How to Set a Clock on a Phone Screen

How to set the clock and date on an Android phone?

Android is a modern operating system that does not stop developing. It is very convenient to use and simple enough. Of course, there are launchers in which it is easy to get confused, but these are isolated cases.

Despite everything, some users do not know how to change the date or time on their Android smartphone or tablet. Today we will tell you how to do it right.

We go to the desktop of the device and find the “Settings” icon. Tap on her.

How to Set a Clock on a Phone Screen

Thus we find ourselves in a section with many settings. Do not worry. Lower the page down until you see the item “Date and time.” Click on it.

At the top of the screen you can see the inscription “Use network time”. This indicates that the device is synchronizing with the network, so you cannot change the date or time. The indicated items are inactive.

What to do? That’s right, turn off network synchronization. Tap on this item and put a tick “Off”.

After that, we see that the items “Date” and “Time” have become active. To change the data, click on one of the indicated items.

Here’s what the date setting section looks like.

And so. The clock (time) setting section. When finished, do not forget to click “Finish”.

By the way, you can also uncheck the “Network time zone” item if you are afraid that problems will begin with the movement of the clock hands in spring or autumn, and then set the time zone yourself.

How to change time and date on Samsung Galaxy?

The principle is the same.

Go to the settings and find the “Date and Time” section.

Uncheck the option “Automatic time detection”.

The items “Set date” and “Set time” will become active.

You can change them one at a time.

As you can see, nothing complicated.

How to install flash watches on your phone

A flash clock is a screensaver in SWF format that allows you to change the appearance of the main screen of a mobile phone. For ease of use, it has an area where stylized watches are located. Make sure your phone supports the SWF standard. To do this, download any file of this format from the Internet, put it in one or another folder of the memory card, and then try to open the device’s file manager. Some phones are not equipped with the Adobe Flash Player program initially, but they can be installed. These, in particular, are many smartphones with Symbian and Android operating systems. In this case, go to the following page: To visit the page, use the phone’s built-in browser and the server will determine its model. If you try to go to this address from a computer, it will automatically be offered to download the desktop version of Flash Player. Download the version of the player suitable for your smartphone from there, install it (the installation method depends on the model of the device and its OS), and then check the operability of the program using any SWF file. Having achieved to play SWF-files on your phone, go to the following site: http: // the Flash-hours you like, then download the ZIP-archive with them. Inside the archive you will find two files: one TXT format, the other. SWF Place the second one in a folder on the phone’s memory card, and then open the device’s file manager. A clock will appear on the screen. Press the left soft key of the phone and try to find in the menu that appears “Use as a screensaver” or similar. If there is one, place the Flash clock on the main screen of your smartphone. Then it will not have to be restarted after each reboot of the device. The virtual clock will not require any additional configuration. The screen saver takes current time information from the phone’s built-in clock. It is possible, however, that the time zone is not displayed correctly. This cannot be fixed. Flash Lite does not have this setting. You can only set the system clock of the phone to the required number of hours forward or backward so that the time on the screen saver is displayed correctly.

  • How to put flash screensaver

Flash files most often open in browsers, since it is on the Internet that this multimedia technology is used most widely. For this, the browser has an appropriate plugin. Built-in flash player. However, you can open such files without an Internet browser. In addition, the broad definition of “flash” includes source files that require specialized programs to be viewed and edited. If you want to open a flash file to view the clip contained in it, try to do it the same way as with any other file. Double-click the left mouse button. The operating system itself must determine the application that can process files of this type. Such a program in your OS may be, for example, a browser or a player for and audio files. If the system cannot find the application you need, then the swf extension has not yet been assigned to any program. In this case, download and run the installation file from the Adobe website. There is both a browser application (Flash Player) and a player independent of the Internet browser (Flash Player Projector). After the wizard finishes, you can open these files with a double click. Flash files get their final form after compilation from the source code, which is also stored in files, but with a different extension. Fla. To open the source file you need to be able to use the appropriate code editor. The most famous program of this kind. Adobe Flash Professional, but there are other editors. For example, Wildform Flix, Koolmoves, Swift3d, etc. Pick and install the most suitable one. There is also a class of programs whose main purpose. Recreate source code from compiled flash files. If you need to open the source of the swf file, install one of these programs. They are called flash decompilers. For example, it could be the Flash Decompiler Trillix application. One of the most popular decompilers today. This program is able to parse the swf file opened with its help into its component parts and save all the images, scripts, sounds contained in it separately or into one source file in fla format.

  • Flash Player Projector in 2018

In addition to patches, there are other options for expanding the functionality of a mobile phone. One of them is the execution of the processor code of devices on NewSGold platforms, i.E. The ability to create custom applications that work similarly to Siemens software and use the Elf standard. Hence the elves who got their name.

  • – a computer connected to the Internet;
  • – Sony Ericsson phone.

Determine the firmware version of your phone to use elves. Install one of the patch sets depending on the version: Elfpack if you are not using a master patch; Elfloader, if you have a NewsGold platform with a library of functions; or Elfloader with a large feature library. Note that the library of functions used requires regular updates, as they are constantly updated, and the use of new elves along with old libraries will entail unpredictable consequences. Create the following directories and files for installing elves on your phone: 4: / Zbin / Daemons /, 4: / Zbin / etc /, 4: /Zbin/etc/extension.Cfg. Place elf files in the Zbin directory or in its subfolders, depending on the particular element being installed. In the Zbin / Daemons folder, copy those elves that will be launched automatically when the phone boots. Copy the text configuration files to the Zbin / etc folder. In the extension.Cfg file, write the file extension associations. Make sure that the line with an asterisk at the beginning is the last. Write each line in the following form: extension, then the path to the elf file without spaces. Please note that unloading elves who are not demons is possible only after rebooting the phone, if this operation is not provided for in the application itself. To unload an elf, which is a demon, remove it from the Deamons folder before rebooting the phone, or change the file extension to any other. Recommendations on installing specific versions of elves for various Sony Ericsson phone models, as well as installation files, can be found on the forum at the following link http://semasterz.Net/sonyericsson-1869.html. The list of topics with the elves http://semasterz.Net/forum50.html. Please note: to download files from the forum you will need to go through the registration procedure. How to install flash watches on your phone

Download applications Russian watches on the main screen of your Android phone

For Nokia, Samsung, LG, Fly, Sony Erickson, Philips, Texet, Prestigio, Lenovo phones running on Android 6.0, Android 4.2, Android 4.0, Android 4.2.2, Android 5.1, Android 5 0 and so on, a wide variety of clock applications have been developed : flash, talking, digital, analog, animations, night, alarm clocks, smart, with a calendar, simple, transparent, Slavic Aryan, obscene, colored, neon, glowing, in the form of a rocket, double, minimalistic, like a chronograph, liquid and it’s Not all.

So that you do not have to look for a long time and not experiment on your own, I decided to provide my selection of clock programs for the desktop of an Android phone or tablet.

Here you can download the best watches. Fast, free and without fear for viruses. Direct links (you can download immediately, without registration and at maximum speed). All Russian (in Russian).

This watch will fit perfectly on the 240×320 screen, it’s fully working (verified), it’s beautiful, some work on the screen off, and as large as possible (large). You can download it as an apk file (apk) and, if necessary, share it with friends.

Download the most beautiful clock with an alarm clock for your smartphone or tablet android. Timely

I saw many different watches for Android and today I want to share an application that I have been using for a long time.

Timely is a clock alarm program, stopwatch and timer in one. In addition, they are minimalistic, simple and understandable for everyone.

The application itself consists of three screens. On the first screen, you will have alarms that are easy to manage and set for the corresponding days of the week.

You can also select the alarm ringtone, configure it as a night clock (night mode) and personalize the so-called nap.

The second screen is a classic watch. Its appearance can be changed, as well as the background style. On the last screen, you have access to the stopwatch and timer. You can easily switch between these functions with a gesture.

There are also beautiful animations, and every change in the numbers on the screen looks crazy.

The program is free and in Russian, although there is a paid version and a large number of functions.

You can choose from different themes available different colors and types of watches: analog. With an arrow, digital. Electronic and mixed.

Characteristic features are high-quality signals, for example, imitation of forest sounds or a combination of sounds of nature and music.

The application has a fully polished interface and offers one widget for the main screen displaying the date and current time. Download to your smartphone without registration, just below.

How to set time and date on android?

Who does not know how to set the time and date on android devices, such as a phone or tablet, we read and see the instructions below. Changing the time on android is very simple. I will show how to do this on a smartphone, but on almost all devices this operation is similar.

Go to the device settings. I have this left button and the item “Settings” or the icon “Settings”.

In the settings, we look for the “System” section, usually at the very bottom of the list and click on the “Date and Time” item. Now, here we can set not just the time and date, but also change the display format, select the time zone, set automatic synchronization of time and date over the network and GPS. There are many settings and they are quite simple, you can figure it out in 5 minutes.

For those who have not figured it out, I suggest watching a:

The main advantage of Android (compared to iOS) is the ability to flexibly configure the system “for yourself”, because most of the parameters can be changed. Users often ask about OS modifications. One such question is how to set the clock on the screen of an Android phone. Let’s look at a few ways.

Integrated widget

A widget is a remote interface element that can be placed on the Android main screen. It could be:

  • Weather;
  • Player;
  • Clock;
  • Notes;
  • The calendar;
  • Etc.

By default, a clock widget is preinstalled in the system launcher, but it is hidden. To display it, perform a number of functions:

  1. Go to the home screen.
  2. Hold the blank area until the menu appears.
  3. Click Widgets.
  4. Select “Clock” and hold it until the main screen appears.
  5. Move the dial to the desired location.

3rd party applications

The advantages of individual applications are that they can be flexibly configured. Consider the most interesting of them.

Minimal clock

This widget is popular among users, and also has many settings.

  1. Download the app from the Play Store. [Appbox googleplay com.Jmt.Clockwidget]
  2. Hold a blank area of ​​the screen until a menu appears → click Widgets.
  3. Find this application.
  4. Hold widget → drag to desktop area.
  5. A menu with settings appears, including:
    • Time format;
    • Battery display;
    • Date format;
    • Font style;
    • Background color and battery;
    • And much more.
    • Click “Save” after completing the setup.
    • The configured clock will appear on the screen.


    A simple application with a minimalistic design and simple settings.

    1. Download the app from the Play Store. [Appbox googleplay com.Sunspock.Miclock]
    2. Hold an empty area until a menu appears → click Widgets.
    3. Find MiClock.
    4. Hold the clock → move to an area of ​​the screen.
    5. A menu opens with the settings, including style and format.
    6. Click Continue.

    The dial will appear on your screen.

    Always on

    An analogue program of the function that is present on Samsung devices with OLED displays. The essence of the application is that it displays time on a locked screen.

    1. Download the app from the Play Store. [Appbox googleplay com.Tomer.Alwayson]
    2. Go to Always On → Follow the instructions.
    3. The settings are displayed, among which the most important:
    • Operating rules (battery usage, shutdown period, etc.);
    • Gestures (actions after swipe, etc.);
    • Dial settings (appearance);
    • Power saving mode (protection against battery overheating).

      The application will start after the screen lock and will work in energy-efficient mode.

      Analog clock live

      The peculiarity of the application is that it sets a live wallpaper-clock on the screen of your device.

      1. Download and run the app. [Appbox googleplay com.Analogclocklivewallpaper.Analogclock]
      2. Press “Setting” → set the clock by specifying:
      • Clock face;
      • Colour;
      • Display of date, second hand.
    • Go back → “Set wallpaper”.
    • Click apply.
    • The desktop will display a clock instead of a background image.
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