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In this article, we asked the master to answer the question: “How to install whatsap on the Samsung watch?”, And also give useful recommendations on the topic. What came of this, read on.

  • Open the utility on a smartphone called iWatch;
  • In the pop-up tab, designed to select software, click on the option “Search” or “Selection”;
  • With your fingertip, click on the icon symbolizing the selected program, and wait for it to be downloaded to the device;
  • Or scroll down to the Available Programs section and click on Install the Watsup icons directly.

After downloading the application, the icon for launching will automatically appear on the desktop of the watch, all settings are automatically inherited from the phone.

Attention! After updating IOS to version 11 and higher, the developers removed the application for watches, but work is underway to restore regular work, we are waiting for the next updates from WhatsApp.

The only thing that can be done at the moment is to enable notifications on the watch.

The application may ask for the user password, which must be entered in the appropriate field.
However, downloading is only half the battle. It implies the use of two gadgets and the user must manage the software. Therefore, two devices must be synchronized with each other to transmit each other the necessary information. In the settings of the smart watch, the user is offered two options:

Choosing the first option, the user ultimately receives information on the watch through a mobile device on which the programs are installed. The second option involves synchronizing the Apple Watch with the iPhone, which can be turned on in the “Settings” section of the application until the symbol or button with the image “i” appears. After this procedure, the user will receive the necessary information.

The application for smart watches is absolutely no different from the functionality of standard software, designed for other devices with various operating systems. This is the same multifunctional messenger that can be downloaded on the official website, fulfilling the duties assigned to it by the developers:

  • Correct contacts;
  • Archive correspondence history.

Here, as in the traditional version, you can choose a sound notification that came to your taste, a vibrating alert or just a banner on the gadget’s screen. In addition, realizing that typing text messages on a small display of smart watches, to put it mildly, is inconvenient, the developers created voice dialing, which:

  • Accurately perceives human speech;
  • Encodes it;
  • Displays on a miniature display in automatic mode.

To install and configure the application does not need to apply titanic efforts. The operating system will duplicate the settings selected by the user from the iPhone, which is synchronized with the smart watch.

To the few list of messengers that support Android Wear, WhatsApp is now worth adding. Now the owners of the “smart” watches Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch will be able not only to view messages on the display of the gadget, but also to answer using voice.

In general, everything is implemented approximately as in Hangouts, with the exception of the option to display several notifications of new messages from one contact at the same time using the special “” button. It allows you to familiarize yourself not only with the last letter, but also with all previous ones that have not been previously viewed.

At the moment, the updated WhatsApp messenger with support for Android Wear is presented only as a beta version, available only on the developers website, the link is provided below. After testing and refinement, the application will appear in the Google Play Market.

Download WhatsApp Beta with Android Wear Support

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Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the most anticipated smart watches this year. There were many rumors about the capabilities and characteristics of these watches, but in most cases they did not materialize, and the Galaxy Watch did not become a revolutionary watch, but, in fact, became an improved version of the Samsung Gear S3. Among the main advantages of the watch are increased battery life, built-in GPS for tracking and navigation, and some exclusive functions of the Tizen operating system.

Facer is the perfect watch personalization app. This application is available for Tizen, Wear OS and watchOS operating systems. If you don’t have enough of your own Galaxy Watch dials, this app is for you. Facer contains a huge collection of dials (over 30,000 options) for all platforms. Also, Facer has developed several of its own mini-games for smart watches, which can also be installed using the application.

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps. The Spotify app installed on the Galaxy Watch supports offline mode. That is, you can download and listen to music directly from the smart watch itself, without being tied to a smartphone.

Samsung Health is a cool application that most users will use on their Galaxy Watch, but the choice of training options in it is not very large. The PEAR Sports app offers hundreds of workouts and training plans developed and tested by renowned athletes and trainers. In PEAR Sports, you can find various activities such as walking, running, cycling, stretching, etc. In general, there is something in the application for both beginner athletes and more experienced ones.

Glympse is a useful application if you need to share your location with friends and family. In addition to the location and route of travel, your loved ones will be able to see on the map online where you are now, and even at what speed you are moving. Similarly, you can also request a friend’s location by clicking the “Request” button.

Here WeGo Maps is a great navigation app for the Samsung Galaxy Watch. The application can work autonomously, without connecting to smartphones. To work with the application, it must be downloaded and installed on the clock, and download maps. After installation and activation, WeGo Maps allows you to plan routes and write data to memory for later viewing.

Flipboard News briefing is one of the best apps for those who always want to keep abreast of the latest news. Not everyone likes to read the news on a small hourly screen, but this is a good way to always stay up to date with all the latest events. News briefing gathers the latest news from social media subscriptions and news resources. Also with this application you can not only read, but also share interesting posts,s or photos with readers.

Find My Car is a small but very useful application for motorists. It will help you find a car if you cannot remember where you parked. The application can remember the parking place, and using the built-in GPS Galaxy Watch show how far you are from a parked car.

In fact, this is not a complete list of applications for the Samsung Galaxy Watch, but in our opinion, these are some of the most popular and useful.

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In this article, we asked the master to answer the question: “How to set a dual clock on the Samsung?”, As well as give useful recommendations on the topic. What came of this, read on.

Widgets for the lock screen on the Galaxy S4 are added quite simply if you know all the lockscreen settings. In the end, if you do not change anything, then on the lock screen there will be only one clock widget and the inscription “Life satellite” or some other message at the top of the screen. But Android 4.2 on the Galaxy S4 allows you to use a huge number of widgets and we will tell you how to make it easier.

You need to open Settings / My device / Lock screen and select the checkbox for “Multiple widgets”. Once you do this, you will be able to add more panels for widgets on the lock screen. The standard set includes widgets from Google, as well as branded Samsung widgets, including the new WatchON widget. This is only because WatchON has become part of the prerequisite software and is a tool for managing compatible devices like a control panel. Now the Galaxy S4 will not need to be unlocked and directly controlled from the lockscreen to control the TV. Third-party applications like Dashclock Widget, etc. Also work well with lockscreen.

In stock Android there is also a shortcut for the camera, which is already by default located on the right side of the lock screen. If you wish, you can create a list of your favorite applications and add a widget to launch them on the lock screen. You can enable this item in Settings / My device / Lock screen / Widgets for the lock screen or camera widget.

Like some other widgets, the main clock widget is also customizable. You can change or get rid of the message at the top of the screen, set a dual clock for the main time and for roaming, adjust the design and size of the screen fonts.

You can see all this in a demo:

Not every smartphone owner knows that you can change the background of the Samsung Galaxy lock screen through the standard settings, and is not aware of the existence of special applications that provide full access to control the lock mode.

Standard settings allow you to change the wallpaper, clock, add text, greetings, messages, shortcuts, folders to the lock screen, and most importantly. Get to everything without difficulty.

In the menu item “Settings” selects “Lock screen”. Here are the sub items:

  • Changing the screen lock protection. Different levels of security are offered;
  • Lock screen settings. You can enable or disable the on-screen shortcuts, news, promotions, add social networks, dual hours, weather forecasts, adjust the effect of ripples, etc.;
  • Notes on the lock screen. Added as necessary;
  • Information about the owner. Carried out by entering the required text.

In order to activate the new settings, you need to select a shortcut, click on it, hold it and take it to the side.

There is software that makes it possible to completely change the lock screen, that is, add widgets, buttons, change wallpapers, shortcuts, etc.

An example of such a program is WidgetLocker for Android, which takes up only 4.38 MB of space and is an extremely convenient and functional application.

WidgetLocker is configured quite simply, with incomprehensible moments there is the option to enable training.

When you start the program, the main lock screen of the smartphone will open, which is redone at will. Screen customization is supported both horizontally and vertically. The following options change here:

  • The appearance of the device;
  • Input using buttons;
  • Behavior. Setting sounds and launch modes;
  • Unread counters;
  • Screen timeout. Ways to replace the system timeout;
  • The presence of pop-up notifications. SMS, incoming calls, etc.;
  • WidgetLocker settings are saved and restored;
  • Advanced settings include updating WidgetLocker, reports on work and errors, training.

One of the advantages of the program is the ability to change the screen grid for convenient display of widgets. Soundtrack allows you to adjust the sounds during the lock and unlock the screen. There is also the possibility of changing transition animations, enabling the visualization of label names, you can darken the background and select wallpapers, including interactive ones.

After setting the lock screen settings, you can add the necessary widgets, shortcuts, applications to it. In this case, do not forget to save the changes.

Analog Clock Live Wallpaper is an extremely simple live wallpaper with an analog clock. Will appeal to all lovers of minimalism and simple solutions.

How to Set a Clock on Samsung

Wallpaper has a large number of settings. In the center of the clock you can place any entry, but there is a limit of 15 characters. You can also select the colors of various elements.

But if you want the same watch, but as a widget that you can move around the screen or resize it, then pay attention to this minimalistic Yet Yet Analog Clock Widget.

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