How to send contacts to another phone

How to transfer contacts from one Android phone to another

After buying a new smartphone, the first thing a person tries to do is to transfer all the contacts from the old device. It’s too long to do it manually, so knowing a few modern ways wouldn’t be out of place. You can copy contacts from one Android phone and transfer them to another using your Google account, the “Import/Export” feature, and the built-in features of your SIM card. Let’s look at each method in detail, sorting out the features, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure.

Your Google Account is used to sign in to almost all of the pre-installed applications on your Android smartphone. This applies to Play Market, YouTube, mail and a number of other services. Also this account is used for synchronization of the phone data with virtual disk or storage. If enabled, you can still recover photos, videos, music, documents, and other files even if you lose your device. And to transfer your contacts using your Google account correctly, use the following instructions:

  • Go to settings by clicking on the application icon on the desktop.
  • Go to “Synchronization. Note that the name can be different. Everything depends on the Android version and the installed shell.
  • If there are a lot of accounts, choose the one that will be used on the new phone.
  • Check the “Contacts” checkbox and wait for the synchronization to finish. Also under each of the services you can see when the data was last updated. We recommend regularly updating information, or for convenience activate the auto-refresh function.

Now we take in hand the second smartphone and authorize in the Google account, with which you have synchronized your contacts. After connecting to the Internet, numbers and people’s names will immediately appear in the phonebook. If it didn’t happen, then go to the settings and manually start the synchronization, just like it was done on the first phone.

Also, in some cases, you may need to enable the display of contacts from your Google account, this can be done in the settings of the application “Contacts” or “Phonebook.

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I have the same problem as this person: doxygen Комментарии и мнения владельцев multiple variables at once I already tried the suggested solutions in the thread and, like OP, I could not get doxygen to have the same comment for multiple variables. Can someone help? Thanks

A list of contacts will be periodically sent to my server. Then I need to encode and store the hashes in a database with no initial values (only hashes). If I get a contact twice, the hash needs to be the same for that. At this point I want to use AES encryption. To get.

According to, it looks like all you have to do is separate multiple phone numbers with semicolons:

SMS.To = ” first number; second number; third number”;

SmsComposeTask function. which is the only way to send SMS programmatically, allows you to specify only one recipient. However, when starting the SMS application, the user can add more recipients if necessary.

If you use the loop to send SMS messages to multiple recipients, the user can simply cancel sending any one message by pressing the Back button without sending. The control will not be sent back to the app until they either hit the Back button.

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I have the same problem as this person: doxygen Комментарии и мнения владельцев multiple variables at once I already tried the suggested solutions in the thread and, like OP, I couldn’t get doxygen to have one and the same.

Contact list will be sent to my server periodically. Then I need to encode and store the hashes in a database without initial values (only hashes). If I receive a contact twice, hash.

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send, contacts, another, phone

I am trying to send SMS to multiple contacts using asynctask. But when I click the Send SMS button it only sends to 1 number which is at the top of my selected list.

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I imported my creditor list from another system into the community version of Odoo 12 and found that it is not possible to use the same account number for a contact: double key value violates.

We want to allow the end user to receive a 2FA code in both directions (in email and SMS at the same time)? Is it possible to send the same OTP via email as well as SMS.

To create messages, go to them from the desktop. The way Android messages are organized is a little different. No Inbox, Outbox. Chat is displayed using dialogs. This method makes the correspondence as simple and clear as possible. SMS exchange in Android is reminiscent of internet chats.

To create messages, go to them from the desktop. Messages in Android are organized in a slightly non-standard way. No Inbox, Outbox. Communication is shown with dialogs. This way makes the correspondence as simple and clear as possible. SMS exchange in Android is similar to Internet chats.

send, contacts, another, phone

Android removed the difference between SMS and MMS as much as possible. Now you just have messages, and the program decides whether to send them via SMS or MMS. If a message is very long and exceeds four standard SMS messages, the program automatically converts it to MMS, because it understands that one MMS is usually cheaper than four SMS. Also, if you want to attach a picture, melody or video (a lot of options are available), the message will be sent as an MMS.

It only works to send via MMS. But those who do not have a smartphone and the Internet naturally this number in MMS format do not get. I go to the CONTACT to be sent, press the MENU button in the bottom left corner, select SEND CONTACT, enter the recipient and press send. it sends a vcf card. How do I send the phone number of an existing contact to another contact. And how to enter the recipient if it is in the magazine is not in kotakte, do I have to add the recipient in contact ?

I can only send via MMS. But those who do not have a smartphone and no internet of course this number in an MMS format do not get. I enter the CONTACT, which you want to send, I press the MENU button in the bottom left corner, choose SEND CONTACT, I enter the recipient and press send. vcf card is sent. How do I send the phone number of an existing contact to another contact. And how do I enter the recipient if it’s in the logbook but not in a contact, do I have to add the recipient to the contact ?

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How to send contact by SMS Android Samsung

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I choose to send contact via Google Caller, it sends an sms, how can I set contact attachment to send via sms. Redmi Note 8 Pro Phone with Google Caller

How to transfer contacts from Android to Android, more options

There are other ways to transfer contacts from one Android to another. For example, filling the phonebook by yourself. That is, you will add the numbers yourself. It is a working method, but it takes a lot of time.

Transferring contacts by SIM-card

If you do not change the SIM card and continue to use it, this method of transferring contacts will work.

Let’s open Contacts on your phone. Then select “Import contacts” or “Export contacts” from the settings (Screenshot 3).

On each version of Android this function has a different name, but works the same way. Then select the contacts with “Select All” button. Then select SIM-card, to which you want to transfer contacts, and press “OK” button. Numbers will be moved to another SIM-card. You can insert it into a second phone to use your saved contacts.

How to send contacts to another phone using an SD card

With an SD card, you can send contacts to another phone. To do this, you need to insert it into an old phone and use the above method to save contacts of numbers on it. But in the settings you need to select not a SIM-card, but exactly the SD-card.

Then insert the card with the numbers on the other Android and download the phone numbers. In this case, use the “Import” button through “Contacts.

Apps to transfer from Android to Android

Use Play Market to download and install apps to transfer contacts of the phone. List of programs you can use:

  • SHAREit. This app not only transfers contacts to your phone, but also various files via Wi-Fi.
  • Send Anywhere. This software performs a high-speed transfer of files between devices.
  • CLONEit. The app is fast enough to transfer contacts from phone to phone and not only.
  • The application helps to transfer numbers. To do this, install it on your computer and connect two gadgets to one device. Then set up the file transfer by activating the “Contacts” function. Next, connect your old phone and enable copying to transfer your contacts.
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There is also MOBILedit. It allows you to control the phone through a computer. Download the utility on your computer from the site and install. “”. Turn the program on and connect the old phone. Then, configure the program to transfer contacts to your new device.

Set the connection option PC Sync further, such options “Tools”, “Phone copier”, “Export”, “Contacts”. At the last step specify type of the input file. “csv” and click “Copy” button.

After that connect new phone and import contacts to it by pressing “Import” button.

Google help

Google search engine helps to save and transfer contacts to the phone. Use Google contacts app for this. How to use the application is written in the article. You can add contacts to this service and then transfer them to the new Android. Only beforehand connect to the Internet to enter a resource from the new phone.

If you have a Google account, it is possible to transmit contacts with the service. It is necessary to open options of your phone further, choose “Accounts and synchronization”. Next, put a tick in front of the word “Automatic data synchronization” and add the Google account, entering the login and password (screenshot 4).

After that, activate the “Contacts” button so that they are automatically transferred. Here you also need Internet.

On the second Android do the same and go to your contacts. That is, log in to your Google account. Then confirm the action, so that the address book is filled with contacts.

By the way, it is possible to save contacts from the phone to the computer. But only in this case it is necessary to connect the USB wire.

Transferring contacts from SIM-card to Xiaomi phone

In the contacts section, you press the three dots (on some Xiaomi devices, you need to press the “Menu” touch key below the screen).

A menu appears and you click on “Import and Export”.

Then you click on “Import from SIM card”.

If necessary, choose a Google account.

Check the boxes next to the necessary numbers or all of them at once, then press “Import”.

You can check if the numbers have been transferred from the SIM card to the phone.

After transferring contacts from the SIM card to the iPhone phonebook, be sure to set up contact synchronization in iCloud.

Recently I found myself in an uncomfortable situation, when I, an experienced user, was asked to transfer contacts from the SIM card to the iPhone, and I spent about 10 minutes on the phone.

I had to ask my uncle Google. Well, as usually happens with Apple products, transferring contacts from SIM card to iPhone was incredibly easy. I’ll tell you about it today.

  • How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. 3 working ways
  • How to back up Contacts using an iPhone flash drive. described here
  • How to transfer.vcf contacts from computer to iPhone. Tutorial

Perhaps because I don’t often have to transfer contacts from one phone to another via SIM card, I was not able to solve the problem at first glance.

Naturally the subconscious tells us that the iPhone also has a built-in function to import SIM contacts, but it’s not easy to find it if you don’t know.

Although, as it turns out, it is right in front of us. If you also have trouble transferring SIM contacts to your iPhone, follow these simple instructions.

STEP 1. Go to Settings Mail, Addresses, Calendars.

STEP 2. Scroll down the screen and press “Import SIM contacts”.

Nope, just a few more words I think many people will never need this feature. Unless you’re trying to set up a new iPhone, and you’ve used some android or a pushbutton “nutcracker” before.

After transferring contacts from SIM card to iPhone phonebook, be sure to set up synchronization of contacts in iCloud.

Because of the poor memory of the SIM card, you could not assign additional information (e-mail, date of birth, etc.) to your contacts.п.) so it’s time to add it all manually.

If this article was helpful to you, be sure to let us know about it by giving us a social media. networks.

Synchronizing via your Google account

You can transfer your Android contacts to your Android phone using your Google account. Data is preserved and accessible for one month after deletion. Synchronized Google Account allows the user to make changes when you do not have your device at hand. The sequence of actions is as follows:

Transferring contacts via your Google account

If done correctly, the contact information will appear after a while. Only contact information saved on your smartphone is synchronized. This method allows you to copy contacts from your phone quickly and with minimal effort. It takes a little time to download contacts to the phone, so users resort to this very method.

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How to move contacts from Android phone to SIM card

Many people when changing phones are faced with the need to transfer phone numbers from one device to another. This can be done in a variety of ways, but often users prefer to move contacts to the SIM card and then install it in the smartphone. It would seem that this procedure is easy to cope with, but with the constant updating of Android, the principle of action changes a little, but. Let’s take a look at the process of transferring contacts from an Android phone to a SIM card and back, and let’s get into some of the intricacies of this procedure.

First of all we suggest to consider a procedure of moving phone numbers directly to the SIM-card. Recall that depending on the version of the operating system and installed firmware, the names of sections and tabs may differ from those given in the instructions. So, to transfer contacts to the SIM card correctly, we recommend using the following guide:

  • Open the application that makes the calls. Usually the program you need is located on the most visible place of the desktop.
  • By default, the section with the calls will open in front of you, so go to the “Contacts” or “Phonebook” tab.
  • Open the additional menu by clicking on the “three dots” icon. On some phones it is unfolded by pressing on the touch key responsible for the options.
  • In the menu that appears we find the “Import and export” item and click on it. By the way, its name can be different, for example, “Copy contacts.
  • Select “Export from SIM card” option. If there are several SIM cards installed in the phone, select the one to which you want to move the phone numbers.
  • Then we select the phone number that we want to transfer. And finally, confirm the export procedure by clicking on the “OK” button in the window that appears.

If for some reason the standard features of the system can not transfer contacts to the SIM-card, you can use a special application from Google Play.


The best option if you need not only to transfer contacts from your old device, but also save the rest of your files, whether it’s account data or multimedia. In this case, it is suggested to transfer phone numbers through creating a backup:

  • Wait until the operation is completed.
  • Now on how to download contacts from Google to Android. First, open the Google settings in the new phone.

So, we figured out how to synchronize contacts from your phone to Google. At the same time, you need to know how to import contacts from your device memory to your Google account. To do this, refer to the instructions from the previous paragraph of the material.

Transferring phone contacts using a SIM card

This method involves using the SIM card installed on your phone, as the media. Keep in mind that the amount of transferred data in this case will not be large. about 150 numbers, so it is convenient if you have a limited number of contacts saved on the phone, otherwise you will have to copy the numbers in parts, which is not very convenient. Nevertheless, this method is listed first, as it is the simplest and undemanding: you can use it even if your phone has no SD-card slot or no access to the Net. So, to transfer contacts from the old android to the new one using a SIM card, follow the following instructions.

On your Android phone, go to “Contacts”. Call the menu of available functions and select the option “Import/export

Next, choose the “Export to SIM” option and select the contacts you want to transfer. You can check the “Select All” option right away. Then click “Done”.

Sending via Bluetooth

Another simple way to send contacts, which is suitable even for older Android firmware. It is implemented as follows:

  • On both the old and new device you must first turn on Bluetooth. Note that both devices must be visible to others. Normally, this can be set up directly when turning on Bluetooth.
  • Go to “Import/Export” in the “Contacts” section of the device.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on the “Submit” button.

All these are standard methods of transferring contacts from one Android to another Android. You can also use special programs from third-party developers, but for the average user they are not too convenient. These same methods are universal and suitable for everyone.

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