many interesting things, and a search in the catalog is significantly facilitated by the rating system.

step 3: Downloading the New Android Wear Dials

It is even simpler here. They chose the theme they like for the screen of their smartwatch, press the download button, and then a window appears where you need to clarify how you will download the archive. browser or immediately through Facer. For example, choose Facer (if you add “Always,” the next time, the theme will automatically be downloaded via Facer, too, if you do not cancel this in the settings), and now the program will unzip the files and add them to the application that already exists on your smartwatches list of available watch faces.

step 4: set the new watch face

In general, you have already downloaded the dial and now you want to quickly see it on your own wrist. In fact, one moment: in Facer, press the icon with an arrow pointing to the watch, and thus activate the desired version of the dial. The only condition: on the smart watch itself, you need to choose exactly the same option. However, if you suddenly forget, the application will remind you of this.

After a couple of seconds, after your smartwatch is synchronized with the smartphone, and the new dial appears on the device’s screen, you can consider the procedure successfully completed. Of course, if you have the proper qualifications, you can go to Facer and reconfigure the dial, changing the colors, fonts and available parameters of other design elements as you wish. Android, why not?