How to see how much RAM on a computer

How to find out what RAM is on the computer: 7 ways

Some users are wondering how to find out how much RAM is on the computer in order to upgrade your PC: increase the total memory of memory. First you need to find out what RAM is on the device to have an idea of ​​the characteristics of RAM (RAM) of the computer.

RAM (RAM, Random Access Memory) is an important component of computer hardware that affects the performance of the device. For comfortable work, the computer must have a sufficient amount of RAM. If RAM is not enough for PC, you need to add or replace the memory.

To fulfill the modernization of the hardware part of the computer, in particular an increase in the size of RAM, you will need to find out the overall characteristics of the RAM installed on your device. It is necessary to find out the following parameters: what is the amount of RAM, how many RAM slots have, what is the frequency of RAM and some other technical characteristics (timings and t. D.).

First you need to find out how much RAM is available on the computer at a given time. The rest of the memory of the choice of memory depends on this information.

Often, users add additional planks (modules) of memory, if possible, to increase the volume of RAM. Therefore, you must first find out the number of RAM slots on the computer, are there free slots (connectors, nests).

How to check RAM usage in windows 10

Additional memory modules can be inserted into free slots. Otherwise, you will have to change the levels of memory of a smaller volume on the modules of the memory of a larger volume.

For example, if the PC has two 2 GB memory slats operating in two.Channel mode, and the user wants to increase the total amount of RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB, then the presence of free nests (connectors) for installing RAM modules is of great importance.

much, computer

If there are no free slots on the computer, then the user will have to replace the installed memory modules with two planks of 4 GB, which will work in two.Channel mode or with one module of 8 GB, which works in single.Channel mode. It is advisable to use memory in two.Channel mode, this is a more productive way of working.

In this manual there are instructions: how to find out how much RAM on the computer, as well as how to find out what RAM is on the computer. You can get general information about the amount of memory using the means of the operating system, and we will learn more detailed data on the technical characteristics of the memory modules using third.Party software.

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Laptop owners can find out the main characteristics of the RAM on the manufacturer’s official website, focusing on the description of the device (laptop) model, if such information is available on the website. There is an opportunity to find out the amount of RAM in BIOS (UEFI).

We learn the volume of RAM through Windows 11 parameters

This is one of the easiest ways to check the volume of RAM in the system.

First, we launch the “Parameters” application from the “Start” menu on the taskbar.

much, computer

Further in the parameter window, we move to the section “System”. “On the System”.

In the section “Design characteristics” we will find the amount of RAM.

much, computer

View on the RAM bar

The latest is predictably considered the way to view information with a physical, rather than software method. If you have the opportunity to disassemble the system unit, then do it. On the bar bar, its type and update frequency will be indicated.

If you are the owner of the laptop, then the best option would be to check the characteristics on the manufacturer’s website. Unlike stationary PC, laptops are sold in a small number of assemblies, which allows you to quickly find the necessary information.

“Control Panel

The amount of RAM is also indicated in the standard application, which is called the “control panel”. In fact, this is an alternative menu “Parameters” designed for a point setting up a computer. To familiarize yourself with the information about the RAM, you need:

  • Find and open the “control panel” through the Windows search line. If necessary, you can use the alternative way to start the tool.

By the way, not all computer owners based on Windows 10 know that you can access the desired section in literally two touches. To do this, you need to click the PKM on the “This computer” icon on the desktop, and then go to “Properties”. Then the window with information about the computer will immediately open, including RAM characteristics.

How to find out the computer’s RAM can be in several ways described below.

Then after reading the article you can figure out how to find out the RAM of a computer or laptop. We act and repeat after me!

As a result, a window will appear where the size of the available RAM, the type of operating system (for example, 32-bit), etc.D.

Enter the MSINFO32 manually in the window that appears and click on Enter.

  • Another way based on a combination of functional keys.
  • Press “Win ​​R” and in the window opened, enter dxdiag.
  • A new window will appear. Pay attention to the line “Memory”. There will indicate the physical volume of the computer’s memory.
  • All methods describe the free number of gigs on your PC.

But how can you find out exactly the RAM of your laptop or computer, to analyze its additional characteristics read below.

I want to immediately warn that I can not do without the use of third.Party applications and utilities. One of these programs is Speccy. It allows you to access all the characteristics of the modules and boards that are currently connected to your PC.

The utility is free and quite affordable for downloading from the Internet.

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Next, click on the link to start downloading.

After loading the program, proceed to the installation. The utility is established in standard ways, without much difficulty.

To check what RAM is installed on your PC, do the following:

And then you just read the information you are interested in. Everything is described there accessible and understandable. There are characteristics about the type of DDR, the number of channels, volume and frequency. You can also see how many percent of RAM are used at this moment and many more useful characteristics. Based on these characteristics, you can decide whether you should increase the RAM or not.

But the most direct path how you can find out the RAM of your computer. If you understand the whole gland of the system, then:

  • Disconnect the power unit power;
  • Remove the lid;
  • Pull out the modules with memory and read the characteristics you are interested in right on them.

However, this method is only for experienced masters, and not for beginners.

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How the amount of RAM affects PC performance

In order to understand how much memory is necessary for the normal operation of a computer or laptop, you need to figure out what tasks in the subsequent they must solve.

The volume of 4 GB is considered minimal, suitable for performing simple tasks (working with documents, watching videos and films).

much, computer

The volume of 8 GB is considered standard and will allow you to perform ordinary tasks, play games, watch movies, use graphic and video editors for amateur purposes.

The volume of 16 GB is suitable for performing most tasks starting from high.Quality games to various programs.

The top option is considered to be 32 GB, which, in our opinion, is necessary to a greater extent to perform professional tasks and work with resource.Intensive applications.

Of course, the greater the volume and higher the frequency of RAM, the faster the programs will be executed and the computer will freeze less.

How to find out the size of the RAM of your computer using third.Party programs

Personally, I recommend using this way. Then you will understand why. This method is better because with the help of third.Party programs, you can learn much more information about the installed RAM.

There are many programs showing the characteristics of RAM, for example, AIDA, but it is better to use CPU-Z, unlike other software, it is completely free.

We start the program, and then click on the inscription “Memory”, thereby turning into this tab.

Here we see two sections, namely General and Timings. The first provides general information about the RAM with which we are already familiar, namely:

  • Memory type (in my case DDR3).
  • The amount of memory of RAM.
  • The channel indicates what mode your RAM uses (single.Channel or two.Channel).
  • Your memory controller frequency.
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Windows 11. How To Check RAM/Memory. System Specs

The second section shows the memory frequency at the moment (Dram Frequency). This indicator may be lower than in the characteristics, but this is normal. The frequency increases due to the use of a two.Channel mode, but in this paragraph the actual frequency will include.

Open the SPD tab. It is located immediately after the “Memory” column.

In this window, as in the past, there are two sections, but we are only interested in the first.

Here (in the Memory Slot Selection section) you can choose each separate slot and get detailed information about each of them, namely:

  • Type of RAM.
  • Maximum memory frequency.
  • The manufacturer of the device.
  • The model of the device.
  • The size of the RAM.
  • RAM voltage.

Methods for Linux

Find out the size of the RAM available on the PC with the installed Linux system will help several commands prescribed in the console (terminal). It can be called using CtrLaltt or prescribing a terminal in the search bar. Consider in detail the data data.

Free.M. Will show information about the general, free, as well as the RAM currently used at the moment.

TOP. Will allow you to view not only the full amount of RAM, but also spent on each neglected process.

HTOP. Just like the first team, will display all data on the availability and use of RAM.

DMIDECODE.T 17. Will display data on the established RAM on PC (SIZE. RAM size, type. Type of memory used, Speed ​​- speed).


Almost the same as the previous program, but used in more professional circles. Here you can see more information, as well as perform special performance tests. True, for RAM, they are still inaccessible. Unfortunately, AIDA64 is distributed on a paid basis, but you can use all its functionality for free within 30 days of the test period.

You can find out all the necessary data about the operational memory of the computer through the AIDA64 integration according to the following instructions:

  • Having launched the program, open the “Computer” section. This can be done both from the central part of the program integer, and through the left menu. No difference.
  • Similarly switch to DMI.
  • Expand the subdivisions “Memory modules” and “Memory devices”. Here you can find out information on a particular slot. The memory of the established bar, frequency and other characteristics.

View the amount of RAM on the computer is not any problem. In most cases, for this you can use the tools of the system itself. If you do this in order to expand the volume of RAM in the future, it is better to use professional programs.

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