How To Send A Phone Number To The Black List

How To Send A Phone Number To The Black List

It happens that you are called from some numbers from which you did not want to receive calls, and for this you have come up with the option to add an unnecessary number to the black list and android is no exception, it also has such a function. Of course, there are many applications that allow you to add a number from the phone book to the black list, and for android there are a huge number of such applications including free applications. You can easily download and install any on your android free app to block incoming calls from unwanted contacts both from the playmarket and from other sources. In the same article, we will see how to add a number to the black list on android from the contact list without resorting to the help of additionally downloaded and installed programs, but use the already built-in android function.

Since there are different versions of Android on Android smartphones, the methods for adding a contact to the blacklist may also be slightly different, here we will look at different options. I also want to say that the number that we want to add to the black list should be stored in the phone’s memory, and not in the SIM card’s memory.

1) To add a contact or number to the black list on Android 9, do the following:
– Open calls by clicking on the icon.
– In the window that opens, go to “Menu” by clicking on the icon in the form of three vertical dots.
– Next, open the menu item “Settings”.
– In the call settings we need an item “Blocked numbers”.
– Now you can blacklist the number by clicking on “Add number” after which calls and messages will no longer be received from the blocked number. Also here you can see if there are numbers on the black list on Android 9 from which you can not get through.

You can try this way: open “Contacts” next we go to “Menu” clicking on the button in the form of three short strips next “Settings” further paragraph “Call / SMS Blocking” or “Blocked numbers” and “Add number”.

Or so: open “Contacts” then select “Contact” to be blacklisted, then open “Menu” clicking on the icon in the form of three dots next “Blocked numbers” and “Block”.

2) The second method is easier and is suitable for Android version 4.0 and higher.
– Open “Contacts” select the desired number from the list of contacts that is stored in the phone’s memory and open “Menu” (the menu for working with a contact can be opened by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the screen in the form of three horizontal bold dots).
– In the menu that opens, opposite the item “Incoming call blocking” put a tick.
– Now all incoming calls from the number from the black list will be blocked. To enable the call again, uncheck the box.

3) The third method also allows blacklist, but for Android version below 4.0. Also, the contact must be stored in the phone.
– So that on android add a contact to the black list in “Settings” and select the item “Challenges” further “All challenges” and “Call rejection”.
– Now find the item “Black list” then “Add” and check the box opposite “Enable blacklist”.
– Next, go to the contacts and call “Menu” (to call up the menu, click on the contact and hold without releasing your finger until the menu appears) in it we select the item “Add to blacklist”.
– In order to again allow receiving a call from a blocked number, uncheck the box that we set.

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